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  1. This team is in some trouble. There is no depth at all on roster. I am very confused to why everyone been so excited about our offseason so far. Just looking at the depth chart above, there are still so many holes. They still need a backup QB, 2nd RB, a big body WR, offensive line depth, defensive line depth and a starting DE, starting outside linebacker, another CB, and starting safety.
  2. NJPanthers12

    Funchess to Colts 1 Year 13 Million

    I’m happy for funchess. Was treated completely unfairly by a good portion of this fan base. He was nowhere nearly as bad as many over exaggerated on these boards. Also don’t get why everyone is harping on the $13 million. That’s what the deal maxes out at and they have over $100 million in cap space. This is what happens when you have a competent general manager. You put yourself in a position where you can take that risk.
  3. Hahahaha love when people say this and give no counter argument. Incredible. better off you didn’t because I wouldn’t want to watch you embarrass yourself trying to defend the likes of Matt Kalil and Torrey Smith.
  4. What do you expect? When you make graham gano one of the highest paid kickers in football and you give Torrey Smith 5 million when you can cut him for nothing and you keep searcy and refuse to June 1 cut Matt kalil then you just don’t really give yourself a shot. then again do you really want the morons who are making these decisions also making decisions on high prices free agents? No you do not.
  5. NJPanthers12

    Shots Fired - #gettlemagic

    Nope. Steve always has been an asshole. Great player. Complete asshole.
  6. NJPanthers12

    Giants letting Landon Collins walk?

    lol what? Have you watched him play? He’s terrible in coverage.
  7. Apparently has big offers from ESPN and Fox https://nyp.st/2IzDuxs
  8. Everyone repeat after me. No player, owner, coach, or front office employee will ever be severely punished for getting a happy ending. Good god I don’t understand some of you people. also repeat after me. What Jerry Richardson did was way worse than Robert kraft and it is embarrassing that some people are trying to say otherwise.
  9. Lol why are people so clueless. No he’s not.
  10. Lol kraft doesn’t even need to appear in court and people thought he would or should lose the patriots. Unreal
  11. You’re not wrong. But if they did, not every single client that went there should be treated as if they knew there was human trafficking happening.
  12. Also makes tons of sense how the mods here allow people to talk about Robert Kraft happy endings and human trafficking, but any thread on frank Garcia got moved to another forum.
  13. This is so dumb. I can find 50 happy ending places in Charlotte. Not sure why you’re just assuming Kraft knew this was “slave sex”.
  14. In no way am I diminishing human trafficking, but it is a large leap from bob Kraft getting a happy ending and Bob Kraft knew specifically that these women were being human trafficked and are slaves. The real story is awful, but the story being talked about is bob Kraft. Direct your anger at the people who trafficked these poor girls and made them salves, and focus less on bob Kraft paying $79 for a happy ending. Like I said, the nfl won’t even do anything, nor should they.