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  1. I’d suspect no one they’re close to or care about is real with them. But if people are real with them and they still make the decisions doesn’t that just qualify their decisions as stupid and validate what I just said? Do you have something to suggest otherwise? I have more than an average Joe, I have plenty, including brains to appreciate it and not throw it away. I’m not jealous or resentful of anyone quite the opposite I’m grateful, in the sense I know how to work hard and smart enough not to make stupid decisions. I’m also smart enough to know I’m lucky in some ways, as are a lot of people who are well off. Some people deserve to be well off but aren’t. I realize this. And that only makes these decisions look more stupid to me. My comments don’t come from resentment or envy, they come from pity.
  2. Nah, don’t think so. Plenty of proof on the forums. I critique what I know. Which is mainly Hurney. As you seemingly already know, that’s what I critique. There’s difference in critique and just flaming butthurt BS. I can critique when I have something there. History, evidence, examples to point out. I don’t know poo what Rhule, Tepper and Bridge are cooking and what they’re going to be like and neither does anyone else. I give Bridgewater haters some give, he does has some history to base things off of. But there’s just not enough history on Tepper and literally zero on Rhule. The hate that goes their way is obviously from butthurt.
  3. The people complaining about failure and mediocrity and just finding ways they can hate on a new coach, owner, team and QB. Cam butthurt fans. Because in reality this team has been garbage for years, we were already there.
  4. Only to people who think in “codes” like you. Maybe you should think about that. It’s a well known fact these issues bankrupt players and people in general. And as I stated the problem is stupid decisions and no one telling them otherwise just because they’re rich. From my experience rich/famous people don’t tend to associate with people who would tell them differently or as put ‘comment on their life choices’. But people need that, including myself. Feel free to actually add substance and articulate the contrary.
  5. Rich but bounces a check. Rich but bankrupt exiting the NFL. Rich but spends money on court, babies, dumb poo. Yea brains win in this case and rich is subjective. I’ll take brains and being well off over being filthy rich and utterly stupid. And I have every right to comment on other life’s choices. That’s be part of the problem. No one ever wants to gets real with players/people which does nothing to help them get out of their own way.
  6. No I’m basing my opinion on a very serious injury early in his career. Olineman suffer more concussions and career ending injuries in general than any other position on an entire team. You yourself said it’s the hardest position to play in the NFL. Players rarely pan out. So how does this not support the rest of what I said that you cut out? If that is the case why aren’t the Panther drafting more of them to find a long term answer? If Okung started all season we’d still draft one in 2021. Okung is a rental. If it were up to me I would want to see more of Moton at LT and would have started Little at RT. Instead Rivera literally went out got a player off the couch (Chris Clark) to start at LT, and let Little struggle. Between than and drafting I would have found a long term answer. The Panthers have along history of not letting players transition and develop. If you go back since Gross retired you have a different, inept, player playing LT almost every single season. Panther LT since Gross retired: 2014: Byron Bell 2015: Oher 2016: Remmers 2017: M Kalil 2018: Clark 2019: Daley Moves made to address the issue: Sign Oher - good move but once again a concussion win (have the feeling this will happen to Little). Sign Matt Kalil in typical JR fashion and set the franchise back. Finally, 6 years later the Panther decide to draft Gross’ replacement. Finally after the franchise QB has been injured. Sounds very familiar to Luck and the Colts. And the Seahawks too but Wilson is better talented than Cam and Luck to avoid disaster, and in general. That’s the route the Panther tool and was the point of my post. That’s pathetic. It gets even worse. I can do the entire oline sing Kalil retired, or even before when he was given a horrendous extension in JR fashion to sit on the bench. I’d rather not layout the rest of the oline moves the franchise has made it only gets more depressing. Especially when we consider hindsight and who was drafted. But I digress. Considering 90% of super bowl caliber teams in the past decade and beyond have had a top 10 oline, that’s pretty poor investment, planning and forethought when solid players started retiring. Then in 2020 the Panther draft all defense and once again bandaid up the oline. I can guarantee the team won’t be a SB contender until the franchise actually addresses the oline. It’s simply a fact of history.
  7. NFL players are not the brightest people in the world.
  8. Bare minimum give Little more time to learn and not prove to be another Hurney bust. That’s not happening and I don’t see Little panning our either. It’s been 6 years since Gross retired and the FO has flipped flopped around not only failing at addressing the issue but making some of the most stupid possible moves burying the franchise, holding it back. LT is by far the second most important position on the offense it’s baffling a team can be so inept at investing in it. Especially looking back and seeing the olineman we could’ve had and who the Panthers actually took. Sure hindsight, but the fact I see better, doable, past Panther mock drafts from armchair amateurs in their Cheeto and Mountain Dew stained wife beaters and tighty whiteys living in their mom’s basements than what the Panthers millionaire professionals are doing is a bit concerning.
  9. The oline failures have been on Hurney, it’s not about knowing if he’d retire despite the obvious risk, it’s be neglected and wrong people have been paid. It’s that it comes down to something like this, not that it happened. Gross the only tackle in over 25 years worth a poo drafted by this team? Where in the hell is his replacement? Why the fug are you signing Paradis? Gettle didn’t help because the franchise paid for M&R Kalil when that money could’ve been allocated elsewhere. Even signed Norwell. I’d rather have him on the decline instead of a player on the bench. So now a band aid doesn’t turn out and that’s all it takes? No depth, no future planning. It’s like finding a WR all over again. Hurney simply can’t draft an olineman, QB (cam doesn’t count he was drafted due to the restructure of contracts you can bet your ass we’d have Gabbert otherwise and if you think different I’ll consider you a new fan) or wide receiver to save his gd life. Get used to it.
  10. If he fails it won’t be for a lack of physical talent and athletic ability. If he has the mental game, heart and discipline to put it all together he could possibly be the best draft pick this year considering where he was taken.
  11. Bridge, CMC, Shaq, Moton Since I HAVE to pick 5 Boston or Moore possibly Paradis
  12. Problem is more so with his frame than his weight. That’s why he’s more suited for 3-4. 15 lbs in one year, if he trained hard only 3/4 of that is muscle. Which is fine because he still needs weight. But it’s hard to say how his frame will handle it. Could lose speed, stamina, more injury prone, weight could go to wrong areas etc. Guess we will find out.
  13. yea I mean it’s great to have our seasonal fans back but we’ve already been talking about these things quite a bit on the forums.
  14. Peppers was only lazy the season Hurney and JR thought it’d be a great idea to tag him after he constantly let them know he did not want to sign here. Instead of tagging and trading what could’ve been a lucrative deal, they let him walk. I remember Beason calling him out that season and he stopped the drama. So it was really like 6 games? Other than that he’s been the best player in franchise history in every aspect except the most meaningless, emotion.
  15. He’s right and so was Smitty earlier this year when he said he wasn’t a top WR. I find it odd DJ looked a lot more dominant after he was called out last year. Maybe a motivation problem? Certainly isn’t skill/potential. He has it, hopefully he keeps progressing.
  16. Haven’t seen anyone ‘hype’ Teddy. They’re just rooting for him. This is a forum dedicated to Carolina Pabthers fans in case you didn’t know.
  17. My dad who is mid 60s and going through cancer treatment (for the second time) just got the virus one week ago, tested positive last Wednesday. Felt crappy Monday through Saturday and today he feels great. I thought for sure he’d be done for or at the very least in bed for a couple weeks. He said the worst of it was that he couldn’t taste and was very weak. Strange virus indeed.
  18. You’re just looking at stats. I watched almost all Patriot games last year. He reminded me of 2015 P Manning. Surrounded by a great cast, superior coaching and scheme (instead of a Broncos defense). If you actually watched him play, he had that vet savvy consistency but hardly resembles a superstar like he once was. The debate wasn’t whether he’s a good QB. He is too smart/experiences not to be. It was a debate of consistency vs. exiting superstars a la Mahomes. Certainly you can do it with excitement. No debate. Buts it’s not required. And Brady was hardly exiting last year.
  19. I’m not discrediting a franchise QB. I just think a player like Cam doing it all putting on highlight reels randomly is less important than consistency. I much prefer the 2015/early 2017 Cam spreading the ball around, making smarter and shorter throws. What fan wouldn’t want a Mahomes? But we have to be realistic and rebuilding with a new coach from a 5-11 team, we are only in the running for consolation prizes. Outside of 2015 the Panthers were a one and done playoff team, IF they made it. Unless you count beating the Cardinals third string QB and then moving on to show they had absolutely no business being in the playoffs. The Panthers have always been begging for consolation prizes, whether Teddy is here or not. I don’t think we don’t need a high draft pick if we look at the best QBs in the game today... Brady - Round 6 Jackson - 32nd pick Brees - Round 2/32nd pick Rodgers - 24th pick Mahomes - 10th pick Wilson - Round 3/75th pick Watson 12th pick Stafford, Wentz, Tannehil, Rothlosburger were high picks. What this team desperately needs is a competent GM to build a team and make that draft pick along with more new age coaching mindset . More important than a highlight reel player, and is what most the teams that made it without Mahomes have. That’s going to be the difference. How do we do this you ask, since we rehired the fired GM? I have no clue.
  20. side note Teddy looks fuging badass. I know he’s a bridge but man I’m rooting for him.
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