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  1. I wouldn't go so far as to say Rivera was a horrible coach, but it's clear Tepper made the correct call in giving Riverboat his walking papers. The more I'm seeing and hearing, Rivera was more of problem here than Hurney.
  2. It was most likely a benefit for both sides to get this done now with the uncertainty of the upcoming season. Now there's no worry about a possible holdout, your extending him as a top-10 player that's still young and hasn't hit his prime yet and we'll have more than enough cap space to absorb the hit. Win-Win!!
  3. It remains to be seen but I don't think we'll see the same type of "feed the stud" philosophy on offense under this new regime as we did the old one. And the fact that he was 1000/1000 guys in a year when the overall offensive performance was dreadful makes me excited for what he can become.
  4. That's just it....hes' not "just a RB". This kid was our offense last year during a down year for the team. He's going to be even more of a match-up nightmare in this new offense.
  5. Good move IMO. A lot of people won't agree due to positional value but CMC is a special player. Think about it: in a losing season and sketchy play on on offense, he had a Pro Bowl season and was a defensive nightmare. He's still young and he hasn't hit his prime yet. And with the increase in cap space next year and not having to pay franchise money for a QB for at least the next four years, it made a whole lot of sense to do this deal now.
  6. The Panthers organization didn't do much to help him reach his potential. A subpar OL, incompetent coaching and playcalling for most of the time he was here and insufficient offensive weapons were big factors to why we are here.
  7. I really hope he lands in a great situation. I think the Chargers makes the most sense.
  8. Sadly, these postings probably didn't endear him to the current regime. In any case, good luck CN1. Thanks for the memories.
  9. Truly a sad day for Panthers' fans. A lot of great memories from CN1. Thanks, Cam. Wishing you the best of health and luck on wherever you go...you deserve it!!!
  10. It's official per NFL.com. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001107394/article/panthers-releasing-cam-newton-after-nine-seasons
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