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  1. At this point I rather tepper be involved in the football decisions over the people currently responsible for football decisions.
  2. Agreed. The observer interviewed someone who was part of this process and said they came up with 8 players and then cut it down to 6 and then 4. He also said they did not consider any players who had not been retired for 2 seasons, which would exclude peppers, Kalil, Johnson, and Stewart. there is no doubt in my mind the final 6 were the 4 who got inducted and Kasay and Muhammad. The question is who were the last 2. We can assume all 8 of those players will make it into the Hall of Honor. the final 2 had to be out of Kevin Greene, Michael Bates, Mike Rucker, Mike Minter, Chris Gamble, and Kris Jenkins. 2 of these men will be in the HOH.
  3. If we are talking retired players only, who are the true greats? The following are already in: 1. Steve Smith 2. Sam Mills 3. Jake Delhomme 4. Jordan Gross 5. Wesley Walls then I think it’s fair to say the following get in: 7. Julius Peppers 8. Ryan Kalil 9. Muhsin Muhammad and a majority of Panther fans voted yes to get him in 10. Mike Minter anyone else you would include to those 10?
  4. So I got about 70 votes on the Mike Minter poll, so wanted to follow up with a second poll. This Hall of Honor fascinates me as I am extremely happy that this franchise will finally be honoring their past. now my question is, do you believe mike Rucker and Charles Johnson deserve to be in the Hall or Honor? Both were career long panthers who fought for the number 2 best DE in franchise history. i feel like people are getting too hung up on all time greats. The hall of honor is not meant to honor the best players in NFL history. The point is to honor the greatest panthers of all time. I’m not saying both should be inducted, But am more curious on your thoughts.
  5. Julius Peppers was a better NFL player than Kevin Greene in my opinion.
  6. Glad to see Minter getting his due in this poll. I do think he should be included in the hall of honor and hopefully he ends up there eventually with Rucker.
  7. I’m very surprised by the high standards. IF we were talking about retired numbers, I would agreee just 89 and 90. But the hall of honor should honor the best Panthers of all time. I think that includes Kalil, Muhammad, Rucker, Minter, etc.
  8. I was hoping to keep this conversation to just Minter, but I am curious. If you could start the HOH over from scratch with retired players only, who would you include ?
  9. Pretty straight forward question. Is mike Minter in your mind worth of being inducted into the Panthers Hall of Honor down the road?
  10. You’re being extremely naive if you don’t think a majority of people outside of the Carolinas don’t associate the panthers with Cam Newton. Julius Peppers is the best player in franchise history. Cam Newton is the biggest and most relevant star in franchise history.
  11. The 2015 team was definitely better than the 2003 team. Delhomme, Gross, and Muhammad have all been on the record saying the 2015 team would beat the 2003 team. If you think me saying that Cam elevated this franchise to a status never seen before means I haven’t been a fan from the beginning, then sorry, but you’re lost. Cam Newton was the first player in franchise history to win a MVP. Drew Brees has never won a MVP. Is Cam a better player than Drew? No, but let’s not just throw it aside like it’s not some impressive accomplishment. His personality and stardom has put this franchise in the national spotlight like it never was before. This franchise is no longer known for the Rae carruth murder or the Fred lane murder or that team who had that one underdog run in 2003. You couldn’t walk into a sporting good store in NYC and find Julius Peppers or Steve Smith jerseys being sold. You couldn’t walk down the streets of NYC and find a kid wearing a Jake Delhomme jersey. With Cam, that all changed. When you think of the Carolina Panthers, you think Cam Newton. Lets also not forget he was the Quarterback of the team that won 3 straight NFC South division titles. Before that, not one franchise won back to back division titles. In the 16 years before Cam, the Panthers had been to the playoffs 4 times. In the 8 years with Cam, they have been to the playoffs 4 times. So yes, Cam Newton has elevated this franchise to a status they’ve never been before both on and off the field. To say otherwise is not just foolish l, but flat out stupid and wrong.
  12. Lol I’ve forgotten more about this franchise than you know. But solid input. Keep up the great work.
  13. Agreed on active players . TD, Olsen, Cam, and Luke all easily get in once retired. If we go way down the line, CMC, KK, and Turner could all be possibilities.
  14. I break the following players into 3 groups (locks, in consideration, & pre-2000 players) Locks (3) - Julius Peppers, Ryan Kalil, Muhsin Muhammad In Consideration (6) - Mike Rucker, Mike Minter, Jonathan Stewart, Charles Johnson, Chris Gamble, & Kris Jenkins Pre-2000 (3) - Michael Bates, Kevin Greene, & John Kasay (I know he played well into the 2000s, but I think of from the beginning) I wouldn’t consider any other retired player including Beason, Morgan, deangelo, Buckner, Stephen Davis, Hoover, etc how many of these 12 would you put in?
  15. I never said Delhomme deserved to be in before Smitty. I was pointing out that Smith didn’t make Delhommes career as you stated since he had his most passing yards and touchdowns in a year Smith broke his leg week 1. also, saying cam shouldn’t be in is as insane as the person saying Delhomme should be honored before Smith. Also are you implying cam is not a man of character and class. Because if that is what you are saying than your opinions make way more sense.
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