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  1. He would be the defensive Tony Romo of broadcasting
  2. Please make this happen!!!! It hurts knowing he'll never play another down in the NFL again and would hate to see him coach anywhere but here.
  3. I don't understand the Tre Boston ranking He wasn't as good as people here say he was. I would rather move on from him then Bradberry
  4. The Oline is a guy or 2 short of being decent really don't need Mlb
  5. No one is replacing Luke but Shaq will be a beast at Mlb
  6. We're lucky to have witnessed Greatness # Put #59 in the rafters ( if we had them)
  7. They didn't take away their championship trophy or rings so yup guess it was worth it
  8. Look what happened to the Patriots they had a historic Defense only to let them down. Build a offense juggernaut!
  9. Even Hurney couldn't of predicted this but we'll see if he's learned anything about managing the cap
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