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  1. I hope Colin gets his fair shot just like Eric reid did, I just don't think he'll be a good fit here. I think cam comes back 10x stronger next year and Kyle Allen is probably the most formidable backup in the NFL. I like where we stand
  2. Of course we're catching Atlanta when they're starting to play good ball Either that or they're still fuging trash and the game against the saints was their superbowl
  3. The real question is, on what side of the political spectrum do these guys fall on? Hope they're moderates (hence the term moderator) with no political biases, bc if they're alt right or psychosis left, the entire huddle is in trouble
  4. How the hell did these chumps beat the packers last week? We better blow green bay out of the water this Sunday.
  5. If cam wanted to be released or traded, I'm sure the front office would grant him his wish, given how much he's sacraficed for this franchise
  6. Dak is having a hulluva year and Kyle Allen is essentially still a rookie. Not a knock at all. Quite the contrary
  7. Kyle Allen just seems to have that "it" factor, something no amount of physical talent or collegiate accolades could manifest. The confidence level is uncanny. He can literally make 10 horrible throws in a row and follow that with 10 straight jaw dropping dimes. That's what separates him from most 1st round picks that have fizzled out. As long as he can maintain that mental edge, he'll be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.
  8. I know this is off topic, but I think Brady just used the N word
  9. 2019 Jackson and Ingram = 2015 cam and Stewart
  10. so far they've gotten pressure on brady on all 3 drop backs 3 and out. Can't wait for these pretenders to be exposed. They've had the easiest schedule to start a season in modern day history. This is their first real test and it's showing so far
  11. This fanbase is almost becoming as polarizing as modern day politics. Even if Kyle Allen led us to the playoffs and took us to the NFCCG, the haters will still find something to gripe about
  12. Watching this ravens offense reminds me of the 2015 season with a healthy cam.
  13. So far the pats defense is looking pedestrian
  14. Titans will get a td here, and we'll win by either 2 or 3. fuging sad. A dominating performance all game and we poo the bed at the end
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