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  1. How are you going to get to those private companies? Any travel will require the use of public roadways. Do you grow all of your own food so that trips to the grocery store aren't necessary? Do you have a self-sustained power system--either via generator (with fuel stores saved in sufficient quantities that you don't need to travel to a gas station) or solar panels? Otherwise you'll be using power provided by a public utility, or at least a company that is heavily subsidized with public funds. It's nearly impossible to decouple yourself from society in that way.
  2. Nope, it's probably because you're an idiot.
  3. Schein is a notorious Cam Newton hater, so it makes sense he's happy with the direction the team went this offseason....
  4. Newsflash. We don't live in a purely capitalist system. Our economy is mixed. Some sectors have some socialistic aspects while others are more free market oriented. Any economy in the world, even communist ones like China's are mixed. The question is which aspects should be socialistic and to what degree. Health care is undoubtedly one of the ones that should be socialistic and heavily so.
  5. I'm sorry, but you continue to fail to provide any sort of persuasive reason for why the current status quo is acceptable, much less good. Just because there are alternate work arounds for some (and not all) of the things we're talking about, why should people have to go through the extra difficulties to pursue them? Why should these things have to be so hard and/or so expensive? So that insurance CEOs can pocket an extra $10 million in stock compensation each year? You keep advocating for the status quo, but your only reason seems to be resignation that because it is currently that way, it's the only way that it could ever be.
  6. She drives an old crappy Subaru. She does not have cable. I have no idea where she gets her groceries. But why should she have to trim her budget to the bare minimum to afford a drug that is so cheap everywhere but in America? The only reason it costs so much in America is because the government has decided that insurance companies and hospitals can price gouge their consumers for it. Free and open markets work well in many situations, but not all. The consumer having lots of choices as to what brand of blue jeans they buy may force competition among all the blue jean manufacturers and drive down the price. People need pants, but their need for pants doesn't drastically impact their health. Consumers who have medical needs don't have the luxury to "shop" for medical care in that way. That inherent difference in the way that the markets work means that allowing health care to be free and open simply doesn't work. There needs to be heavy government regulation to make it work for consumers.
  7. Doctor's should be able to make a living just like anybody else. Doctor pay isn't the main drive in exorbitant medical costs. The fees that hospitals charge for the facilities and for medications that get passed on to patients because insurance companies won't pay up are the biggest issues. A single payer system would fix all of these issues and wouldn't prevent doctor's from good compensation.
  8. Perhaps. He issued an executive order, but it hasn't been implemented yet. My friend still can't afford all the insulin she needs. As to whether it will, I do not know. I don't particularly trust an administration on health care when they are claiming they will protect insurance protections for people with pre-existing conditions when they're trying to destroy Obamacare in the courts. And who also claim to have a plan for something better than Obamcare as a replacement when no such plan has been offered/exists. Further reading on the subject of insulin and Trump's executive order if your interested: https://www.factcheck.org/2020/09/viral-post-wrongly-ties-cost-drop-to-trumps-prescription-bill/ In any case, insulin was just an example. There are myriad ways in which the health care system is unnecessarily unaffordable.
  9. And didn't numerous States refuse to expand Medicaid when the federal government offered to pony up money to expand access to health care services to lower income people? Just because we have existing "entitlement" programs doesn't mean that they function perfectly, cover everyone they need to, and/or shouldn't be expanded or reformed. And there are plenty of people who aren't lower income that struggle with medical bills. I have a friend who is comfortably middle class but can't afford the amount of insulin she needs for her diabetes. Insulin is not expensive to manufacture. It's available in other countries for very cheap. But because in the name of good old American capitalism we've allowed our insurance and hospitals to operate for profit rather than as public services like they should be, even middle class people can struggle to afford the medications or health services they need. Please tell me how this is acceptable in a country as wealthy as ours?
  10. I was hoping his shoe had just partly come off. But it looks like a bad break. Oof.
  11. I'll say it again. The clock doesn't stop outside of 4 minutes when you go out of bounds. The play was fine.
  12. Joe Brady went to that roll out action with the RB and jet sweep coming behind one too many times on third down.
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