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  1. I used to read media generated scouting reports and look at consensus rankings to determine who was worth my time. Then draftbreakdown.com, used to have a nice library of top prospects full games, condensed into 3-6 minute videos showing their every snap. Now that option is gone and I have a tough time forming my own opinions of players. With all the extra free time I’d like to get into the draft again but need help finding resources. Please point me in the right direction for my research please.
  2. You don’t have to compete with other interested teams in signing him. Plus you inherit a contract with all the guaranteed money already paid out.
  3. Half the league had the cap room to take on Cams contract. Here’s every team that had the cap space to trade for cam and didn’t. I listed their QB they’ve gone with instead. Browns- Mayfield Skins- Haskins Jets- Darnold Texans- Watson Dolphins- Rosen/Fitzpatrick 5th overall pick+ 2 more first round picks this year Eagles- Wentz Lions- Stafford Colts - Rivers Broncos- Lock Bills - Allen Titans - Tannenhill Chargers - Taylor/ 7th overall pick Bucs -Brady Cowboys- Prescott Bengals- Joe Burrow/#1 pick Jaguars - Minshew https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/cap/2020/
  4. This is really not the big deal many are making it out to be. Hasnt changed our course for free agency, 22 million of that is from Matt Kalil and Luke retiring. Hurney did not manipulate Kalils deal in any way that incurred more dead money. The Turner deal was in place before Hurney got here and that’s another 9.5million of it. Bottom line is all of these players were dead weight and would have cost more to be on the roster without helping the future of the team. Rebuilding year is the perfect time to dump all of your poo contracts and now next year we will have more double the cap space We’ve ever had.
  5. I can normally figure out the plan the team has. Doesn’t mean I always agree or disagree with their plan. This year however I’m lost. For as long as we’ve been wanting answers, it seems we are no closer now than we were the day Rhule was hired.
  6. If multiple teams are interested, only way to secure him is to trade for him. If it’s only 1 team then he has 0 trade value.
  7. This hasn’t been confirmed anywhere else and is literally here-say.
  8. This was very clear this was going to happen. Panthers have been forshadowing this for months.
  9. Do you think Matt Rhule is upset about these contracts?
  10. At least we can all admit we’ve never heard of these guys. If you’ve never heard of them, hard to have a strong opinion them. Id also like to add, these deals are not being made without the endorsement of the head coach we just signed to 7 years and 62.5 million plus his Baylor buyout cost. That being said I can’t say these are good or bad signings because I don’t know the players nor do I know the plan for them. Just wanted to be a voice of reason before we see 15 pages of blind rage towards Hurney and players they know nothing about.
  11. already been proven and documented that all that did was give us a way to go after the money if he retired on us. Didn’t give him any extra money or kick the can down the road.
  12. All Nc schools closed for next 2 weeks.
  13. I agree with the trade bait portion. Never said they are worthless but don't think its a huge deal if you don't end up with any.
  14. Comp picks are fairly over rated imo. Basically early 4th rounders at best. Outside of James Conner, Steven Nelson and Justin Simmons, this list is pretty uninspiring, dating back to 2011. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/play-index/draft-finder.cgi?request=1&year_min=2011&year_max=2019&draft_round_min=3&draft_round_max=3&draft_slot_min=97&draft_slot_max=107&pick_type=overall&pos[]=qb&pos[]=rb&pos[]=wr&pos[]=te&pos[]=e&pos[]=t&pos[]=g&pos[]=c&pos[]=ol&pos[]=dt&pos[]=de&pos[]=dl&pos[]=ilb&pos[]=olb&pos[]=lb&pos[]=cb&pos[]=s&pos[]=db&pos[]=k&pos[]=p&conference=any&show=all&order_by=default
  15. Caroline Cann is leaving too! https://www.panthers.com/audio/the-group-chat-episode-39-courageous-departure. Didn't want a long distance marriage, so she's joining a non profit group back in Indianapolis. Said she's marrying into football so not really leaving it behind. No idea who were fiancé is. Max says he's moving into the "corporate communications world:"
  16. Player for player trade is not a tank move. Anyone assuming that was wrong. As for Hurney pulling the trigger on the trade, I’m sure it had plenty of endorsement from Rhule, we already know it did from the o-line coach.
  17. I think this just highlights how much the coach matters for teams with long term and consistent success. Roster turnover is inevitable but the guys like B.B,Reid, Caroll, Harbaugh and Payton seem to find a ways to win consistently regardless.
  18. The direction of the team seems harder to predict this year, than any previous year. I know Hurney returns as GM and everyone has their own feelings about him, but I think its safe to say, all of the major roster decisions will go through Rhule. This includes free agency, the draft and final roster. Rhule has not said much publicly about his plan, rather playing his cards close to his vest. In his interview on the Peter King podcast, he did divulge a little more than we have seen elsewhere. Heres some of what I found interesting in that interview that I don't recall being posted in the other thread: Mentions he had an 8 year contract at Baylor, so it was a similar deal to what he got here, insinuated that coming here wasn't about the money but rather the ability to have a commitment to work out a long term plan for success. King says from his interview with Cam last training camp, Cam said he's looking forward to being a different QB, not being the guy who runs it all the time or throws it 55 yards down the field, gets to be more mature QB, who has learned the position a lot more, got the sense he was ready to be more of a cerebral player. Rhule agrees, says he thinks he wants to develop his game, have the next part of his career be the best part of his career. Says in our system you have to be able to make the decisions at the line of scrimmage, has to get us in the right play, get us in the right protection, not say hey let the Center handle that. He says QB who has a lot of experience and allow them to make decisions, he will thrive in that. He says the days of just running the QB power are things he can still do but his ability to blend his experience with his rare talent is what he's excited about. Said there's nothing worse for an organization than having someone on the last year of their contract(coach or gm), and they're saying hey we have to win now, which impedes their ability to make good decisions for the long term. Said they won't draft a QB they should sign, or sign free agents they should and signs a big ticket item that may save their job but no business works that way. He said you have to make decisions which are good for the long term. Says Hurney and him have the ability to do things the right way, and look for guys who can help for the next 3-4 years, vs panicking for a 1 year success. You look for those types of 3-4 year players every year.r King says from his perspective says we are wide open on QB possibilities, Says keeping Cam is the first path to go down and if he's healthy it allows use our picks elsewhere. On Cam, said he got the feeling that he wants to be more of a cerebral QB and not being the power runner or always just throwing 50 year bombs. On Joe Brady, said he had some familiarity with him from various college games where they coached against each other, Said as he as kept looking at how he wanted to conduct an NFL offense he kept being pulled to the Saints way of doing things in the passing game. Said they have a sustainable offense with a core to it. Says Joe took that offense to LSU and had success with it. As he thought about Cam, said he wanted a QB friendly offense that will keep him upright. Says Joe has no ego, just loves football, loves the X's and O's. Said he loved a quote from him that he loved in reference to the WR'S, "were not here to put on a show, were here to put on a clinic". He said he hired his staff, with guys who love football, not the fame that comes with being in the spotlight. Says he and Snow have made their career on playing hard football. Said paying fans deserve to seem the play hard with effort on defense and wants to be one of the more exact teams on offense. Says we have good players on offense (doesn't mention any compliments about the defense). Going back over the years there's been one score games the Panthers have been in. Wants to find ways to close the gap and win more of those games. Difference in filling out a college roster and NFL roster, is in college you're projecting based on talent and maybe they can play another position. In NFL you only have one 1st round pick and 7 picks total and that he can't miss. Development time is already over and now its about production and what they are going to do immediately and how they fit our roster, the community and if they want to be here. If you want to listen for yourself here's the link again: Rhule starts at about 14 minute mark and ends at the 38 minute mark. https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/cadence13/the-mmqb-podcast-with-peter-king/e/67778233#/ In the coming months we will get a much clearer picture of how he wants to structure this team, but I at least feel like there was more info to be gleaned from that interview that wasn't previously discussed. Also with him saying you want to acquire guys who can be part of a 3-4 year plan vs a 1 year one and done quick fix, that I think an attempt to extend Okung will happen and in the process lower his cap charge for this year.
  19. That Super Bowl roster was never built for the long term. Most of those starters from that year are out of the league and the few that are still in the league are past their prime. It was the most amazing year in our franchise history, but now is just a distant memory.
  20. That’s plausible but there’s more to this story to come in sure. I feel like an extension for Okung has already been worked out. No way a rebuilding team commits that kind of money to a 1 year rental.
  21. If the coaches like him enough to make this trade, I think its possible we extend him and lower the cap number. Seems very odd to pay him that much on 1 year deal, for a team that's supposedly rebuilding.
  22. This doesn't appear to be a rogue move by Hurney. This just seems to be him carrying out this wishes of his coaches.
  23. Interesting layer to this, is the Chargers drafting 1 pick ahead of us. Creates a need at LT for them and possibly eliminates the chance we consider the position in round 1.
  24. Actually more than that, if I understand correctly. He had a cap hit of 12.9. By trading him the cap hit for the dead money is 9.5 million. Thats a net savings of 3.4 million. Okung's salary is 13 Million. 13 minus the 3.4 = 9.6 million. So we shedded Turners contract, saved 3.4 in the process, then picked up a 13 million dollar one right after.
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