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  1. There are loads of teams with tons of cap. If he's rubbish let him go end of season for a.comp pick. He will be picked.up fast by a bottom dweller.
  2. We do but Paradis will cost more to cut than retain. He has at least another year here. Unless we take Biadasz and play him year one at guard. Trouble is our DTs are all old and expensive. We need young guys in the rotation there.
  3. Ridley has to compete with Julio for targets. He has 200 yards less but 3 more TDs. He is a talented route runner who can play outside. Moore is YAC slot guy with fumble issues and no red zone production.
  4. You say fix OL and DL but a lot of the team cap is invested there already. We couldn't have a more expensive DL than McCoy, Short, Poe, Butler. Our #1 pick went on Burns to go with Addison and we picked up Irvin as well. On OL Paradis was a big ticket FA Turner has a high cap hit and they drafted 2 tackles. When all is said and done it's not throwing money at the lines that matters for me it's getting good value out of the expensive pieces. Considering investment both units are hugely underproducing. I put that on GM, coaches and players. My solution is to move the guys who are going through the motions. I would let Poe and McCoy go. I prefer McCoy to Short but we can't get out of his contract next year. Let Williams and Van Roten walk. I would trade Turner and draft a guard. Move Daley inside. Paradis will be here another year unfortunately. Then I would get a new coaching staff and end the comfortable favorites game which RR loves to play.
  5. I think it's a good question. However this plays out I wonder what his value is. Especially when you consider that Chase Daniel with a lifetime record of 2-3 as QB has earned over $24 million. If you had asked on here whether Allen was worth a 2nd round pick prior to the season you would have been laughed at.
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