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  1. They can also ease Cam back into it. If Cam is healthy why can't we have him run a few times. I want to see him run if this foot is "healed"
  2. It's still early, but Kyle is pretty talented as a QB and appears to be getting better. I say let him play against San Fran. If you want to bring Cam back do it against Tennessee, a home game. Playing Cam against San Fran is setting him up for failure IMO knowing he's going to be rusty and the timing will be off with receivers.
  3. Of course not, they'll just release him after the season is up if it comes down to it.
  4. its not just reddit, but catscratchreader too. The trolls run the huddle cause the mods let them.
  5. Comments like this is annoying. It's crazy how "what have you done for me lately" gives people amnesia like let's ignore that rookie QB's now are just now breaking rookie Cam passing records. You done switched your whole avi and everything Soon as Kyle play bad, you'll then go quiet. Why do you people build people up to destroy them. After last game, I heard none of these comments.
  6. Yes which is why without a fractured foot I expect similar results with Cam as the QB Since I don't think Cam foot will be 100% healthy until November, its hard to start him unless Kyle become that bad. Kyle has his work cut out for him moving forward. 49ers and Packers on the road is no joke. Those are 2 very strong defenses
  7. When Wilson was the game managing QB, he had one the best defenses of all-time. Russ is no longer a game manager, he runs around till things open and he complete the pass. He also kill defenses with his legs. Why not? Cause Ron and his soft zone is a problem. If the opposing team turn the ball over 7 times vs Patriots or Saints, they'll lose by 30+
  8. Listen man we barely lost with Cam playing with a fractured foot, I don't think anybody realize that part of it. We have a healthy QB so we're winning like we should. A healthy Cam showed me what he can do with Norv last season The problem I see with Cam is this injury caused him to lose needed reps with his new throwing motion. If he play, he'll be rusty and that's something we don't need trying to push for the playoffs with 2 losses already.
  9. The problem I have is Cam moving on and we're being stuck with Ron. I get everybody riding high, but I don't see Ron leading us to a SB victory with Cam or with Allen... sorry
  10. Cam was in the MVP discussion last year, we were 6-2 before Pittsburgh deliberately killed his shoulder in that same "system". He placed with a fractured foot this season.
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