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  1. Why the hell are we throwing it there? Run 40 sec off the clock and kick the FG Absolutely horrible clock management
  2. Lol 94 yard, 8 min drive Let's see if cam can answer
  3. Wow cam has 2 td passes on the entire season. Ouch
  4. It's always been more mental for cam. I think last week's win, even against the jets, will be a confidence builder for him. Don't see them winning, but I think you'll see a much more poised and decisive cam today
  5. Let's see if cam can build on the win last week against the jets
  6. Toe injury again. I think this is the 4th game in a row he's left early
  7. OH ur talking strictly run defense. Thought you were saying overall defense
  8. Now it's gonna be a 16 point game. If we just kicked the extra point, we would have needed only 15, or just one 2 point conversion. That's why that decison was dumb
  9. Why go for 2 with like 11 min left. Take the fuging points and figure it out later Reminds me off John foxes dumbass 2 pointers in the superbowl
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