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  1. When did I call myself a centrist?
  2. And the people who pretend to care now will go back to not caring. Its funny to watch.
  3. The number of people who are positively impacted by having an athlete/celeb/etc in their orbit can extend far beyond the number of athletes/celebs/etc. It also resonates. My wife has an athlete uncle, and it allowed her to go to private school, which in turn led to a different path than the one she would have been on had he not made it. There are so many people in that family that are better off because he "made it." I don't have an issue with young black men going for the gold, because it creates a path for them to attend college.
  4. Because Bernie would create the most chaos on the Democratic side. Its the same reasoning as when they did it in 2016.
  5. I might be a little older than you as well, which factors in. This was back in the 80s and early 90s. By the time I graduated in the mid 90s we were transitioning to a different way of thinking about all of it. One of my friends Ahmad (black guy) had already transitioned to taking out the GG and replaced it with a K so it sounded a little different. Obviously noone was allowed to say it with a hard ER on the end, only GGA. Good for him. I only heard my mom say it once in life, and it was a time when she was beyond pissed at me in elementary school. I rarely say it anymore, but my wife says it a ton.
  6. Receipts for what? What Dana said happened? Or what the reports were saying the lawyers were claiming? What Dana said happened makes sense, but the initial claim that was reported doesn't.
  7. Have you ever seen Louis CK's bit about banks? In it he talks about exactly what you just said.
  8. I think there is a bit of both at play here. Yes many ADOS have an issue with decision making that we need to address. BUT, a huge factor in that is the lineage of slavery, Jim Crow and overall racism that led to a situation with so few black people having good role models in their immediate sphere to watch and learn from. And in addition to the role model aspect, there aren't enough successful people in general in their sphere, be it friends or family...that they can talk to and model their behavior after. I had a buddy in high school that was a few years younger than me, but we were inseparable my senior year (his sophomore year). I was a really good influence on him and he was starting to mimic my good habits and was on a path to be successful. Then I left for college and he ended up with his old friends, none of which were on a path to succeed. His life fell apart in his junior year. I can't help but think that his entire life path would have been different had I not left for college. And to respond to the part about high school drop outs vs a college grad...yes I've seen the high school dropout type person make far better decisions than some college grads, leaving them in a better situation and set up better for life.
  9. Using force was inevitable with the way they structured their systems, and if we ever scrapped capitalism we would be in a similar boat. Noone who's advocating to do so is saying it so they can "work harder" or put forth more effort for the greater good. Its always talked about in terms of people working less and having more free time. So the question is how do you incentivize people to work hard or take on unwanted roles without the use of force. I think we have enough money and are advanced enough that we have options for that dilemma that those countries didn't have at their disposal.
  10. Holy smokes talk about reckless language!
  11. Removing the payroll tax caps is a no brainer for me and everyone in Washington should be embarrassed they haven't done it yet. I'm not sure if 0.2% is enough to give people family leave but even if its 2.0% I would gladly eat that up for the greater good. Does that also include maternity leave?
  12. The other ideas are on the table, and will be the route they end up going. Bernie can't get done what he's sold you. Sorry.
  13. I have no idea why that would be a statement that would need clarification, its self explanatory.
  14. The next time I say something stupid to my wife I gonna tell her I was hacked.
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