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  1. This "organization" David Tepper practically had to beg Steve Smith to retire as a Panther instead of just a Raven cause he was screwed over. Am I lying? You taking up for the "organization" and "owners" when it's the players you watch. The players that bust their ass. Cam injured for a year and a half, cut him boo-hoo get real
  2. I know you not talking. When your man Kyle Allen and the Panthers started losing, where were you? When were you posting? I recall this place being ghost town as usual when the L's start piling up
  3. Where did Cam speak negatively on the organization? I'll wait. You can go look in the media, everybody speaking negatively on the Panthers organization after what happened. Who has this organization NOT screwed over? fug this organization
  4. What makes it worst trying to be good and be average
  5. I said it years ago, Cam Newton = Allen Iverson. Number 1 draft pick and was expected to carry not the team, but the entire franchise on their back with little to no help. They both almost won a championship... close... but didn't get it. After A.I was traded, the 76ers wasn't even talked about for the next 10+ years. Will that happen to the Panthers? We'll see, but I also see the Panthers are banking on their system carrying this team. We'll see if it does. If it becomes too good, Joe Brady will probably "see" having his own team and some of these teams will do it. You can't make big changes like this (and yes Luke is included cause I firmly believe if Ron stayed, Luke would have to) and don't have success within 3 years, a championship in 4. Panthers fans are not going to support it. I remember Cam complaining about the lack of home crowd his 1st two years. Man if this next season don't go well it's going to be brutal, I'm already expecting a weak turnout
  6. Why the fug would you do that. Let the man be free. All that Cam did for this organization and you want to him hold like a hostage. If you want to keep Cam, you play him or move on.
  7. If Cam pass his physical, this team is going with Teddy over Cam on a longer deal. If Teddy is good enough to even make us 5 win team you blow the chance on getting a high QB. It sounds like this team is that sure of their system before they even get into mini camp. What if the system does good and idk Joe Brady decides he want to get his own team, which is probably will
  8. Please free the man cause you have to be the dumbest GM to trade for him FREE CAM
  9. I had Shocker on ignore and took him off, I'm a dumbass Back to ignore he go
  10. Same here. Panthers have sucked the life of its fans.
  11. Rhule didnt fire Ron after 2018 He sign a rookie coach to a ridiculous contract The whole team gutted out Keep Hurney around yet remove everybody else And you sign Teddy for 60 million dollars I have to admit and be honest... my fan-hood is dropping on this organization. I'm giving Rhule 2 seasons to show me anything promising
  12. I just saw Okung and Trai contracts. I think the plan is pretty clear.
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