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  1. Hurney shouldn't pay big for any defensive player Gettleman drafted moving forward.
  2. Are they on the new practice facility yet?
  3. Ron is familiar with the 3-4, he's finally running the defense that I said he should do for YEARS
  4. I remember Panthers fans on here, yes Panthers fans, talking about Steve wasn't going to make the HOF
  5. A little? Gamble has more picks in his 1st year than Bradberry has in his career
  6. Ok maybe it'll just never be good. He is 6'6 260 pounds, has it ever occurred to you that maybe his feet doesn't move that well? There's nba players who I'm sure practicing shooting, but they just can't shoot. I'm sure you know Cam work on his game, that's just plain ol stupid to think he's not working on getting better. There's not many times you point to his footwork last year. His arm just fell apart
  7. The least of my worries. QB's going to get the ball out faster. Secondary still bothers me. I'm not a run zone to mask the lack of speed or use man on bigger less quicker faster receivers Bradberry. Reid was meh all last year. The S position still a problem. And who is our nickel?
  8. Can someone quote me with the bad on this guy? I would like to see the concern
  9. I wanted all defense after our 2nd round pick. All defense cause lord knows how bad they were, we need it. I think with Burns, they feel they already have enough on the roster
  10. What the hell This draft was supposed to be all about that wack ass defense that took the field and is about to take the field next season. We done drafted 3 offensive players
  11. Yes the 3rd round pick should have been defense but let's take a guy that'll sit on the bench
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