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  1. We are 'pretenders', we have not played any one legit, we have only benefited from our schedule.
  2. But didnt the Niners play a really weak schedule? What does this say about you?
  3. Hey Guys! Hows it going? I put wayyyy to much respect on your team to call a 13-17 game, damn 51! Wow. There might be one thing you all said that is actually correct, we still have not played a good team.
  4. Panthers Fans, Thank you all for the good banter this week. You all are good, knowledgeable, fans (well most of you :)). Appreciate the insight you have provided on your team, it makes watching the game more fun and engaging. As requested I will come back on Monday to eat crow, or possibly do some light ribbing. Hoping this game is a good one. Final prediction: Niners- 17 Panthers- 13
  5. Haha. Stop! Never will there be that high of a scoring game. I am curious though, once the Niners win are you Panthers going to show some respect, or admit you are too 'another bad team the Niners won against'
  6. Ha. I know, but I think it is funny to get under the skin of people who don't have good takes.
  7. If you apply football acumen you would realize it is only a 3rd, and likely moving back 10-12 spots for the other pick. Plus if they let him walk at the end of the season they will get a compensatory pick, which will likely be the case because we wont be active in free agency given we are stacked at most positions, will smoke you on Sunday and will go to Miami.
  8. He is coming from a system in Denver that implemented Shannahans offense
  9. https://www.teamrankings.com/nfl/ranking/schedule-strength-by-other We have an easier schedule then some, most maybe. But if you are looking at win-loss for the entire season consider this; Three of the top six teams we have played have had the hardest schedule, meaning their W/L might not be a good barometer as to the quality of football they are playing- they are better on paper.
  10. And now, this year, you got your ass kicked by the teams we beat.
  11. It speaks to facing adversity, overcoming it, and how hard that particular scenario is to overcome. Good teams win games they should win, they find a way. It is amusing to me how much this board harps on scheduel strength considering we have played two of the same opponents and you are 1-2 against them.
  12. Ha, there has been 67 points YTD scored on the Niners D. You will not put up 40, or 30, for that. Maybe low 20's.
  13. 1) Yes, but we have been for three weeks and the backups are holding up better then anyone would have anticipated. 2) Watch the game, you will be corrected. 3) This is my favorite.... not learned how to win? Are you serious. They have won games in all different fashions this year- literally all of them have specific scenarios that one can point to and say 'they cover came this huge hurdle'. The best example is Pittsburgh, never has a team won when committing 5 turnovers- not a single one, ever. The Niners did.
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