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  1. tbh looking at both, little looks out of shape while ford looks like a legit lineman out there
  2. Question? Would you rather have a great season followed by a one and done appearance? or Would you rather have a sorry season and not make the playoffs only to break your heart? hahaha
  3. Haha these refs helping saints blowout. How tf was that unnecessary roughnsss
  4. Allen wouldn’t make a difference behind this sorry ass o-line. I honestly feel bad for Grier, he has been put in a position to fail, especially moving Scott Turner to OC.
  5. Shows you what bad coaching does unfortunately, but all in all, i still blame it on Tepper for not shaking things up this last off season.
  6. So your telling me that you don’t want your CB to be on his man? You’re obviously a Rivera type of guy, keeping your man 10 ft away at all times.
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