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  1. beastson

    Cam Newton All Star Weekend Interview

    Can we finally ban him?
  2. Yall see Steve get that game sealing rebound on the free throw? Snatch that thing out the air
  3. beastson

    What a lousy strategy

    I mean even the Falcons didn't do that.
  4. beastson

    Armah-Geddon catches car thief!

    Wasn't used enough this season
  5. beastson

    Cam talks about his surgery (video)

    Cam looking chubby
  6. I've watched CMC Superbowl interviews Guess what the first thing and main person they asked him about?
  7. It amazes me how Carolina and its fans doesn't value the protection of the QB. It's mind boggling.
  8. Look at the numbers we put up. Our 2015 year brought something new to the NFL and they hated on us that game and the next year game vs them, wasup with that? The Saints will their little celebrations, all these teams took our poo and ran with it but it was a problem when Panthers was dabbing May the best team win of course, but the NFL might want to look at last night SB being the lowest in 10 years and analyze some things. Not good. I think this says when the Panthers are doing good, it's good for the NFL
  9. Pats can get pressure, how many top picks they have getting it?
  10. Right so Steve Smith, Gross, Norman, D.Will and so many others that left disgruntled was Richardson, not Gettleman right
  11. Is he supposed to be? Michael Jordan used to berate, bully his team mates all the damn time. He still do a lot of mean things to people. Everybody isn't Mr. Nice Guy
  12. Damn. Them videos bring it back. Damn I wish we won in 03'
  13. Nope I'll be as petty as the Saints putting a hit out on Cam and Steve Smith
  14. Signing to the Saints, people out here talking about they don't have a problem with that fug that