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  1. beastson

    Cam Newton

    I dont know about all of that But I think Ron fed into the when we turn the ball over, we lose crap and ever since then we've turned Cam into a game manager. If you ask me, if we can't win if we turn the ball over, that further proves we need a new HC, everything in place changed. However, that was fine a few seasons ago but that game manager crap is out the window now. Offenses need to put up points and our defense just isn't capable of stopping high powered offenses. You're a Ron fan and can't see that Ron isn't realizing what's going on in today's NFL instead of blaming it on Cam.
  2. Boy things will get really serious around here if we lose to the Lions and our defense is terrible once again.
  3. beastson

    Panthers WAIVE CJ Anderson

    Panthers wasted their time and his time signing him.
  4. Moving forward through the rest of the season 1. Multiple new guys in and out the defense. Ron taking over defense and blitzing to get to the QB 2. Less read option 3. Faster tempo
  5. People can blame coaching, but Rams just has guys that get to the QB
  6. What I'm noticing that I dont like this about this offense is we're depending too much on the read option. Rams and Saints do a lot pulling, a lot of sweeps, lot of stretch runs, power runs and its on both sides. The Falcons do that to us, get our guys moving sideline to sideline and we've been in full struggle mode the last 3 seasons trying to defend it. The Saints do it too, but they hit us with the pass in between. Man if we picked up the tempo and did more of that, no reason why CMC shouldn't be top 3 in rushing yards
  7. If we could get to the QB like the Rams man
  8. beastson

    In His Post Game Interview

    I heard this poo and it kind of struck a nerve. I hate hearing something coming out of Brees mouth about what they're doing that we should be doing.
  9. One comment I'll leave here I hate playing on thursday
  10. And to killa point, bortles and jags offense isn't up to par It's too early to tell, but fournette injuries sending him to bust status
  11. Lol wasup with panthers fans comparing us to new england to prove a point? Comparing us to the Patriots automatically mutes the point you're trying to make. We're not the Patriots, nowhere near so please stop that comparison.
  12. I dont know about win, but since 2015 the number 1 scoring offense from the NFC has gone onto the SB Panthers Falcons Eagles (Rams were actually number 1 and Eagles 2 in the entire league) Rams/Saints The panthers is 12th in scoring offense and 22nd in scoring defense If this is what it takes to get there, is Norv Turner the mind and style of offense to get us to number 1 moving forward after this year? I feel like Ron as our HC hinders this from happening again
  13. best defense is a good they've adopted that. they want you to out-score them and right now they dont feel anybody can. the rams couldn't, not in their house at-least
  14. Well hopefully Rams can knock em off in a rematch. Our defense needs an overhaul through the draft and free agency. The traditional 4-3 can't defend this passing league.
  15. Our starting 11 is average. It's on the coaching to scheme around their deficiencies. If you ask me I would play everybody on the DL and LB, Gaulden, Corn and scheme up ways to get the QB if I was Ron. If guys get burned once I'll take that, let them learn. The NFCS wouldn't even recognize our D. Ron has too much patience and his leash is too long to his vets