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  1. When he was drafted people thought he'd be looking for the first opportunity to leave Carolina to chase brighter lights, but ended up being the most loyal player you'll ever find; too loyal, as he sacrificed his career, body, and brain, for this mediocre organization.
  2. Cam should sign with the Steelers Big Ben has gotten hurt almost every season, and will retire soon. Cam can lead the new era of Steelers football, and Tomlin seems like a good coach for him. The Buffalo Bills could also be interesting if they decide to move on from Josh Allen. Cam is a better version of Allen and could win a Superbowl with the Bills defense.
  3. Cam should sign with the Steelers Big Ben has gotten hurt almost every season, and will retire soon. Cam can lead the new era of Steelers football, and Tomlin seems like a good coach for him.
  4. The real point of this thread though is to debate, who was in charge of this draft? The video posted today shows Hurney reflecting on all of his draft picks and his thoughts when he was making the decision seem to indicate he was firmly in control of the process. Unless we believe Hurney is a skilled liar.
  5. Good catch actually Had a stroke in 2017, still trying to rehabilitate verbal fluency. Good practice on forums.
  6. When picking that high in the draft, you absolutely do need to be aiming for generational talent. No other way to get back to the Super Bowl unless you think you're going to find generational talent in free agency. Look at the guys we've picked in the top 10 the past 20 years.
  7. This feels reactionary, a result of some trauma from what we watched last year. Drafting for need when you're so many years from contending is a really impulsive decision to make. We'll have many years to assemble our team, and you don't have to spend #7 draft capital to fill this need.
  8. I actually wanted us to trade down, since this draft didn't have that many generational players at the top, but was deep in the middle round. Okudah was the last guy drafted I thought had HOF upside. There were reports Hurney was looking to trade down as well, it's possible no one was willing to give much up realizing the same thing as I.
  9. Have you looked at Panthers top 10 picks in the last 20 years? Cam Newton might be the only one to not make the HOF, and only due to injury.
  10. In the modern pass oriented NFL, dominating against the run and clogging the middle is not taking you to Canton or giving you a gold jacket. He will be a great pro, high end starter, maybe even make a few Pro Bowls. Is that enough to justify the draft capital of a top 7 pick (when Hurney has been flawless drafting in the top 10)? Analytics community doesn't seem to think so.
  11. Derrick Brown has a really high floor, but low ceiling. This was a 'safe' pick, and he won't be a bust, but we should have been a lot more ambitious at the #7 spot. When I speak about the HOF, I refer to the modern NFL. Every top 10 pick we've had over the past two decades has been a Hall of Famer. Sure we had a historically bad run defense, but we're not contending for the Super Bowl next year, or even the year after. You have to aim for the Hall of Fame talent with a top 10 pick, and not become overly concerned with need when you're years away from contention. Don't get me wrong, Derrick Brown will likely be a fantastic pro, but the positional value for a DT who is not an elite pass rusher is just not there to justify a top 10 selection. If you believe he is a Hall of Famer, try to think of a comparable player in the NFL he matches to. Brown never had more than 4 sacks in any college season, and I haven't seen any analyst project him to be an elite pass rusher in the NFL. For reference, here are the past Panthers drafted in the top 10. Christian McCaffrey Luke Kuechly Cam Newton Jordan Gross Julius Peppers
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