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  1. This is a fact. This franchise is so god damn stupid it is infuriating. To treat the greatest QB in franchise history like this is a joke. David Tepper has proven himself to be a complete piece of poo and this is coming from the most anti Jerry Richardson person.
  2. This franchise is hilariously incompetent. Good god.
  3. It’s going to be hall of honor. I’m expecting Muhammad and kasay to make it this hear.
  4. Hahah hahahahahha hahahahhahahah hahahhahahahaha If Jerry Richardson makes the hall of fame they need to knock it down the following day.
  5. You will not find out about Sam Mills tomorrow. The HOF class will still be announced the Saturday before the Super Bowl. tomororw they are announcing the special centennial class that they are doing for the 100th season. Tomorrow they are announcing the 2 coaches, which have already been announced in Cowher and Jimmy Johnson, 3 executives, and 10 played who are no longer eligible. 10 of the following 20 finalists will be announced as players tomorrow: Cliff Branch, Harold Carmichael, Jimbo Covert, Roger Craig, Bobby Dillon, LaVern Dilweg, Ox Emerson, Randy Gradishar, Cliff Harris, Winston Hill, Cecil Isbell, Alex Karras, Verne Lewellen, Tommy Nobis, Drew Pearson, Donnie Shell, Duke Slater, Mac Speedie, Ed Sprinkle, and Al Wistert.
  6. Hahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhqhhahahahhahhhaahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahaahhahhahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahah
  7. Raiders could be interested in him. He can be interested in the Raiders. It is irrelevant because he isn't going anywhere. This is why I love Gettleman. He isn't allowing anything Josh says effect this situation.
  8. this weeks Aaron Rodgers grade is the perfect example of why no one should ever put much stock into these grades.
  9. yup couldn't agree more. Fozzy is the perfect 3rd down complement out of the backfield. He's the best receiving back and has a resume in the NFL. I would be furious if Fozzy is cut for Wegher.
  10. Fozzy looked the most ordinary? We are all able to judge this off 3 carries where he picked up 14 yards on one of them?
  11. lol at Fozzy will definitely clear waivers but weghers won't. Weghers is almost, just almost as overrated as Lee Ward was on these boards. Fozzy proved to be a very useful player last year. He was the only RFA signed to a 2 year deal and was a captain last night with Klein and Jansen. It would be such a stupid decision to cut him for Wegher who hasn't proved a thing against first stringers.
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