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  1. Thanks for the SWAG.

  2. Thanks for the bump.:thumbsup:

  3. One of the greatest Transformers of all time! I guess I belong in the Nerdvana section for that...:rofl:

  4. andysutherland. You don't remember me asking you about a username change a few days ago? :D

  5. Who did this used to be?

  6. Thanks, Salty:thumbsup:

  7. Ok, I guess I will begin a quest, lol. Perfect bewbage. maybe I'll ask Biscuit, he kows everything when it comes to bewbies.

  8. Dude, nice signature! Who is she?

  9. Thanks for the bump. It's amazing how people are swayed in a matter of minutes...

  10. Thanks for the rep. Hope the email helps get the Panthers back on tv in Charleston.

  11. Don't make fun of the rapture. All of us saved bastards will be in heaven while all of you unsaved assholes will be left on Earth to... Wait, what? We'll be dead, while you unsaved people will still be alive and living upon the earth? What kind of deal is that?
  12. Is Grape Ape taking a Sh!t?
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