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  1. so off the top of my head fox has aikmen, vilma, aquib talib, and ronde barber.... yeah I'm ready for Olsen to retire.
  2. imma say 6-10, wins over the football team and Denver. Toss up this weekend though, Win Sunday and I think we go 7-9
  3. PJ channels his inner mike vick for one glorious Sunday 28-27 PANTHERS!
  4. broken foot again. Its a wrap for the big man.
  5. Googled that it takes 6 weeks to fully heal, please shut em down.
  6. I really hope this was just a couple of bad luck plays. If it had to happen any year of his contract I would choose this one.
  7. still salty silatolu was the pick while Alshon Jeffery was on the board. probably could have just gotten the best OT available with the first rounder in 2014 instead of dogshit KB
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