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  1. Who cares. He’s still scum.
  2. Tough to argue with someone who thinks Chris Clark played well this year. I meant it’s not even an argument, it’s fact.
  3. Jesus Christ man. Chris Clark was nothing short of awful this year. What are you possibly watching. Let’s also calm down on saying he hit on Jackson and Moore. Moore is an awful route runner who has fumbling problems. DonTe Jackson got beat a good amount this year. I like both players, but I’m not saying he hit on them yet. Also not sure how breeland screwed us and he wasn’t any good this season when he did play. you are right on one thing, Reid was a good signing. But let’s be real, tepper pushed for that to happen.
  4. Lol in what works did Hurney do a good job? Did you watch this season or Just figured you’ll make stuff up to fit your narrative. Literally did nothing to improve the pass rush or offensive line. His biggest free agent was a bust in Poe. Cut the best move he made all offseason in Anderson. Marty Hurney isn’t a bad GM, he is one of the 5 worst GMs in the game. The fact that he did not receive one interview after he was fired tells you everything you need to know about him.
  5. Keep being dramatic. Sorry some people on here have standards and realize that Ron Rivera is a joke of a coach, and Marty Hurney is an ex-newspaper columnist who is in no way qualified for the job he holds. The guy got a total of zero interviews after being fired the first time around.
  6. I am no way confirming I know anything or that this is true, but this is extremely weird. Someone I know who works with hedge funds described him in those exact words, “kiddy didler.” Again, doubt any of it is true, but that was verbatim how they described him.
  7. NJPanthers12

    TD not returning per WFNZ

    False. WFNZ sucks. It’s a shame that so many people in this area share their view because of the awful product WFNZ puts out there. Sports radio is actually very enjoyable in other places.
  8. NJPanthers12

    TD not returning per WFNZ

    Hey they got one right. Recently fired Frank is tight with Davis, so not hard to connect the dots on how they got it. Good job by them blowing up his spot and ruining the announcement for him. Now back to your regularly scheduled program from that clown show where they are currently tweeting about the Panthers trading for Josh Rosen.
  9. NJPanthers12

    TD not returning per WFNZ

    Hahaha hillarious anyone actually thought WFNZ has sources. They can’t even get cam or ron on let alone have sources. Their only source is mark from Gastonia.
  10. Thank you for informing that Cam and Luke will not play forever. And you are out of your mind if you think the Saints or Cowboys fan base regionally are as passionate as those fan base in the Northeast. Believe me, I do know what I am talking about. Ralph Wilson was a HOF owner. Get that garbage out of here that the Panthers ownership since inception has been mor mediocre than Carolina. I’ll put Jerry Richardson right there with the Browns ownership. He was a trash owner.
  11. NJPanthers12

    Is Kuechly the Panthers GOAT?

    I don’t understand why this question constantly comes up and is so hard for people. Julius Peppers is the greatest player in franchise history. First ballot Hall of Famer who is 4th all time in the sport in sacks.
  12. This already one of the dumbest fan bases in football. Ron Rivera is a negative in general. He is a truly bad football coach. Keep cheering for mediocrity and rotating winning and losing seasons. There is Just a different mentality when it comes to professional sports up north and down south. Every aspect of it is different. The passion, the expectations, the way the team is covered by the media, etc. Its truly a shame that we all have a front row seat to a complete waste of a Hall of fame QB and top 20 linebacker in the sports history primes. It all started with the worst ownership in all of sports under Jerry Richardson. And now Marty Hurney and Ron Rivera will continue to do everything in their power to carry out his legacy by striving for mediocrity. David Tepper better get his head out of his ass before it’s too late with Cam and Luke.
  13. Win or lose, rivera should be booed off the field after every home game he ever coaches here.
  14. NJPanthers12

    I miss John Fox

    Even on his best day, Ron Rivera isn’t half the coach John Fox was.
  15. NJPanthers12

    Frank Garcia arrested for Assault on a Female

    What a joke. So 12 pages of people arguing over what domestic violence is stays on main forum, but once an ex-panther who hosts a radio show where the main topic is panthers gets fired, the thread gets moved. Just an all around awful job.