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  1. 100% - and this team has been exceptionally bad at picking talent that develops eventually....it has been so few players that Kemba is easily justified as a lucky pick. This draft in particular had absolutely zero guaranteed stars.....a huge group of "could be's". Bridges will be the same as Monk if he doesn't take a step forward this year.....then PJ if....and Graham....
  2. Solid 2nd unit for a contender....
  3. Weight is just a number - watch the man's film - his 270 didn't look like only 14lbs less than Zion's 284.....Zion looks like a dump truck (don't get me wrong he is still athletic as...). Just saying Carey is a legit PF/C - not these lean PF/SF's you guys are used to seeing the last 6-8 years....that doesn't mean he can't be very good. He is going to be more of a Derrick Favors, Andre Drummond, Montrez Harrell style player.....why would anyone be disappointed with that? We need someone to bang around down low.
  4. As it stands: Starting - Graham, Rozier, Gordon, PJ, and Zeller First off the bench - Bridges, Ball Reserves - Biyombo, Monk, Carey, Richards, Martins A lot might hinge on Ball & Carey's scoring, PJ's development, and Gordon's health......but could be a pretty fun season.
  5. I do agree with you on the timing and development, the sucky part is the age and timing. The problem with drafting a guy this young and waiting to develop is that if he doesn't do it quickly you have to decide to pay a BIG contract on potential or let him walk. Use your Oubre example....the Wiz weren't sold on his potential so they traded him to get what they determined to be the best value as opposed to paying him....then Phoenix had to pay him a ton....then traded him for Chris Paul. It is a risky play with the age and timing if they don't develop quick. With Monk it is also different than Oubre given his size and position. Oubre still hasn't developed a consistent jumper....it is better but his range is limited, but that is not that big of a deal as a SF. He is making his living inside the 3.....Monk is not and likely can't. He is shooting 50-60% of his shots from 3 and not hitting consistently. He is not a great ball handler, not a great scorer, and still developing as a very good defender. He is undersized for the 2 spot also. He is arguably far behind Oubre at his position. I'm not in for paying him $15M/yr....I would look to trade while he still has perceived potential.
  6. Seems like Nicolas Batum all over again to me....almost 31 yr old...
  7. I think trades are more what they need than FA's this year for C/PF - outside of Harrell or Whiteside I don't see anything worth paying for. They need a legit starting, scoring, rebounding big man to finally stop teams from killing us inside. Also not sure your criteria for "young Wing" but I wouldn't consider Valentine or Ennis to be in that category. Giles and Jackson are interesting, but I wouldn't want to look at the rest of that list. We need someone for this team to lean on scoring wise.....we don't have it.
  8. Excited for his upside - significantly worried about his ability to shoot - won't make a huge difference if we don't get 2 bigs who can score and defend the paint. 30th in scoring, 26th in rebounding last year - Ball will help but someone has to score and defend the big boy positions.
  9. Very much agree with this list - I would consider re-signing Bacon though if they believe he can return to his 2018-19 form. He was a very good SG off the bench and should be relatively cheap. Also agree C and PF are a huge need - just don't overextend so we can re-sign Graham next year.
  10. Ball - if he doesn't learn to shoot then we overpaid Carey - Duke players have about an 8% success rate in the NBA to become starters, so as much as I like him on paper I am not confident. I feel like we reached because we needed size. Riller - very undersized scoring guard, but could be a good bench player....maybe he can develop into a legit PG, but then he is blocked by Ball and Graham. Not a bad value where we got him Richards - again I like the value - could be a very nice backup center....and potential to develop into a starter. I will take him over Bizmack all day long Overall I like our value later much more than Ball and Carey - would rather have gotten Okongwu and picked up a shooter with our 2nd pick.
  11. Okongwu or Wiseman or trade for picks/scorer.....and try to slip Batum in there.....
  12. Would love to see us negotiate with him....first we need to drop Bismack, trade Cody for picks, and sell Batum to anyone who will give us anything for him! Then go look at Harrell and Bogdanovic
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