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  1. Nothing like using a stat that skips bayless swears by and defaults to argue your QB has been playing well. it is going to take teddy more than one game to prove himself as the answer to the QB problem is Charlotte.
  2. Lol so glad this got brought back up. Everyone with a brain knew what this post was. Everyone also knew it was so far from the truth that it was comical.
  3. Guess you shut off the 4PM games. Brady looking good. Ryan didn’t look too bad.
  4. Wait a second? We went from one week ago Teddy is better than future hall of farmers brees and Brady and potential future HOF QB Ryan to how we just don’t know yet if he’s a franchise QB? That’s fascinating and certainly silly.
  5. Teddy missed a wide open DJ Moore on 4th down. Teddy threw an awful pick on the first play of the final drive. Teddy still refuses to throw to end zone. Teddy was not good and he has his limitations. I agree he wasn’t the only one but the team put him in a situaation to go down and tie the game.
  6. Also you’re user name proves that you agree that I am right. If teddy was the answer you wouldn’t have wanted Lawrence. I’d they aren’t overachieving then you wouldn’t have created a user name inferring they would be playing for the number 1 overall pick. but any ways go camtriots lolol
  7. Yeah definitely dude. Go camtritots. Lolololol good one. but like I said teddy bridgewater is not the answer. Matt rhule with a non gsme manager and franchise QB is going to be scary.
  8. Teddy bridgewater is not the answer. Teddy bridgewater lost this game today. This team is overachieving and has a very exciting future. Matt rhule is the right guy for this job. All of this can be true and in fact all of this is true.
  9. Only on Carolina huddle can your WR make an incredible effort to bail out their QB for an awful throw and some people go out of their way to blame him.
  10. Lol hillarious to me. Still refuse to acknowledge how Carolina was in position to tie this game and teddy blew it twice. Tough to go back on those words after you proclaimed him best in the south. It’s comical at this point.
  11. Awful pass on 4th down. Awful interception. Refuses to throw in end zone. All the truth but goes against the narrative that is being pushed here.
  12. You can’t say that on these boards
  13. Why does it matter when teddy is better than Brady, Brees, and Ryan? Such a joke. Teddy lost this game today plain and simple.
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