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  1. I live in Virginia Beach and my parents live down in Myrtle Beach. I liked it when tourist towns shut down because I didn't like the idea of New Yorkers (and others) having the virus and bringing it down to these locations. Tourist towns were more susceptible to being "okay" one day and then having an explosion the next because of all of the outsiders coming in. ICU beds "all over the country" were not past their capacity. That was a false narrative.
  2. I just want to be sure I understand your position. Mattis decided to quit, then put out a letter stating it will be effective in a few months, and he assures everyone that he will make sure he will be there for a smooth transition to the next person and gives the details of all of the departments his departure will impact. Then, after putting out the letter, he completely changes his mind...on his own...and goes ahead and quits the next day (or within days). This is your story?
  3. Some people have absolutely lost their marbles when it comes to "George Soros." I swear he'll be dead and gone and still getting blamed for stuff. That's assuming they don't flat out say he faked his own death, or that he careful orchestrated his death to be a "false flag" for something. But the idea that there is money behind things like this is true. So personally I try to think of "George Soros" as a generic word for people being behind the scenes funding an operation in some capacity. I just can't go too far down the rabbit hole. Tell me in one city there was X, Y or Z done and I might find some truth to it. But tell me the entire thing is a sham and organized by one group all across the world and you've lost me.
  4. Yep! You got it! Random side story. I remember one of our accounting girls got really upset one day and put in her 2 weeks notice. Her boss thought about it for about 15 minutes, then came storming out of her office and fired her. "You get out NOW!" LOL What made the entire thing so stupid was it was bonus time, and her bonus would have been somewhere in the $5k to $10k range. All she had to do was hold on for another 3 weeks and then quit, but she let her emotions get the best of her so she lost the money.
  5. Technically he kind of did fire him. It was one of those "you can't quit, because you're fired" type deals.
  6. People have penned up energy, but I'd also say the media (of all forms) has a captive audience right now. People would normally be distracted with other things on a daily basis, but they've got time to obsess over stuff now in a way they couldn't before.
  7. Not directly related to race but related to manipulating reports... ...I have a cop friend that said when the new police chief took over (this was years ago) they were instructed to take certain types of crimes and code them different in the system. Then when the violent crime codes were presented for public consumption, it artificially drove the number down and made it look like the new police chief was doing a good job of reducing violent crime.
  8. Just like I said earlier. She has to push back on it, or else she'll catch hell from her voters.
  9. What you said is the golden point. If THIS year or next year was our golden run, you extend KK before free agency and then use his current money on stacking the deck. But with our situation, you simply eat the money and move on.
  10. There is alot of that going on. But not all "out of town" groups are bad. Some see an issue and come and help the locals organize in a productive way, and bring some resources.
  11. I agree. Short's game is at its best when he's got someone like Brown to run with.
  12. Sometimes its the fault of the people speaking. But when it comes to police violence against black men, its the listeners fault.
  13. Its not hospital related but related to furlough's. I was working with a rep from a different company and all of a sudden he went out of touch in March. Late last week he emailed me getting our projects back up and running again. He explained that on a Friday at 2pm back in March they just walked up to him and told him he was on furlough...effective immediately. Leave everything, and leave NOW! WTH? Talk about a bad way to handle it.
  14. I think getting further into debt with KK is a bad idea.
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