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  1. In the next offseason, I would love to target Kenny Clark from the Packers and add him to Derrick Brown as the future DT's for a decade. Add those two to Brian Burns and Yetur Gross-Matos and you have a young and extremely athletic Dline.
  2. He is not undersized. The dude is 6'5 and has the wingspan of a Pterodactyl. Additionally, he has plenty of room to add weight to his frame. I am already sold on him being a future star as a pass rusher and if he adds weight, he will be a monster and a future perennial pro bowl edge defender. His potential is through the roof. Rhule and his staff have to be salivating at the opportunity to coach him.
  3. Could we trade KK to Ron for a fifth or sixth? He's a good player, but w us going young and cheap we would save a lot of money
  4. Look for age and speed. With that being said, who do you feel fits this criteria?
  5. Hopefully a decent back up, but I was pissed when we wasted a 3rd on him. I feel like if its that obvious to us, it should be extremely obvious to Hurney and scouts. Heck, my die hard WVU friend said he didnt think he would be a NFL QB.
  6. Jordan Mack (LB), Chris Orr (LB), Fred Mauigoa(OL), Branden Bowen(OL) are locks. Hopefully Omar Bayless (WR) beats out some of our receivers and Rodney Smith (RB) beats out some RB's Horton (OL) is a good option as well. I don't know much about Sutton (TE), but he had hardly any production, Ricci (TE) may have a better chance.
  7. Darquez Dennard come on down!!!
  8. Jets sign Logan Ryan. I really want Darquez Dennard. A young player with a lot of upside, who graded out well. Also, he could be our nickel in the future.
  9. Would love to sign Malik Hooker next year and have: Hooker (FS), Boston (FS) Chinn (SS), Robinson (SS)
  10. If we cut Seth Roberts will that change anything?
  11. So is there still a chance we could move up to a fifth or a fourth if we cut Roberts?
  12. We just hired the Eagles top scout as director of player personnel
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