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  1. per Ian Rapoport, he is high risk and is choosing to opt out of the 2020 season.
  2. Panthers cut Gano, save 2.8 mil in cap.
  3. GOAT

    Corona Virus

    big facts. that massive party that went viral in charlotte the other day looked like a petey pablo concert in 2005. I'm sure the amount of MAGA hat wearing individuals was staggering lmao...
  4. GOAT

    Corona Virus

    in my state, over 55% of cases are latinos. this is due to them living in multi-family dwellings, (over capacity in most cases) - and not being able to afford said housing which means they're out working. Even if they get sick. the MAGA folks out here that get to work remotely and make complaints online about having to wear a mask when they pick up home remodeling supplies don't really seem to be as big of an issue...
  5. would love to see all of the rotating and different packages with these guys. would be interesting to see which ones take it too another level.
  6. The freak TE that has showed promise in his early career is demanding a trade after the Browns signed Austin Hooper this offseason. Another product from the tight end U that could replace his fellow Hurricane Greg Olsen at TE. I say pull the trigger Hurndawg.
  7. I mean that isn't true at all.... and now Teddy gets to run an offense designed by the OC who was instrumental in winning the national championship / developing the Heisman trophy winner and #1 pick.
  8. lmao some of these comments in here got me like
  9. GOAT

    Corona Virus

    yo I know that you must be used to being right all of the time, but you got the wrong all alt account bruv.
  10. GOAT

    Corona Virus

    who tf is G5 and why is that racist?
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