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  1. I like the idea of a conditional pick 1st, 2nd or 3rd, based on 2020 performance, in addition to the high 2nd for Cam. This mitigates the loss if he is awesome and the overpay by LA if he's terrible. Osemele was good and I would take him on a cheap short contract but it doesn't really suit the purposes of a rebuild, and I think he will get better offers elsewhere. Mariota I can live without. Allen is a good backup who costs a lot less than 9 per.
  2. I think he's sending a message to Cam. Don't be telling the coach you're ready to play then cry off hurt. Next time you show up to play, you'd better be ready. The supporting band and gullible coach have moved on along with a general acceptance that Cam is the man. I think he will stay, but it's more sink or swim than ever before
  3. Hill and Bridgewater's value is inflated by Payton and a top notch Oline. They are both fools gold. I'm ready to move on from Cam but not if it's TB at around the same price. That's crazy talk.
  4. This is interesting. I read Daniel Jeremiah talking about how he saw Wirfs as IOL not T, he was surprisingly down on him. A lot of mocks have him as this concensus elite tackle. I wonder how it will play out, but it's interesting that you agree with DJ.
  5. I like the idea especially as a run defender. But you should know that people on here will poo on any idea which doesn't shout Superbowl contender. It's funny but if you read any thread on here it's full of posts predicated on our being a good team despite new coaches, record breakingly bad run D, and total uncertainty at QB. Anyway on topic, I don't hate the idea, but If I were Matt Rhule I would go for a young team and clear the decks of some of the entitled underperforming guys on nice contracts. Snow said that's what he did with his D unit at Baylor. Therefore I would be against Sheard.
  6. The Raiders need a stud LB. They have spent a ton of picks on bad CBs. They also want a flashy WR for Gruden's offense. Their needs align exactly with Jacksonville's which makes this trade back highly plausible. Competition for OTs is also interesting in this scenario. If one is taken early 1-6, then the Cards take one, the Browns and Jets will be desperate for the last elite OT. It won't be a great trade haul, but wouldn't be moving too far back either.
  7. I just hope they don't take a center and play him at guard. Billy Price, Pat Elflein and Frank Ragnow are all examples of centers who have had nightmare starts in the NFL playing out of position at OG. Elflein and Price were ruined but Ragnow had a much improved second year playing at C. Obviously this would have a certain logic for the Panthers though after the year Paradis had
  8. This is nonsense. Please tell me which 6 guards are going to go before Carolina's second pick in this extremely weak OG class? And Okudah will be the only CB selected? Talk about confirmation bias.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if they let Bradbury go. I would be disappointed, but they may feel they want to reset without any big contracts. The same with Mario. I like him and he's been very consistent but I'm just not going to be surprised if they let him walk. I feel like I haven't really got a handle on whether they want to compete next year. Rhule obviously has a track record of tearing things down and rebuilding as many coaches do. With that long contract, putting out the best team may not be a priority for him. Interesting that you highlight those 3 names. They are all dangerous FA pickups IMO. Players with traits who have been disappointing for the most part with flashes of quality. As much as they may fit, I would be wary of overpaying them.
  10. It's one year in. I mean I get it. I'm not saying they will ever be any good but that's not my point. Everyone knows OL even the really good ones need time. Paradoxically, the injuries and poor play are actually a plausible reason to suggest they can get better MH can pretend they are good for a few years until he can't pretend anymore. If you draft another OT high, you are saying your selections of the previous year won't ever be good enough. If you admit that why should you keep your job? Its not about what we want as fans it's about MH justifying his job. If Tepper believes him to be a good evaluator, would he be ok with him continually picking OT simply because fans are impatient?
  11. Here's the problem with that line of thought. We have Moton locking down RT. Turner is hyped as a Probowl player even if he seems a bit overpaid. Paradis can't be cut til next year. That leaves LG and LT. IOL options this year are bad. Every fanbase in the NFL is screaming for OL because it's in fashion. Guys are going to be overdrafted. Carolina should not be doing that in a weak market because this is not going to be the year for them to win the SB. Draft a mid late rounder and give him a chance. A diamond in the rough like shrine player Michael Onwenu. As for LT? Look we all know our situation there has been toxic for years. Even though there are great top 10 options it requires Hurney to admit that he's giving up on Little and Daley. Do you genuinely think he will invest a high pick again after using so much capital last year? I just don't see him admitting his error- it would have cost him his job. So even if he should, there's no way for me that he spends a high pick on OT. It wouldn't make any sense.
  12. For sure..your imaginary scenario is a fact. LOL.
  13. Point taken and although you're right that he's capable of a good deep throw he's in a high volume air attack with two physical receivers who can win contested balls. The interceptions would tend to suggest he misses often too. Our recent draft targets have been attributes guys not route runners and hand catchers. We took Benjamin and Funchess for height and Samuel and Moore for speed. Maybe instead of drafting guys who only work in contrived matchups we should consider rounded players who win based on skillset rather than attribute. Ideally that honed that skillset in college not going into the NFL and doing something for the first time.
  14. I don't hate him. I hate that 4 1000 yd receivers were drafted after him. I hate that we've seen 3 injury plagued meh seasons from him and that it's become Kyle Allen's fault all of a sudden. He has failed because he is undersized, and was never a great route runner. The fact that his numbers could be better if he played for the Ravens are completely irrelevant to whether he was a great selection for us. Because we aren't the Ravens
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