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  1. The freak TE that has showed promise in his early career is demanding a trade after the Browns signed Austin Hooper this offseason. Another product from the tight end U that could replace his fellow Hurricane Greg Olsen at TE. I say pull the trigger Hurndawg.
  2. I mean that isn't true at all.... and now Teddy gets to run an offense designed by the OC who was instrumental in winning the national championship / developing the Heisman trophy winner and #1 pick.
  3. lmao some of these comments in here got me like
  4. yo I know that you must be used to being right all of the time, but you got the wrong all alt account bruv.
  5. who tf is G5 and why is that racist?
  6. protests are dying down, gotta ride the wave bruh
  7. the protests happened at the perfect time for the youth. no school, cooped up for months, full of angst and rebelliousness, free money, etc... there are a lot of people out there for the right reasons, but there's way too many kids out there that are just bored af and don't wanna be home. looks better on their story too.
  8. yup gotta get these kids out of the streets, the party is over.
  9. We got rid of a statue of the guy that gave us a team before we got rid of Marty Hurney.
  10. bet they'll remove the ballsack from the panthers eventually if a fem protest breaks loose.
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