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  1. they ran a 3-4 defense where a LB plays essentially as a defensive end
  2. im not sure as to how the amount of time i've watched football would correlate to a team's roster objectively being less talented than it was before
  3. fine? idk about that, maybe longterm. im not speaking on the health of the franchise, a team hasnt been disbanded since the 50s. our roster doesnt look good right now, im not sure how you can deny that.
  4. not only was that in 1996, but it also wasnt even confirmed with evidence. we didnt lie to the league about targetting players either, that's speculation and nobody knows if it was supported by the coaching staff or not, or if it even happened to begin with.
  5. this is a really well executed and well written LARP, i'll give the OP that much.
  6. i agree with you and i think that fans are more inclined to pull for the sexy acquisitions, im sure (or atleast, i hope) those at the top feel this way. we've watched cam have to avoid sacks for years now, and there is no qb in the near future that had anywhere near the ability cam did to avoiding sacks. whoever we put back there will get absolutely killed behind this line, i still have hope for little and moton though. it's just the interior. lineplay should be prioritized over everything; teams with lines win titles. look at what the titans are doing this year. the 17 eagles, the pats basically every year theyve won, etc.
  7. while i get what youre saying and i think the fanbase is being a bit doomer, outside of the few good pieces we have what is there to be objective about? literally half of our roster are free agents, tepper has done nothing but make false promises so far, our only superstar (without a giant questionmark beside them) in CMC is a RB who might have to spend his prime in a rebuilding dump, and the second we got weapons for our QB who had one of the worst supporting casts in the league he dropped dead with injuries and might (likely) wont ever be the same. maybe bradberry if we keep him, but bradberry was quite overrated in my opinion. we're an aging team with giant holes, we're gonna be just like what happened to the very team that we ended in the nfc championship game; the cardinals. unwatchable, and hell on earth for years after the glory days.
  8. instead of pies we'll just react with beers to signify all the injested liquor from this news
  9. i dont really care what others think of me on an internet forum, and i dont understand how showing luck's numbers are comparable to cam's (didn't say he was better at any point, you assumed so) is a bad thing?
  10. uhhh.. it is close. cam's best passing year was barely better than luck's worst. luck averaged about 300 rushing per year as well. luck consistently threw more td passes per year, had a higher completion percentage and gained more yards and tds. people dont seem to understand just how good luck was. you can check them yourself because huddle wont let me send the screenshot for some reason. 2014 luck threw for 4.7k yards and 40 tds, ran for 300 with 3 tds. 2015 cam threw for 3.8k yards, 35 tds, and ran for 700 with 10 tds luck's best season he outgained cam's mvp run by 500 total yards. cam scored more tds; 45-43, and none of cam's other seasons besides 2011 are in the same league as 2015. luck consistently threw for 4.2k yards when not injured or even when banged up and usually added 300 rushing yards to boot. luck came back from an injury that was so severe that he missed a season and had to go to europe to get repaired, and came back and threw 39 tds with 4.5k yards after returning. i get that surface level stats dont show the full story and that cam looks way better ingame than the stats show, but statisically luck did more with a really bad line. the colts and panthers were both happy with who they got, even if its not really clear who the better player is. also for the record, luck ran the exact same 40 time as cam did at the combine, he was an exceptionally athletic qb as well. still, your example of hyped college players not doing well is very accurate, reggie bush was solid but wasnt what he was expected to be; and the ominous tale of jamarcus russell is still told in nfl front offices to this day.
  11. i mean it is the bengals, the same team that drafted akili smith over edgerrin james or ditka literally offering them their entire draft to move up to their pick
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