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  1. Unfortunately, common sense is frowned upon and trolled here. "You are just a cam hating troll with an agenda"
  2. The fact that you dont know that ron gave his offensive coaches the thumbs up to run a college style offense shows how clueless you really are. You would blame anyone other than cam himself. Are you even a fan of the team? Ir just cam? You seem willing to throw anyone under the bus other than hold cam accountable. If cam wanted to have a long healthy career, maybe he should have learned to qb slide in year one instead of shortening his career.
  3. Ron literally ran a college style RPO offense in order to put cam in position to succeed. If anyone screwed cam it was hurney and gettleman for not getting him an oline.
  4. How is this not trolling? I get a warning for my above post, but this clown is free to call people names and troll anyone he wants. This place is so biased. Like i said, he follos me around and trolls every post i make but nothing is done.
  5. You know that yhe discussion about cams future is political for these trolls though. Everone who thi ks we shouls part ways is labeled a 'racist' or has an 'agenda'... How is that not bringing politics to the main forum? I mean, it isnt possi le that people want to move o because the dude cant stay healthy is it?
  6. And to answer your question. I have lurked here since at least 2004. You guys need to do somethi g with the liberal trolls. This place is turning into an echo chamber because they gang up on everyone that doesnt agree with them. You are letting trolls run off people who have knowledge and so.ethi g to bri g to the table.
  7. It is also obviois that you know ecactly what i am talking about and still have done nothing about it for months now. Literally anyone who thi ks the team should move on from cam is harrassed and trolled. Why do t they get warnings? What about unc88i that follows me arou d and poos every post i make. Why are they allowed to troll?
  8. I dont really. But it is frustrating that the sites owners allows political trolls to try to bully everyone else with thier opinions. I bet alot of fans here dont want to share their true feelings on certain issues because they dont want to be trolled and threatened with bans
  9. Funny how when anyone else suggests trading cam that the pantifa squad poos them to oblivion but they are scared to poo Igo. What a bunch of pussies. What happened to your convictions?
  10. I kind of agree with you, but the nfl loves its rivalries and it makes for interesting games in the late season. I dont see them changing it any time soon unless they award 4 or so more franchises soon.
  11. Im not sure we will have to sign and trade. He is alreadt on the payroll for next year. I think we can just trade him straight up and let the next team work out the deal hopefully.
  12. Im done with this thread. Ive pointed out a dozen reasons why cam isnt coming back. Listen or dont, i dont care. Bump thos thread nexr year and eat crow. Most of yoy probably wont be here thouhh because you will follow cam to his new team. Our fan base will be better for it. We are rebudi g for the future, and that includes the qb position. Accept it.
  13. What colors are those? My carolina blue and black? I want whats best for the team. You guys want to cripple the team because you are cam first fans. I bet 1/2 of these people in this thread didnt even watch the panthers before cam got here and will probably leave with him.
  14. Everyone pooed this post but no one tried to prove me wrong. Tell me cam only fans. Why did cam not come and support his team? He isnt preparing to hold out is he? None of you have angood reason why he is distancing himself from the team. Just poo away though. Poo and pray that cam comes back, right? I liked cam too... but this is a cut throat busimess. "What have you done for me lately". A rebuilding team doesnt sign players that cant stay healthy. I never meant to hurt your feelings, but i amntrying to prepare you for the inevitable.
  15. Cam isnt going to play out the last year of his contract. qbs get extended the year before. He is already distancing himself from the team in preparation to force a contract or force a trade. Hopefully the later. Cam is a running qb that has taken a ton of abuse. He has been playing for 9 years and the wear and tear is breaking his body down. He isnt going to play for 20 years like brady because he has taken more punishment. He is comparable to a rb considering the hits he has taken... when is the last time you saw a rb get a huge 4 year contract after playing 9 years... and what of our new coach doesnt even want cam? There are a 100 reasons why cam is gone, and only a few poor reasons why he would be resigned. It isnt 2015 anymore. Cam has been declining for years. Once again... contracts are based on the FUTURE, not the past.
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