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  1. The defense is the last concern I had watching that game. Kyle and Grier play was the main problem to me
  2. I gave praise to Scarlett, I gave props to getting 3 points in under 15 sec before half-time, I gave Slye props, I said I think the run defense would be stout. The only thing I said I believe will carry over to the regular season is the soft zone coverage Thanks for proving me right that you don't read
  3. Where did I complain? Posting observations isn't complaining. Maybe you should actually read.
  4. Is that supposed to be some type of accomplishment? How about stop trolling cause you're not bringing insight to poo but continuously saying it was a practice game. Rivera wouldn't chew this team out during half-time for a "practice" game
  5. Allen/Grier can't complete passes 20+. Allen under threw Samuel twice. Grier over throwing everybody. Heinicke first throw was complete for 19, just sayin. I'm curious to see if this play happens again vs NE RB competition is interesting. This might be an early take, but Scarlett reminds me of a slightly bigger Jamaal Charles. I loved watching JC and was hurt when he tore his ACL. Soon as we try to get Scarlett going, Grier throws a bad INT. It was so bad. *sigh* Our screens suck. I dont know why, but they do. Just watch other teams screens vs us and you'll know A lot of holding by the OL. This is the unit that concern me going into the season Kudos to the offense getting 3 at the end of the 2nd in less than 15 sec, which leads to Slye vs Gano, the end-less debate. I hate feeling like we're showcasing Slye off for someone to go get Christian Miller got a sack that was negated by a penalty, but he looked very stiff on that missed tackle which lead to a 40 yard gain. 3 other players missed a tackle too. I dont know if was fatigue or what, but the players seemed to be out of it I think our run defense will be very stout. I believe the pass rush will have its moments, but the soft zone coverage drives me crazy and I expect it'll hurt us this season. I believe this will be case with Ron or Washington, it doesn't matter.
  6. Well the goal for these joint practices is to get better so hopefully we see where our weaknesses are. I believe our D is in a learning phase so they may have ups and downs. If this was real game they could easily put Jackson on Beasley and shut him down. My biggest concern with Ron is the soft zone. You must play press man coverage. 3rd and 5, dumping off to Beasley for a 1st down is too easy. Its been a common problem under Ron his entire tenure. You can't get to the QB if the ball comes out fast enough. You must jam the receivers to make the QB make tighter throws and to hold it for a little bit. Every 3rd down the receivers should be getting pressed period. Its frustrating to see this type of play year after year.
  7. Cam also made plays with his legs and threw 0 INT. Grier has thrown 2 INT, 1 being a pick 6. If the regular season started and Grier was the starter, Grier wouldn't be able to put up numbers Cam did. Not even with SS, Olsen, Shockey... He can't even complete a pass 20+ yards. There's no comparison right now.
  8. In all fairness he's not playing against 1's and 2's, but he should be given a fair shot at #2 after tonight
  9. This is the NFL Not college Aguayo was a killer in college Slye right now look capable
  10. Well until he show me he can complete multiple passes of 20+ yards accurately, my expectations for him is a career back up QB
  11. Clausen comparisons is warranted. Grier can't complete passes accurately past 20 yards. 30, 40 yards forget about it
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