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  1. He has a nice deep ball and shows zip on intermediate routes. His stats however are a product of a wide open system and that concerns me a bit. As of right now I wouldnt put him above any of the top four. TL, Fields, Wilson or Lance. For the record I have seen 98% of Trevors games, probably 4 total and highlights of Fields, highlights of Lance and Wilson and probably 10 full of Howells games.
  2. There is nothing that screams Panthers more than drafting a TE in the top 10
  3. If that is true then it is based on absolutely nothing. Now I can see Wilson going above him just for the simple exposure factor but if someone at this point in the game is thinking Lance isnt going to be good they are just giving hot takes.
  4. https://theathletic.com/2228878/2020/11/30/nfl-mock-draft-1-0-jets-panthers-washington-and-more-get-new-quarterbacks/ Interesting. Us at 6 taking Fields. Wilson going 2
  5. Yeah I know but they still have to be replaced by somebody.
  6. Why am I getting the feeling that next season our roster is going to be even worse than it is now? We are going to be losing a ton and the draft can only help so much. We stand to lose after 2020: Little Jackson Okung Probably Paradis Samuel and/or Moton KK Burris? Cap cut? All of our oline Davis I am sure I am forgetting others
  7. Nope, I just know Mike and his family. The man is a winner and a top notch person. Sure I am biased but he has won and won big at every stop he has been at. I expect nothing less at ECU. In his 2nd year he has just been up against the wall for numerous reasons but I expect a big break out next year
  8. He had a big win yesterday. He is a great coach and his lifelong dream is to coach UNC. I think mack has about 3 years in him and thats plenty of time for Houston to get ECU right. He is still weeding through the garbage that Scotty M left. This season is tough to judge based on Covid and some horrible horrible officiating calls against them.
  9. If you look at his recruiting vs results in the last few years it ain't pretty. I wouldn't say tanking but I would say he definitely checked out
  10. From what little I have seen from Trask prior to today and now the first qt. It just looks like he is just throwing to wide open recievers.
  11. Longo is the dude that had brown and Metcalf and couldn't win no?
  12. That is my main beef with how this has been handled
  13. No two ways you nailed it. I just didn't see that coming
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