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  1. can't we all just get along =)

  2. I honestly thought you had no idea what you were doing dropping and adding players daily...but those Fightin' Phills are rocking it in our fantasy league...Congrats! ..playoffs start today...you're playing my good buddy Sumner who's from Charlotte, lives in Boone...huge Panthers/UNC/Canes/Braves fan who semi knows what he's doing w/ fantasy baseball...good luck, and if we meet in the Series let's hope we can see a little Joe Carter magic! PS - I hate the Braves just as much as I'm sure you do...

  3. He is truly a lackadaisical right-fielder, let alone center-fielder (and baserunner), no will to 'win', and strikes out way too much...I loved Rios until I realized he is not going to live up to the 'hype'...just like Vernon... His lack of power is incredible for a man who knocked out 19 home runs in a home run derby... Rios is pretty much that "what could have been" player...After batting .210 in August and opening September 0-for-8, Rios was 2-for-5 Friday against the Red Sox while batting 9th...10 million+ for a 9th batter that's out of position in Center? Just think about it...

  4. LOL @ Rios... -Signed, Life long Jays fan PS - Have fun w/ that salary for the next 7 years!! bwwhahahahaha

  5. Nice photos! Where were they taken?

  6. Why not Phillies fan? (or Bruins, vice-versa) Go Blue Jays!! :-D

  7. I love your avatar....while there was nothing good to watch while sitting in section 105 during the Cards game...I couldn't get my eyes off of her...man she is beautiful...those topcats!

  8. It's true! I sit in section 125..and we have to yell to get people to stand up and they still don't....it's the section...it's terrible....lower deck is 60% yuppies....we all know this now :-)

  9. sometimes you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right. Nice album! Go Panthers!

  10. I know exactly where Granite Falls is, I was always fond of the town's name. I dunno why...I come down from Boone for about half the games, I'll be coming down for the playoff game for sure...and if you see a black Subaru Outback w/ a Panthers front plate...that's me :-)

  11. I've always wanted to see what a black helmet w/ that logo would look like...looks awesome. I was never for changing the uniforms, but adding an all black alternate would be sweet. You should experiment and make a few of those helmets, different angles and such...go panthers and happy new yeear!

  12. Hello there, I was born in Burlington...a Toronto suburb south along the Lake...I live in NC now. Awesome to see some Canadian...well Panthers fans living in Canada :-) Have you caught on w/ the Leafs or Jays?? 2 of my favoUrite teams!

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