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  1. Lance lowkey has the most potential of all 3 and the way I see Rhule working with our young guys and Joe Brady is a QB guru, we could literally make Lance a superstar
  2. If we got Quinnen Williams for a third I may take back every thing Ive ever said about Hurney. Quinnen will become a monster if he can just get in the right situation... I imagine him and Rhule would be a match made.
  3. TF..... this man has been by far their best player on that defense and the Jets are literally a dumpster right now. Quinnnen needs coaching and positive influences in his life. He has not got this in NY, this has effected his play and has led to off the field issues.... you are correct he needs a change of scenery bad, but the talent is there.
  4. Tre is fine. Id like to upgrade next to him however. Id love to add Marcus Williams (free agent) and have him next to Tre Boston and Jeremy Chinn. Then draft an inside linebacker in the first 3 round and Boom! You are cooking!
  5. Ya why I have him outside the top 10. Some "experts" have him top 5....
  6. Daniel Jones sucks idk why Verge always thought he was good
  7. So far... 1. Trevor Lawerence 2. Justin Fields 3. Trey Lance 4. Zach Wilson 5. Kyle Trask 6. Jamie Newton 7. Tanner Morgan 8. Mac Jones 9. Kj Costello 10. Brock Purdy Quarterbacks to keep an eye on: ( Tyler Shough, Desmond Ridder, Sam Ehlinger, Dustin Crum )
  8. Yea I completely agree Verge. Who you got? Lawerence, Fields, Lance, Wilson and Trask? I watched all of Wilsons tape from this year because work was slow and I really believe he is a first round guy.
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