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  1. No one cares about Ahmaud. All these protesters you see for Floyd are a bunch of white hippies. They don’t give a f about the cause. They just want to experience it. Other protestors there aren’t even from Minneapolis. They’re outsiders coming in to destroy the city. You don’t have these kind of riots when a little black girls get hit by a stray bullet in the hood. When the cops show up, everyone keep their mouths shut And turn the police away. People are animals.
  2. All sport players smoke weed. All owners sniff cocaine.
  3. How the hell is Hurney still here? David Tepper is the second dumbest owner in the league
  4. MMA

    Peter Manfredonia

    Once caught by the FBI, he’ll plead Insanity
  5. And two white cops helping hold Floyd down. Human beings are animals. All races kill all other races. Nobody cares. You don’t care.
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2020/05/27/uconn-fugitive-was-neighbors-with-sandy-hook-shooter-adam-lanza/amp/
  7. MMA

    Joe Biden

    Real facts and you know it. You’re mad bc you know it’s the truth. Greensboro is second home for me. I lived there for 11 years. Still got friends there and I go there often. I know that place like I know that you’re full of shiat. You couldn’t get into ECU or Pembroke. A&T took you.
  8. Porter ain’t full black. He can shut up but how is the response from “Kara” ain’t considered racist?
  9. MMA

    Joe Biden

    I went to UNCG. Spartans > Aggies I had buddies from high school with 2.0 gpa that got accepted by A&T.
  10. MMA

    Joe Biden

    Rodeo is the klan. Nothing is wrong with A&T. But don’t make it seems like you graduated from NC State.
  11. MMA

    Joe Biden

    Such a whining poster
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