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  1. Ultimately Dave Gettleman was most responsible for Cam's injuries for failing to provide him with protection All of Cam's major injuries were a result of Gettleman tackles (or even lazy Kelvin Benjamin giving up on a play)
  2. LOL Gave Cam Newton the worst offensive lines and worst starting tackles of any modern franchise QB in the past two decades, leaving him open to multiple concussions and headshots (Byron Bell, Kalil, Remmers, Nate Chandler, etc) The worst skill position players of any QB in the NFL (best WR Cam ever had was literally Ted Ginn) But yeah, he really built rosters that supported Cam
  3. If we wanted to tank, we wouldn't have signed Teddy to a big 3 year deal Would have been much easier to give WIll Grier a shot
  4. -So much for drafting a QB high in the the draft -Enjoy our struggle for 7-9 over the next 5 years
  5. The silver lining I'm finding in this contract Teddy is fragile, and likely to get injured behind our line by week 3. Then we roll out Will Grier, lose every game, and draft Lawrence. Tepper wakes up from whatever stroke he's experiencing, fires Rhule, and we actually do a real rebuild around Lawrence.
  6. Didn't fall on a fumble because he was more concerned with his brand, and put more work into his outfits and hats than trying to improve as a pocket passer JK Greatest Panther of all time
  7. A bridge to 6-10 and missing out on the best QB draft class in years
  8. Teddy is Kyle Allen mixed with EJ Manuel But just good enough to not get a top 2 pick. For 60 million dollars.
  9. We're paying 20 million a year (more than Cam) for a noodle armed game manager, while simultaneously taking ourselves out of position to draft Lawrence or Fields. I can't imagine a worse possible decision that could have been made.
  10. All the people saying Brady was in NO are dumb The Saints literally have the best offensive roster in the NFL. They had 4 Pro Bowlers on their offensive line alone. We have a bunch of turnstiles and guys with concussion issues.
  11. Is Joe Brady bring Sean Payton, Alvin Kamara, Michael Thomas, and the best offensive line in the NFL with him?
  12. Teddy's stats on the Saints were a product of the system He's been mediocre his entire career
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