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  1. Another cheap shot. Brian Burns got a helmet to his back.
  2. God bless Cam. I wish him nothing but the best in life. Wish things would have ended better for Cam in Carolina but it was a hell of a ride. Football is a brutal game. Crazy how fast things change. Cams playing style gave him a shorter window but he did shine.
  3. You dont need the strongest arm when you can anticipate throws before the wr breaks from his route. That type of throw is almost impossible to defend.
  4. A Ron Rivera, Cam Newton two minute drill is the worst 2 minute drill Ive ever seen. I didnt know if it was Cam or Rivera but we did have different offensive coordinators and nothing changed. Now we actually look like a real football team, running a pro style offense.
  5. Teddys putting his nuts all over some Panther fans faces. I hope he didnt shower. Drafting Trevor Lawrence would be great, most franchises would love that but the thought of tanking a full year with a new coach is so dumb. If it happens that way, Id be happy because we get Lawrence but reality is Rhule and his coaching staff are too good to tank. Teddy is a QB. He might not have the best arm in the NFL but he can anticipate throws which is better than having a strong arm. He is tough, team leader and an accurate thrower. He is only 27 years old, he might not be a true franchise QB but he is the Panthers QB for the future.
  6. Teddy putting his nuts on some Panther fans faces and it feels so good.
  7. For sure the coaches had input but Marty was part of the process. Some great FA signing that Rhule for sure had his hand in.
  8. Our coaching staff is so much better than last year. Panthers killed the draft too. The future is bright.
  9. Excuses, deflect, conspiracy, blame Trump. Rinse and repeat. Dems got you programmed. Should i post the pictures of Michelles buldge? Looks a lot different than your picture, theres actually an outline of her python. Im gonna leave obama alone. I wont post anymore, it will be more deflecting, excuses and conspiracy talk. If you want to look for yourself you can. Youtube makes it hard to find the videos though, kind of funny.
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