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  1. Prefectly understandable as it relates to CK... ...heck I still don't understand the reason/s the Panthers cut ties with Cam --- if he never plays another NFL snap there has to be something meaningful going on that we don't know about.
  2. RASTAN66

    Corona Virus

    Does anyone really care?
  3. RASTAN66

    Corona Virus

    That's #FakeNews...do you understand why?
  4. RASTAN66

    Corona Virus

    Rounds of golf in 8-years as President. G.W. Bush (#43)......24* rounds of golf in 8 years...3 per year. Barry Obama (#44)......333* rounds of golf in 8 years...42 per year. (*all on "the tax payers dime")
  5. BRAVO! Award the Post of the Year trophy now!! Game over!!!
  6. So you were a safe place for racists, but not anymore? Why did you condone it in the first place?
  7. In order: 1. Definitely not. Yes, you're a sharp one. 2. Complete horseshit. I simply made a clinical observation about the business climate. I didn't "support" (or not support) anything.
  8. Nah...he’s just pandering to the whiners for now...Rhule’s a standup guy, when the time comes he won’t do it...
  9. Looking down the road post CV19 it's certainly a possibility under Tepper's leadership....if what you describe does happen the next question is where will Tepper be moving the team to?
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