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  1. That's called the "Go play ISO, son." formation. Alternatively known as the Carmelo set.
  2. Imagine this Bucs team if it was still 2014. I mean they're damn good now, but imagine it back then.
  3. We played hard against a playoff team without our best guy, outside of the very... Brees esque pick at the end and some of the mental errors I wasn't too mad with the game today. I expected it to be a 2 score loss, so I'm pleased. Lance has a small sample size but he looks good and his recent bad game against Central Ak. will help lower his stock some, so he could be there when we pick.
  4. I think it's because of that cancerous "#1" stigma that this forum acquired over the years. Just my guess. Whenever DJ messes up, it's magnified since "he's the #1". Clearly, #1 WR's should piss gold and go for 2000 yards per season.
  5. Yeah, at the same time he was without his best player. I wouldn't mind taking Lance and nurturing him behind Teddy B.
  6. We played hard against a playoff team, closer than I expected. Future's all shines.
  7. that was in reference to an older drop lol not the one minutes ago, check the time of the post
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