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  1. We ALL knew we were signing garbage. Gettleman did it anyway
  2. I've got a secret to tell too All areas regressed from last season, including offense. The offense last year at-least had injuries when it comes to receiving the ball. Norv was the hire who I thought he would be, we should have went with someone else. I also question if he actually made Cam a better QB or just had him focused on the easy passes to get his completion % up cause Cam deep ball has been non-existent. CMC had 15 carries tonight, when really with Cam shoulder should be in the 25-35 range. Why was Anderson cut? Why? Why? Him and CMC could have been splitting 30+ carries with Cam shoulder that way it is. It just doesn't make sense, nothing about what we're seeing makes sense and honestly I'm not seeing enough people talk about this.
  3. > This season How? Did an entire off-season of him using it tire it out? Cam didn't throw or was very limited last off-season and the entire season and it damn sure held up. So either his shoulder was mismanaged this year or it's getting worse
  4. beastson

    Cam: "That's not on me."

    No, but it is on you to let them know your shoulder just isn't doing it and you don't give this team the best chance to win right now.
  5. beastson

    Cam's immaturity....

    I wonder if our exact same QB was white, would threads like this exist
  6. beastson

    Ron just stated he will not sit Cam

    At this point I stopped caring. Ron has yet to be fired so he don't care, Cam continues to go out there and play bad. So why should I care
  7. Knowing the Panthers they probably win fuging up their draft position
  8. How? There's plenty of coaches that can be interviewed for this position. Whether its our jobs or sports entertainment, you coming in don't mean you'll be good for whoever you hired. We just hired a good qualified person, but he don't do work and the rest of my team is already picking up on it I'm not sure what success you're referencing, we made the playoffs 3 times in 8 seasons under ron. One of those years was because the NFCS was so terrible that automatically winning the division get you in. So please explain what success has Ron had over Fox? And what happened to Fox? Fox however did go to a second NFCCG
  9. That's not our job. We have people in place to find better. Do your job. I wish I could not do my job and think my manager won't fire me cause "what option do I have" mentality kick in, damn And if we finish with a top 16 pick, that is bottom half. We're headed to top 10, twice in 3 years
  10. You're insane if you want to keep Ron, that's all.
  11. beastson

    Sunday Games Thread

    The most disappointing of all of this Is the Rams defense. They've been bad all year, they just made big plays at certain moments but overall hasn't been good
  12. beastson

    Sunday Games Thread

    Can the rams do what we did?
  13. beastson

    Sunday Games Thread

    Exactly. IF bum ass funchess don't lose track of the fuging ball in the playoffs, we probably win and get another chance at the Eagles
  14. beastson

    Sunday Games Thread

    Or a bad QB don't give you a chance against anyone. He has like 1 TD and 7 INT the last 3 games
  15. beastson

    Sunday Games Thread

    The Rams building a new stadium for a city that don't want them lol My god sound like they're in Philly