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  1. The worst things about this franchise in order: 1. Ron Rivera 2. The Jerry Richardson Statue 3. Having The Big Cat as a Fan 4. The Local Media 5. Marty Hurney
  2. No. They shouldn’t even get that opportunity, especially riverdope Rivera. He shouldn’t be allowed into his postgame press conference.
  3. This guy is an absolute clown. The worst coach I see week in and week out. I’m totally numb to this franchise until he’s gone. You would be an absolute fool to have any expectations for this team with this moron coaching it.
  4. Anyone ask this clown why they decided to run the ball after the headset issues on 3rd and 12. This guy is the worst.
  5. This website use to be hands down the best place to come and talk Panthers football. It’s really gone to poo.
  6. And there goes the statements credibility when it comes to talking domestic violence. The station is a joke and in the worst shape it’s ever been.
  7. At this point I rather tepper be involved in the football decisions over the people currently responsible for football decisions.
  8. False. From day 1 he’s been a terrible poster who has made it his mission to show everyone how wealthy he is.
  9. Raiders could be interested in him. He can be interested in the Raiders. It is irrelevant because he isn't going anywhere. This is why I love Gettleman. He isn't allowing anything Josh says effect this situation.
  10. this weeks Aaron Rodgers grade is the perfect example of why no one should ever put much stock into these grades.
  11. yup couldn't agree more. Fozzy is the perfect 3rd down complement out of the backfield. He's the best receiving back and has a resume in the NFL. I would be furious if Fozzy is cut for Wegher.
  12. Fozzy looked the most ordinary? We are all able to judge this off 3 carries where he picked up 14 yards on one of them?
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