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  1. Jameis will win you 8 games, and lose you 8 games I'd rather go 0-16 than 8-8 Start Will Grier 16 games to get the full Clausen experience and the #1 pick
  2. Pretty low bar there He's better than the worst DC in the league Super Bowl winning mentality
  3. SF also has one of the best coaches in the NFL. Shanny made RG3 look like a Hall of Famer, turned Matt Ryan into league MVP
  4. Let's wait to see if the 49ers can beat the Chiefs, one of the most pass first teams in NFL history. I'm skeptical they can.
  5. The Chiefs run the ball less than any team in the NFL. Their pass to rush ratio is by far #1 in the league (and one of the highest in the history of the league). They also lost Kareem Hunt, and actually got better. The 49ers are using an undrafted running back who was cut by 7 different teams in his short career. If he were actually that good, and not just a replaceable cog in a scheme, one of those 7 teams that cut him would have realized his worth. Running backs are completely fungible, and anyone who thinks you should invest heavy resources into them (whether it by with high draft picks or a big long term deal), has no grasp of how to build a team.
  6. Raheem Mostert, undrafted, was cut by 7 different teams
  7. Forget this Phil Snow bastard Make Luke DC immediately, before anyone else has a chance to. He's barely 1 year younger than Joe Brady.
  8. Rhule might feel threatened with Luke as an assistant I think the players would feel more authority from Luke, and Panthers fans would be just be waiting until he could become head coach
  9. Tua will have a much better career than Burrow, and it won't even be close Burrow will be competent, Tua can be an all time great
  10. This I think Tua was a much better prospect than Burrow Obviously now there's some risk, but moving up to 3 wouldnt take nearly as much
  11. Why would the Bengals trade this pick? You can throw the Titans/Goff reference point away, as the Titans weren't looking for a QB and were happy to trade down. The Bengals would require 4-5 1st round picks
  12. Reminder that Butker lost a playoff game for the Chiefs last year missing a field goal at the end
  13. Reid has a long history of choking in the playoffs, and his teams not showing up
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