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  1. Because teams like us; Chargers, Colts, Tampa, etc could easily trade up and take their guy.
  2. Verge, will we get an updated top 50 after the combine? Also send us all the rumors you hear from your friend at the combine as well. Thanks man! You are the best on this board.
  3. I would let all our players go and wouldn't sign any free agents; however, I would pick up Corey Littleton. He is a top 10 linebacker and very young. He could def be a huge piece of a rebuild
  4. Got a feeling Ashtyn Davis, McKinney or Delpit will be there in the second and Hurney will go with this guy. Actually he def would and he loves the local crap.
  5. I would like Simmons too, but I just feel like Dline is way more important and if we don't draft one who in the world would we play there???
  6. Can we not just trade him for a mid round pick?
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