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  1. Hard to compare a guy who comes directly out of the back field and plays vs a guy who is the 4 option on a team in effectiveness. Samuel comes in behind cmc Moore and Anderson in terms of the pecking order. With cmc down of course his utilization should see an uptick. I most certainly think hes a better player than davis and we should see that this Sunday...
  2. I wouldnt say that...if the wr or ball carrier is turned the other way he flies up to hit them in the back and then flex...
  3. Agreed.. speed is the one thing he does right... and it is not like he picks a pass off every game.. why he went out of bounds pissed me off.
  4. That means taking your best pass rusher off the field...
  5. Not like he's being properly utilized right now anyway. Get some yardage out of him.
  6. The cmc and samuel pick was an idea. The idea was to get a player who could do both. Samuel is sort of a poor man's cmc. They ment to throw more darts at the board incase one didn't work out. I dont think either was a bad idea but with cmc looking all world it make samuel look worse. Samuel is a football player probably a number 2-3 guy but not a bust at all.
  7. I would be open to him taking atleast 8 carries there.. no dout. Why not..
  8. Personally for me im a schematics guy. I love to pressure the qb so I was in favor of the 3-4. The 3-3-5 is great at stoping the pass but at the expense of getting gashed in the run as we are. And its only good against the pass if you have the horses to make it work. We picking up "horses" from the waiver wire on top of not really having a number 1 cb. That spells disaster for this defense already. We are the only nfl team without a single sack.. not 1. How is that possible??? For me I love burns.. is he perfect no.. he isn't a positive in the run game and brings 0 to the power rush department. But as a speed rusher there are maybe only 5 or so guys that are better in that department if you as me. So why is he either not on the field or out in the flats on coverage assignments so often? I wanted to take a few to post some thoughts on Brown as well. I was never in the corner of taking a nose tackle so high when you have a gaping hole in the pass rush. He is pretty good at what he does so far... but is it top 7 good? Meh... seemed like a luxury pick to me like you can go nose if you have all the other important pieces in place like qb,LT, edge, cb, and then you can choose between say specific only positions like nose,middle,lb and so on. Just my early season thoughts and ramblings... im sure many wont agree and I could be wrong but this is how I see thing right now. With the loss of cmc for a few weeks I think we should fully embrace the tank mode and accept it for what it is.
  9. I thought it was more how the game unfolded. Fournette is new to the offense and Rojo was the incumbent. Rojo was in trouble the moment they signed fournette in my opinion or why pick him up? As soon as Rojo fumbled that gave Arians all the reasons he needed to make the switch after that talent took over and fournette never looked back.
  10. Fair enough... i just thought the whole he isnt good at football talk was untrue. Specifically because he went ahead of McCaffery. I thought he was better than cmc coming out him and cook. But clearly I was wrong but, being given away for free was a gift for the bucs. Hes definitely better than Ronald Jones.
  11. Thread been derailed with this other stuff... was discussing the topic at hand but its gone else where.
  12. I think its immature for you to jump into a situation that has absolutely nothing to do with you. Try to call me out of my name.. then act like your new guy post count and oh was there then imaginary influence should hold weight.. im talking to one guy and you drive up and jump in a dispute and try to sully my name with your 5 posts... and im immature?
  13. people can lie as well... yes they could be around from the beginning.. but i could also say I'm steve smith, how would you know im not?
  14. First off... you saw me talking to random huddlers about fournette and yelled out troll. Not knowing me or what I'm about that is such a noob move its clear you havent been around long enough to have relevant conversation just a passer byer... i shouldn't even be indulging you.
  15. That was my college dorm lol. Won me some ryan Khalil personal seats in the process. Much longer than me then you must have been banned for the same things your doing now. Trolling in a situation that has nothing to do with you.
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