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  1. If we had a offense line that could block we'd Run the ball 50 times every game
  2. What other teams are going to fire their head coach? Right now I'd probably say we're the best option for anyone looking to make the jump to head coach but it's seems more likely that the Cowboys are going to fire Jason Garrett and they have less holes on their roster then we do at the moment
  3. You give your best player the ball! It has nothing to do with riding talent. Most of Cams hits came in the pocket no when he was running. Rivera can't control the refs from not throwing flags on late hits or hits the helmet. Even our best players have flaws ! If only McCaffrey could play Qb, WR, and Rb at the same time ! Now that would be riding talent
  4. We mostly played 4-3 this year so the 3-4 thing shouldn't be an issue the fact is since his concussions he's slowly regressed. Not have a stud Dt hasn't done him any good he can't get of blocks and his pass defense when playing zone seems like he doesn't get deep enough on throws to middle.
  5. Wrong ! he knew this team was soft when saying things like guys are trying !
  6. If we can get a decent o line to protect the Qb who ever it is and every now and then push the d line back on goal line situations yes our Defense idk
  7. Its like breaking up with a gf you know its time to move on but it's hard until the next one comes
  8. We're not going to the playoffs but now I've have something to be excited about maybe?
  9. I guess it depends if the new coach wants his own GM
  10. Also need scouts that can find DB gems in the latter rounds
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