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  1. The last 2 rated this high were Peyton and luck. Both were amazing talents and produced in the nfl
  2. I hope the plan is to trade him a few weeks in to a contender once they see he can still contribute. Maybe a 3rd or 4rth.
  3. And the sheer number of rookies in our defensive rotation
  4. I mean, not for nothing but Jerry Richardson's philosophy about not drafting head cases does pretty much stand the test of time.
  5. Hurney ate every bit of the mel kiper poo sandwich he fed to him about jimmy c
  6. Dude no offense, but your post above is pretty out of place and just whiny in general.
  7. I am not saying I would be a better gm than what they have in Chi town but damn you have to be moronic to not add cam to your roster. I mean with that defense and a slightly talented oline that could do some damage with cam. Obviously if he is healthy which he appears to be in the preseason
  8. Bears name Mitch T starter When in the hell didnt they either send us a 7th rounder for Cam or try and sign him after we cut him? Makes zero sense
  9. There's always the proverbial rookie wall to worry about as well as just getting physically beaten early on. I want to see the rookies but I want them to be smart about it
  10. I just hope he makes it a full game. Once I have confidence the line can block then I will predict stats
  11. I think between PJ and Robinson its more of an indictment on the XFL if anything
  12. Vegas is going to skull drag us Sunday. Line is up at Raiders -3. It opened at -1.5.
  13. Dude, you have said numerous times you could see us as a playoff team
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