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  1. Yeah, they wanted him to participate in some sort of fake QB competition. It's pretty well known on the Bears boards that Foles was the best QB in the (admittedly limited) preseason, but Nagy anointed his bust of a first round pick the starter. Teddy wasn't afraid, he just didn't want to play that game.
  2. https://www.panthers.com/news/robby-anderson-s-breakout-season-began-months-ago Robby Anderson knew Teddy Bridgewater before they both landed with the Panthers as free agents in the spring. They both hail from South Florida and spent time together during the 2018 offseason while they were with the Jets. But after the wide receiver and quarterback signed with Carolina, they got a lot closer. Through the spring and summer, they spent nearly every day working together on routes and offensive concepts, aided by Bridgewater's prior knowledge of offensive coordinator Joe Brady's scheme. That work made Anderson think of Bridgewater as more than a teammate or quarterback. "I would say more than anybody, that's not just my quarterback but more like my coach," Anderson said. "He coaches me on how he wants routes run, certain things at the top of the routes, breaking down the offense, teaching me — just showing me the ins and outs of certain things. And then knowing how he wants things done, it's a lot easier than sometimes necessarily how the coach might tell you because the coach is not playing." Anderson pointed to a time in the offseason where Brady talked a lot about a particular route, illustrating its importance in the offense. So, Anderson told Bridgewater he wanted to master it. "We spent multiple days working on that particular route, really getting the timing down," Anderson said. "He kept shooting me texts about showing me certain things, how to run certain routes, just breaking it down. He was always giving me gems to get better." He didn't want to reveal the route and get too far into trade secrets. But the trust those two built in those months has paid off. Bridgewater recalled that much of the time they worked together, he'd put Anderson in the slot so he could run different routes. Bridgewater would also sometimes slow things down, just to give Anderson a better feel. "I think it was always in him," Bridgewater said. "All you ask for is an opportunity to do different things." (more in the original article)
  3. Kind of like the calculator. How are they going to know if it's wrong?
  4. I was using a slide rule when the first Texas Instruments calculator came out. I was really happy to use it. My objection is them not learning to do simple math on the fly.
  5. Yeah, and they let them use calculators in math class.
  6. You have to beat Brees the same way you beat the Vikings, pressure up the middle. That's how Zimmer beat him last year.
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