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  1. Laughable. Truly LOL here......hahahahahahahahahahaha For what it's worth, you ever listen to any Buffalo Springfield?
  2. In your mind what constitutes "a lot of Panthers fans"?
  3. Laughable. Which makes sense because a joke (no matter how weak) is one of the best ways to wriggle away from an indefensible position. Cheers.
  4. Now you're onto something. In human beings "health" is constituted in two forms...physical...and mental.
  5. Anyone needing to see Cam can do so here: https://www.instagram.com/cameron1newton/?hl=en If an in person chat is desired Wheels Up has been operating as usual the entire time.
  6. Personally I'm interested in what specifically constitutes a "good portion".... 20%? 45%? More?
  7. @Bytes, all good....slow down, not taking sides against you.
  8. Good catch. They must be including playoffs. He was over 4,900 regular season yards twice and about 4,700yds another time. I looked at the link you provided and found it notable that Ryan has thrown for over 4,000yds the last 9 seasons on a row, pretty unreal. Cam clipped 4,000yds by 51yds in his rookie season, and that was it. Yea yeah, I know, he ran it a lot, etc... ...that's just what jumped out when I looked at the regular season passing totals.
  9. Sure they do, in fact Tolbert's comments are a direct shot at Tepper (and Hurney). Tepper was owner and along with Hurney they were the top-2 executives during the 2nd round of shoulder issues (2018/2019) and the entire foot saga (2019/2020). In a radio interview today Hurney was put into a position where he had to defend his and Tepper's medical staff (and broader organization).... ....you think Hurndog & Tepper are happy about that? Tolbert has put himself squarely on the persona non grata list and while I doubt htey'd go to the lengths of denying him entry to Bank of America stadium if Mike wants to see a game he's going to have to buy his ticket and sit in the stands.
  10. Exactly. Shopped doctors until he found one who was willing to cut on him.
  11. Surely you don't believe that? As for there not being any bad blood between the Panthers and Tolbert, this is no longer the case. Given how Tolbert's wired I suspect he already regrets providing the quotes for that article. Will be interesting to see if he ever comments on it again. Will also be interesting to see if he ever speaks with Joe Person again. I won't be surprised if he goes to Tepper and makes formal apology.
  12. This forum is in no way representative of the broader Panthers fan base. The statement may be true as it relates to this forum, but otherwise it has no merit.
  13. Funny you'd post a pic of a guy who has an estranged relationship with the truth. Curious.....how much is a "good portion"? 20%? 45%? More?
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