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  1. He’s hurt. He was completing 70% if his passes prior to that. Let’s not pretend like he’s responsible for us not winning games. How about ron the defensive guru gets his defense to make a stop and not be the 2nd worst red zone defense in football.
  2. It’s funny how with the same footwork he’s been completing those passes all season. He is clearly compensating, but hey let’s throw cam under the bus while we do everything in our power to absolve the moron head coach from blame.
  3. Lol where was Steve smith when cam was playing the best football of his career earlier in the season. Steve smith is a joke. Still upset how things ended here. A shame he’s the face of this franchise. Give Julius, Cam, and Luke over him every day of the week.
  4. WFNZ is run awfully. Every single decision they make is garbage. I have zero faith they will handle this correctly.
  5. Marc James was awful, but he was no where close to the level of frank Garcia. Frank is an actual moron. You can hear it when he speaks that he is just a dumb human being. He knows nothing about anything and his main argument is he played before.
  6. Never ever overestimate the complete ineptitude of Tony the hitman. He reveres that moron Garcia.i can see him doing everything in his power to keep him. this is a terrible situation and the focus first and Foremost should be on the victim. With that said hopefully this is the end of that neathendral on WFNZ. This is not how I wished it would happen, but will not be sad to see him go. I have listened to tons of sports talk radio shows in many cities and without exaggeration Frank Garcia is the single worst person I have ever heard. Entercom should have been embarrassed with themselves the second they put him on the afternoon drive.
  7. Gotta give Jourdan credit. Also Ron in a bitch. Always treats the media like trash when they press him or ask him a question he doesn’t like. That is why I will never understand the blind support they show him. Good riddance.
  8. NJPanthers12

    will the local media ever turn on ron?

    There is no question she is talented. Her issue is that ever since Cam “embarrassed” her, she’s been on a mission to show everyone how much she knows. She also has never ever criticized this coaching staff. I agree wholeheartedly she is rooting for ron and giving him a free pass because he’s a nice guy. I’m sorry, but I just don’t find that acceptable. The job of the media is to be middleman between the public and the team. They are suppose to hold people accountable. That is part of the job description as well. If you aren’t doing that then I couldn’t care less about how much football you know. And the same goes for vice versa. If all someone does is yell and bitch and knows nothing about football, then I have no use for them either. Perfect examples of those are Marc James and Nathan Connley. And no surprise WFNZ employed them as well.
  9. NJPanthers12

    will the local media ever turn on ron?

    I know everyone here loves Jourdan Rodrigue, but her and Joe Person combined to make the worst best in the NFL. Ever since the Cam incident, Jourdan is more concerned about proving to all of us she knows football. She is a true waste on the beat. Joe Person is awful, but now also irrelevant. I hope no sane person is actually paying money to read him when I wouldn’t even read him for free. Ron embarrassed him in public once and he hasn’t challenged him since. scott Fowler is nothing but just a name these days. All he does is write prediction pieces and brings nothing else to the table. dont get me started on that garbage station WFNZ. Any station that continuously talks about Mark from Gastonia and allows him to be a major contributor is automatically not a legitimate media market. The people of Charlotte are having a disservice being done due to the truly awful media.
  10. I will contribute if you actually do this, but there is zero shot they publish it. this dumb ass media refuses to hold Ron accountable, it is time the fans do.
  11. Maybe there is some hope for this fan base. Seems like a majority agree that Rivera is an awful coach who is doing everything humanly possible to hold this franchise back. It is wild to me that there are people on here who can sit down and watch a panthers game and think to themselves that Ron Rivera is a competent head coach in the national football league. I mean I truly just don’t understand it.
  12. NJPanthers12

    Why do you still support Ron?

    Because this is one of the dumbest fan bases in sports. Blindly supported Jerry Richardson for years. Tore apart the best player in franchise history (Julius Peppers) for years. Still have fans who are anti Cam. Blindly support this incompetent, garbage coach.
  13. NJPanthers12

    Panthers WAIVE CJ Anderson

    Incompetent people are going to do incompetent things. And I’m not talking about C.J. Anderson.
  14. He’s peobably thinking that he has one of the worst coaches in the NFL, and is counting down th days until he can fire that clown.
  15. NJPanthers12

    Why would you hire an OC who peaked over 20 years ago?

    because clown rivera is an insecure moron who will only hire college coaches and friends. god forbid he brings in anyone outside of in his inner circle who might actually be creative, because they will prove to be a better coach than him. he can't afford to lose his job to them.