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  1. I don't trust coaches who have to be 'sold' on analytics, or convinced They will revert back to their conservative and conventional ways when they're scared, or pressure is applied to them We saw this with Rivera many times If you didn't intuitively grasp analytic concepts, there's little hope for you
  2. Jalen Hurts is the next Dak in the 3rd round Would be great value
  3. Colbert might be younger than Hurney, but he's apparently not in great health Hurney is spry like a chicken, still giving out mammoth contracts to mediocre players I think Kevin might be trying to wind down from a long career
  4. Not only does Seattle have a bad defense, they generate almost no pressure on QBs It's ideal circumstance to put Grier now No pass rush
  5. Yep, it's interesting how a team acquires a 'brand' and people stick to it for a decade A lot of people still think Carolina has a good defense Remaining defenses by DVOA Seattle - 18 Ind - 14 New Orleans - 7
  6. Seattle has the 18th ranked defense in the NFL by DVOA People have been thinking Seattle has some great defense because of their Superbowl runs half a decade ago, but those times have long passed, and almost none of those players are still around Their strength is Russell Wilson, not much else
  7. Deshaun Watson played with one of the worst pass blocking units of the decade (statistically) prior to the Tunsil trade, and still showed he's a franchise QB. Put Grier out there asap.
  8. Let's stop with this meme The Panthers passing block is top 8 worst in the NFL, but it's not historically bad or even greatly terrible. If a QB is destined to be a franchise guy, he will show signs of it even with bad pass blocking. Cam Newton certainly did. The idea you need good blocking to evaluate a young QB prospect is absurd.
  9. We need more than 2 games of Grier tape If he comes in for the last game or two and lights it up, I'm not going to trust it There are far too many backup QBs who play well before defenses get tape of them, you can see it all over the league. We really needed at least 6 games to evaluate Grier.
  10. Not sure why this has to debated until the end of time 1) -Marty Hurney makes excellent draft choices, and gives out horrible contracts and can't manage the cap -Dave Gettleman makes terrible draft choices, and also gives out horrible contracts and can't manage the cap 2) Marty Hurney should be removed from free agency and contracts immediately to focus on the draft Dave Gettleman will be fired from the Giants in a few weeks and should never work in the NFL again in any capacity There, the argument has been resolved, we can move on to other topics
  11. Shame he got injured, but Dontari Poe is a really really good DT, not sure why everyone lumps him into bad contracts 71.6 rating from Pro Football Focus this year Previously a 2 time Pro Bowler https://www.pff.com/nfl/players/dontari-poe/7017
  12. Making 1st round picks is the most important role of a GM, and people are really under selling it. Super Bowls are won through high end 1st round talent. It's the most important role of a general manager. All that said, the Shaq Thompson extension is a historically bad decision (even worse than the Kalil signing, since I could at least somewhat understand the logic in that. We need to get Hurney off contracts and free agency as soon as possible, but let's not undersell how important 1st round picks are.
  13. Yeah but people say this about every mobile QB, and then they turn out to be the best in their draft class despite being passed over for some traditional statue QB who busts.
  14. Scott Turner is Mike Shula, but with a worse father. You would think after having Shula as OC, Panthers fans would have learned a lesson about nepotism and competence. But nonetheless, many still have high hopes for Scott Turner, despite the fact he only got the job because of who his dad was.
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