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  1. I see a lot of assholes are still around on this board.
  2. I'm hoping that meant retired Panthers players
  3. Like what? He hasn't played in how long? You really think he's still injured. That makes no sense. He made it clear he want starter role
  4. Everybody gets beat, but if he out here constantly getting burned for TD's what you expect should happen Use the rookie card?
  5. Wont even make the team. I feel like jeremy does this every year. But good luck to him
  6. Ok its official. I want Henry, then moved up and get Shepard Make it happen Gettle
  7. I feel our opponents better prepared us to face the AFC team in the SB than their opponents better prepared them to face the NFC team in the SB. I believe we are the better team, but whoever plays the best on Sunday wins. Same game-plan for all playoff opponents, run the ball and play defense. We can make Denver stack the box which will open up our passing game. Also its a must this offense go no huddle and pick up the pace. With our run attack against their smaller 3-4 defense with an up-tempo offense, it'll create massive problems in my opinion.
  8. @Jeremy Igo not a fan of players celebrating. I remember he had Devin Funchess up there and Devin said he wouldn't celebrate Well guess what, its very difficult to score in the NFL. You better celebrate it lol
  9. Naw man nothing beats that dickson one. poo was like a scene from the movie Wanted
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