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  1. Absolutely devastating. Rip to the legend and his beautiful young daughter. Still in shock
  2. Loll damn, you figured it out! Hey, at least I've stayed away from the tbox and have carried myself with the utmost respect on this board. How's point man btw? I remember you were killing it on Amazon and had like an 8.5 rating on imdb. Haven't checked it lately Wish you nothing but success always
  3. You're actually wrong. It's an award honoring excellence on and off the field
  4. Kinda hard to win man of the year when you only played 2 games all season lol
  5. He said look 87 times in a 16 min presser. Impressive Hoenstly, just giving him a hard time. It did start to get to me about 10 min in though where the only thing I could focus on was when he was going to say "look" again Everyone has their own idiosyncrasies, at least it's better than "more so than anything else"
  6. Well there's no way in hell Cincy is gonna trade the #1 overall. Unless we pull a Mike Ditka Ricky Williams trade out of our ass, and even then, it's highly unlikely, so your point is moot
  7. With Joe brady at the helm, I have all the confidence in Kyle Allen leading us to the playoffs, THIS YEAR!! And yes, all you guys saying we're in rebuilding mode and at least 3 years away, I say you're in for a big surprise.
  8. Why the fug did Kyle Allen have to go on that 4 game winning streak?! If only we started will Grier, we're talking #1 overall and Joe Burrow. fug me twice
  9. You gotta be fuging kidding me Reminiscent of Patrick willis hanging it up early Wow
  10. I'm still in shock looking at this score
  11. Wouldn't it be hilarious if tepper not only made Joe brady the highest paid offensive coordinator in the league, but also one of the highest paid coaches, right behind rhule. That way if any team wanted to pry him from teppers golden hands for a head coaching gig, they'd literally have to break the bank, essentially guaranteeing that Brady will be our offensive coordinator for as long as rhule is in charge! Make it happen tep!
  12. Luck had some of the worst OLines in NFL history. Why do you think he was injured all the time? cam, aside from 2015 (minus remmers) hasn't had the best either, but his injuries had more to do with him mowing down linebackers and dlinemen and the NFL allowing people to head hunt him without repercussions
  13. Not sure if posted alresdy, but he spoke to reporters outside Baylor. Impressed with his candor. Seems like a pretty confident dude
  14. Loll and all guaranteed if he doesn't pan out. Absolutely crazy. He's already one of the highest paid coaches in the NFL
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