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  1. Good to know. Would rather have him aboard than Flaherty.
  2. Should have read this first - this % well said good sir.
  3. Same here. To quote Rhule, Rivera "believes what he believes" as any good coach would. However, the game is changing and we can see that with more coaching hires from the college ranks and rules that are heavily slanted to the offensive side of the ball - a change I'm sure coaches like Rivera are not too quick to embrace. After years of conservative play calling and mediocre results, I'm excited about the new direction of this team.
  4. Thanks. I agree on Flaherty...not overly impressed with his body of work anyway. I don't remember the Giants OL being all that stellar during his tenure there but I could be wrong. This is one position we absolutely have to get right.
  5. Any scoop on James Campen, Mr. Scot?
  6. Can the Saints really block an assistant OL coach from getting promoted to an OL coach even with another team?
  7. I'm glad they're taking their time on this one. We've had meh OL coaching for a while and it would be nice to get someone that lights a fire under these guys. Maybe we can have some kick-ass blocking upfront for once.
  8. True, but you could build the rest of the roster especially the OL, DL and secondary with prime talent. And I get the feeling the offense is going to be built around Christian McCaffrey and DJ Moore rather than a franchise QB in the short term if we move on from Cam. JMO.
  9. I like Lawrence a lot but I'm really high on Sam Howell. A local kid and natural from the games I've watched. If we were to miss out on Lawrence, I think Howell would also be a great fit in this new offense.
  10. I wouldn't touch Winston with a ten-foot pole. Based on blogs I've read from Titans' fans, Mariotta never had a chance for the time he got there. He'd be a good stop gap at worst or reclamation project worth taking on at the right price IMO.
  11. Based on some of the things I've seen and read, I can understand why the team MAY be moving on from Cam. This offense is going to require a QB with a good degree of accuracy, which has never been Cam's strong suit. Even when you go back to games played in 2015, a career year for Cam to date, his accuracy was inconsistent at best. While mobility is certainly an asset, the QB's accuracy will be critically important in Joe Brady's offense if it's going to succeed.
  12. I think this be more likely happen than a Cam-4-Trubisky swap. I could see us sending Cam to the Raiders for Carr and a few picks in the upcoming draft. I wonder if we'd considering kicking the tires on Marcus Mariota as it appears his time in Tennessee is coming to an end?
  13. Wonder why he he left Eric Washington out in the cold? He thought highly enough of him to try him at DC. I thought he'd at least bring him on board as DL coach.
  14. After checking out this youtube video, I wouldn't mind bringing Phil Snow on board either.
  15. I wouldn't be opposed to that either. But Howell would be a nice alternative to a king's ransom for Trevor. I'd be stoked to see either of them in a Panthers uni.
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