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  1. even when we win the trade, we pick rashaan gaulden. mark andrews went a pick later. hurneymagic
  2. i think he was speaking more on the critics, there are a lot of people who still spout the same narratives about him being a poor sport and inaccurate. its tiresome, a lot of casuals follow these narratives. also, no offense or anything but how is 2013 his 2nd best season? i usually see it get panned as his second worst season. i always thought the 2nd best season race was between 2017 and 2011. also yeah, i hope cam does great too.
  3. that's what i was hinting at, was deciding between him and minter but ultimately went CMC since CMC had one of (if not the) the greatest statistical seasons ever by panther last season. can't in good faith put him over gross yet though, too young and hasnt been here long enough just yet. i think CMC has the potential to maybe even leapfrog peppers and cam later down the line tho
  4. 1. smith 2. luke 3. peppers 4. cam 5. olsen 6. mills 7. delhomme 8. walls 9. gross 10. CMC
  5. oh hey you took my argument out of context for the 70th time, neat. never said any of what you just said.
  6. idk how to help you then tbh, you're only going off of yards with no context. brees isn't even top 10 in my own personal opinion, but nobody who actually watches football puts him as the best. top 3 at highest. if you're just gonna keep ignoring my points and falling back on passing yards and surface level, context free numbers then im not really interested in continuing this conversation. cam won't not be in the HOF because of what an overrated stat says. the reason why is because he was dinged up a lot and wasnt as consistent as those two as a result. if he had won SB50 he'd have a case even with him not living up to his potential. ryan isnt even great, even a falcons fan would tell you that him making the HOF isn't near a guarantee. that's my last post unless you take time to watch film and learn more about the sport, and come back with a response that isn't just muh passing yards and stats, while simultaneously calling all context an excuse.
  7. have you ever considered that a qb running more would inherently lower their passing attempts, and therefore yards? or, that ryan has never had as many tds in a season as cam had in 2015 (which matters more than yards)? or that brees has only had one season with more tds than newton? with the logic you're presenting, brees is the greatest qb of all time. speaking of, the one season he had more tds, brees had 678 attempts to cam's 627 when you add both of their rushing and passing attempts together. infact have you ever even realized how many more passing attempts per season these qbs you keep mentioning have than cam? if newton hypothetically attempted 132 more passes (the amount of times he carried the ball), to his total in 2015 of 495, that'd be 627 attempts. if you add his yards per attempt (7.8 that year) and multiply it by 132 (the number of rushing attempts), that'd mean he would've thrown for 4,829 yards and 45 tds. do you see now why comparing high volume passing numbers to a rushing qb is an extremely dishonest argument? you're comparing two different types of players. it's not a one off thing either, cam consistently has had 500 or less passing attempts throughout his career, while brees and ryan often break 600.
  8. you really only look at surface level numbers dont you?
  9. ..what? im gonna assume you meant ryan, yes ryan is more consistent than cam. he is extremely productive and has had a strong roster and offensive line around him for almost a decade now that was built up to his strengths, but cam at his best is better than ryan. cam did not live up to his maximum potential. ryan as an overall player has had a better career, but cam couldve and probably shouldve been better if he hadnt been on an ineptly run team with little supporting cast. peak cam newton is better than peak matt ryan.
  10. you're confusing things other people said with me. i didnt make that statement nor do i believe it. he's a QB who won't lose you games, an inferior alex smith in my opinion. also i wasnt referring to the same offensive being ran, i meant if you put him in the same situation and circumstance, with that horrible oline, with those horrible wrs, how would he have done? i never at any point said that ryan was vastly inferior to cam newton, i said that jamarcus russell was vastly inferior to cam newton. also, you can go entirely off surface level stats all you want, but newton is definitely in the ballpark of ryan in the years where he has been healthy. falcons fans would even tell you that. give cam a good line, julio, and ridley with hooper at TE. or hell give cam tony g, julio, roddy white and a good line, the weapons ryan has had over his career. taylor gabriel, ryan's #3 in 2016, would've been the best wr on our team in 2015. is ryan more consistent than cam? sure (due to being dinged up because of bad pass protection), but would you rather have cam at his best or ryan at his best? ryan is one of the more overrated qbs in football anyway.
  11. dang that sucks man, hope you are able to get back on your feet soon. it can indeed always get worse.
  12. good idea to back up a bit, here's my points. jamarcus russell was the inferior player i was talking about, and cam started for 8 seasons which i originally said in my post. no need to try to bend it to fit your argument. speaking of that, my argument is that even playing by your extremely naive surface level stats, cam statistically blows bridgewater out of the water. arguing as to why it's a bad and intellectually dishonest idea to go off of surface level passing yardage numbers when discussing cam newton is an entirely different discussion. cam was a top 10 qb in 2015, 2017 and the first half of 2018, potentially 2011-12 as well (im not sure on this so i won't claim it). you could argue he was in 16 too. you are ignoring context seemingly because you see it as an excuse. if you're saying that he never lived up to his maximum potential, then we can agree there. he shouldve been better (that includes statistically), but was held back by poor coaching (a bottom 3 OC in football), having nothing around him besides greg post 2013, and having a bad line which caused him to get hurt and injured. the idea though, that the facts above are just 'excuses' and that he wasn't in a particularly bad situation is pure bs. i think on a team like atlanta he would've been a perrenial top 3 qb. if you put one of these elite qbs you talk about such as matt ryan on the 2016 panthers in the same set of circumstances he'd get destroyed. the reason people are mad that he's now gone is because he finally had a good receiving core and supporting cast around him (besides the poo line still but whatever) for the only time in his career besides 2013 and 2011, and wasn't given a chance to play out his contract. numbers do not show the full story. he did more with less. is he a hall of famer? no, but he could've been if he wasn't in the worst situation of any franchise QB in the NFL in the timespan he played in imo.
  13. have you ever considered that cam's passing totals are deflated by the 800 yards he lost to drops in 2016? and that he runs more which inherently would lower the numbers anyway?
  14. what do you consider elite? every year he was healthy he absolutely was. im not sure if you're just outright ignoring the context but you really only seem to look at surface level numbers. also again going off of these extremely cherrypicked and surface level stats, cam has had more than 4,000 total yards in 2011, 2012, 2015, and 2017. he wouldve almost certainly had 4,000 total yards in 2014 (3,666 in 14 games) and 2016 (3,859 in 15 games) if not for missing a few starts, and wouldve in 18 if not for the shoulder reaggrevation (missed starts for that year as well.) even if we're generous and remove 2018, that's still 6 out of 8 years of him starting including the ones he was hurt in. these qbs you keep rambling on about havent had to deal with many injuries because they have a good offensive line and havent been openly headhunted, then again to you that's merely an "excuse" lol. not only did you take his argument totally out of context and strawman with a vastly inferior player, but that last part is hilarious lol. "dude just ignore the context man, he isnt producing an arbitrary milestone of numbers even though all of his film suggests he would do otherwise if he had any form of a supporting cast!!!!"
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