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  1. Man this forum has gone downhill big time
  2. Anyone that doesn’t think cam was done wrong is either a blind panthers homer or a cam hater. It isn’t even debatable. The franchise screwed over its best QB in franchise history. side note. Can the Charlotte media please get away from including frank Garcia in in panthers stuff. He was accused by multiple women for domestic violence. He was also the dumbest sports Talk radio host in the country. He brings absolutely no value to anything he does in the media.
  3. Jerry richardson singled out peppers in a press conference which turned him off and made him want out of Carolina. John fox spent the first few months repairing the relationship between the franchise and Julius. Then in October of that season Jon beason went on wfnz after a game against the Vikings and called out peppers effort or something ridiculous while praising Jared Allen. That was the end of the relationship between the franchise and pep.
  4. Julius peppers wanted to be a lifelong panther. Jerry Richardson and Jon beason ran him out of town.
  5. if rhule does literally every single thing the opposite of rivera, there is no doubt in my mind he will have great success here. too bad he is currently being anchored down by incompetent Marty and a terrible owner.
  6. Donte Jackson could be a mix of rod Woodson and Deion sanders in their prime with a little bit of revis and Richard Sherman mixed in and this team still wouldn’t win more than 4 games.
  7. No, we just have one weirdo who has been a panther fan for 48 hours defending her honor and calling any negative claims a lie.
  8. Oh I know he would’ve have gotten criticism, but Jourdan playing it off like she was fine and didn’t want to talk about it to then do a complete 180 and give her only comment to national media guy was pathetic.
  9. Lol just because you’ve been around for a few years doesn’t mean it’s made up. One of those super bowl fans.
  10. You got me dude. Just making false claims about Jourdan Rodrigue to a person I wouldn’t know if I ran right into them.
  11. The odds of me going through 3 years of her tweets are zero. I distinctly remember reading them like I distinctly remembered her comments to Rapoport before they got linked here. I also think she deleted them from what I remember. She handled the situation terribly and it’s all a moot point because she’s now gone and the panthers beat just got that much better.
  12. And if I remember correctly, yes she did delete the initial tweets along with a bunch of racist tweets.
  13. Yes, that is stirring up drama. When you immediately attempt to deescalate a situation and then give a statement completely contradicting your original statements to a national outlet for attention. Then going radio silence while the other side is getting crushed because of the hypocritical statement you released. Yes, that is stirring up drama. Like I said good riddance and glad I don’t need to see her stories any longer.
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