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  1. I agree. He's a luxury player, but we have a historically bad D which has list 6 players. We need the bones before we can add the flesh. That said if he makes the pick then so be it. Either way we won't be competitive next year. I just think Simmons is wasted here atm a bit like CmC. We would get their best years when we aren't a contender
  2. Lynch is a shocking reach in the second. Having said that it wouldn't surprise me. MH is abysmal with later picks.
  3. Everyone is so impressed by the positionless athlete that is Simmons. He was used all over the place because he was versatile in an already dominant defence. It seems like a big projection that he will;. - have the same impact on a weak roster - be used as creatively by his next DC - have the same success at the NFL level, where he will no longer be able to use his superior athletic traits to compensate for being unable to anticipate. Although he could very well succeed, at the least he looks like a risk to me at a position of questionable value.
  4. He isn't comparing how they got to the point of leaving, he is saying what happens next maybe similar.
  5. This is true if Rhule and his new staff made the decision. Even then it would be informed by the GM and owners knowledge based on what they had seen in past seasons. Is it fair to say the messages about Cams recovery and availability didn't match up with the reality? My opinion? The person who made the decision about QB moving forward was Tepper. He made his decision based on Cam being injured for pretty much the entire duration of Tepper's tenure. He wanted a clean slate and was likely sick of this franchise being about Cam all the time when he was doing nothing to justify it. If that is so, the new coaching staff wouldn't have defied him.
  6. People here so easily triggered by the comparison. He's not saying they are similar as players or personalities, he's saying that their career trajectory and effectiveness after leaving maybe similar.
  7. Have to wonder if the guys who have high pressure rates from small schools were going against terrible opponents. That said, a guy from East Michigan got 10 sacks for the Raiders last year from the 3rd-4th end? I watched a couple of games with Uche and was impressed. Gipson also looked impressive at the senior bowl and would be a very late round pick.
  8. Behavioral scientist speaks. Its called abbreviation. Lofty concept I know.
  9. You're determined not to give him any credit, that's what bothers me- some fan. He was never meant to be Cam Newton and carry the franchise. If that's the standard you were holding an undrafted QB to, who had never had training camp reps with the first team, then I can't help you. Any reasonable person would accept that scoring 31 points against the division winner in their house in November coming from double digits behind twice deserves a little respect.
  10. Such dislike for KA. Anyone who dares speak up for the UDFA reserve QB should go follow another team because he wasn't as good as Cam? Just listen to yourself. Its kind of sad.
  11. November 2019 Kyle Allen 23/36 256 yards 3 TDs 0 ints Vs NO saints brought the team back from 14-0 down and 31-18 down. = not close to being a starting NFL QB. OK.
  12. True. But, we can still say that contracts have been poorly judged by whomever was giving them out. Funny to think that last year was our all-in year considering how bad they were.
  13. Unfortunately not. Kuechlys dead money next year is 7m. If you cut Short (likely) that's 11.5m. Paradis if he continues to be a liability is a 5.4 DM hit. Then there's Gano who had that horrific leg injury. Its one thing having a huge dead money hit in one season as you reshuffle but this is a testament to how badly the cap was managed.
  14. Tag and trade? If he had a good season. If he had a bad season you've lost nothing. I don't care what the optimists on here think, he's not going to be worth anything right now.
  15. I would argue he would garner a comp pick and if he put the team on his back as he has many times his trade value the following year would be significantly improved. They have almost no chance of getting anything for him in this scenario because of his recent history and Corona meaning he can't prove his fitness. Its a worse case scenario for everyone. I can only guess that a man like Tepper who made his fortune in handling assets, deeply dislikes Newton and wants rid of him at any cost.
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