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  1. Keep your politics out of my sports
  2. Soft. But he misplaced his footing by being laser focused on the inside defender. When he realizes the other defender was going low and attempted to cut back in to initiate contact with the upright defender he slipped. Pretty poor running after the catch. Besides a fumble or just running out of bounds this was probably the worst possible outcome.
  3. 1. It was a sarcasm thread making fun of the overreactions people made when we started out 2-0 with Kyle Allen. 2. Yea it was a typo. Now would you like to address the point made that you dodged. Do you think TB is the type of QB who can overcome early turnovers and put the team on his back for the win? 3. By what metric would you consider his game today, "Good?" 4. Cool, have at it. 5. I'm not in the mood to search through your posts, but you've consistently attempted to elevate Teddy to a level he hasn't reached this season.
  4. 1.) I'm not a trade McCaffrey guy. Sarcasm seems to be lost on you. 2.) I've always called Teddy a game manager. 3.) He had a bad game today. Anyone saying otherwise is in denial. 4.) you're literally trying to argue over a typo. 5.) please stop trying to put TB on the same level as HOF QBs. 6.) being a gunslinger isn't good or bad depending on your skill set and situational awareness.
  5. You're still trying to weseal out of the point. Teddy has yet to show he can overcome turnovers. That's why we call him a game manager. You're argument about DPI only furthers the criticism that he was covered. And when the game was on the line he threw two terrible passes that capped the game off. Y'all gotta eat this poo after gassing him up against three sub par teams.
  6. He took the chance and it led to a turnover. Yes or no? But I'll play your dumb logic game. If a QB always threw it into a tight window regardless of situation we would criticize them for being a gunslinger (and deservedly so).
  7. Whose fault was it? He tried to force the ball into a tight window the defender made a play on it and the deflection made an INT.
  8. He threw an INT on the first drive that put Chicago in the red zone leading to their first score. Or are we pretending he didn't?
  9. A franchise QB has to be able to step up to the occasion. Despite the injuries went headed into this week as a favorite and at no point today did we really look like the better team. TB didn't pass today as a franchise QB nor a game manager. Especially since he put the team behind at the very beginning. He's got to be able to overcome himself at some point.
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