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  1. Lol go away Stephanie if only cam could consistently put up one of the greates single seasons in WB history without a number 1 receiver on the roster and a terrible offensive line then Rivera would have a super bowl by now
  2. Bellichick Gase Flores McDermott Tomlin Kitchens Harbaugh Taylor Marrone Reich O’Brien Vrabel Reid Gruden Lynn Fangio Garrett Shurmur Pederson Callahan LaFleur Zimmer Patricia Nagy Payton Arians Quinn Carrol Kingsbury Shannahan McVey
  3. Absolute disaster of a coach. Total embarrassment he’s lasted this long.
  4. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of stupid on this website, but by far the dumbest conversation on here was anyone who thought the team should move on from Cam Newton for Kyle Allen. Those people shouldn’t be allowed to watch football.
  5. Been saying it for years, Ron has single handedly held this franchise back. They win in spite of him. He needs to be fired.
  6. Lol and people were actually arguing for a Rivera/Allen combo over the next few years. Oh man.
  7. I mean any team should feel confident at 6-0 going up against a backup QB. I would to.
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