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  1. You can tell this is a mock from what they are saying from inside the building. Rhule wants strong character athletes I.E Kinlaw and Igbe. Then he wants all connection players I.E Lynch, Roy, and Hennessy. Prepare yourself for something very similar to this. Also, why is she so obsessed with Kinlaw? Is she hearing stuff?
  2. Verge: Are you really hearing we are that high on Alton Robinson........ that would be a horrible second round pick
  3. Gross second and third round picks for us, but that is normal for Hurney. Why is Jourdan Rodrigue so obsessed with us taking Kinlaw? Im sure she is hearing something because no one else is putting Kinlaw that high
  4. Verge needs to make another mock draft/insight thread like he did last year if he can. It was fantastic!!!!!! He knew everything about us being in love with Greg Little. Maybe in a week or so hopefully
  5. Verge: What are you hearing the Giants will do at 4? I believe that pick indicates what we will do at 7. And any chance Simmons falls to us at 7?
  6. Oh okay, you're right. I was looking at Matt Miller's new one. I don't mind Brown at 7, but wouldn't take him over Okudah or Simmons, but that's it.
  7. That was before the combine. He dropped a bit, but still a really solid player
  8. Although I would rather have Simmons or Okudah, Brown is still a major stud. Good news is we should get a GREAT player if we stay at 7.
  9. I message Chad all the time. This is not based off anything or any sources. It's something he thinks the Panthers should do. I told him it aint happening, nor should it. In terms of the draft he says he believes we will trade back, but he has no sources within the Panthers organization. Last year, I talked to him about moves the Panthers would make in free agency and everything he said was wrong. I like his draft takes, but that's about it.
  10. Verge: Who do you and your source believe is rising the fastest? Who is falling the fastest? Finally, What are you hearing about the Panthers. Are we trying hard to trade back like I am hearing?
  11. The dream would be if we could trade back with Oakland and get Brown at 12 and add another first round pick!
  12. Both have amazing film and I believe are higher on our board than Brown
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