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  1. So far so good. Killed all the weeds. Put out pre emergent last week. Will seed it in spring.
  2. Look at Kelly Oubre. It took him 4 seasons to really get it going and then was averaging 18ppg last season in his 5th. Malik Monk is so young. He’s been in the league for 4 seasons but is only a month older than Bridges (3 seasons) and 6 months older than PJ (2 seasons). That’s how young he is. Graham was in his 2nd year last season and exploded but was already 24.
  3. If Jordan doesn’t want to tank for a top prospect in next year’s draft, he should try making a move for Myles Turner. Not really sure what the Pacers are doing. They should still contend for a playoffs spot as far as their roster right now. But there was plenty of rumors about trading Oladipo and Turner. Myles Turner would make us a 6-8 seed for sure and the East is up for grab again this new season.
  4. I’m definitely going to some games the season if allowed. Should be a lot better than Panthers games this season.
  5. That’s the most racist crap I’ll ever seen.
  6. We need someone better than Carter
  7. Best move this offseason by far right?
  8. Season starts December 22. This year the 7/8 seeds will play each other to see who gets in the Playoffs as the 7th seed. The loser of that will play the winner of the 9/10 seeds to see who gets the 8th seed. Should be fun. We have improved on paper and the unis are sweet. We’ll see how it plays on the court. I’m just a bit confused. Letting Kemba walk but signing Hayward a season later. This season should be fun with some teams being vastly improved too. Atlanta should be pretty good if they can get Bogdan.
  9. It’s not a class act. It’s just who he is. Both were teammates at OSU. We ain’t talking Bill Romanowski, Incognito or Suh here.
  10. Everyone knows that certain Bama positions and Duke’s (BB) players don’t translate well into the pros. I never said all of them. But be proud being smart.
  11. Butker is the best kicker in the NFL. Slye isn’t as bad as what fans are crying about.
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