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  1. micnificent28

    who is ur top choice @ sixteen?

    https://www.nfl.com/prospects/clelin-ferrell?id=32194645-5255-8663-cd04-9e42913c7a38 profile says average athlete. Strengths Prototypical frame with broad shoulders and long arms Posted 36.5 tackles for loss and 21 sacks since 2017 Excellent snap reaction and is first off the ball Slippery and gets skinny into gaps to disrupt Plays behind his long arms Traits to punch and control blocker's frame in setting edge Plays with toughness and unloads shoulder into leads and pulls Skilled hands for quick wins and sheds Projectable power rusher on next level Talent to convert early leads in the pass rep into sacks Long, flailing arms with violent hands Targets tackle's inside or outside hand when attacking punch Base to drive through redirect blocks and squeeze pocket Low, smooth clockwise spin move has potential Attentive in redirecting tight ends into routes Weaknesses Below-average fluidity and agility in movement Unable to sustain early burst at the top of the rush Hands and feet not always in unison Inside moves and transitions can be mechanical and awkward Average burst to close Rush speed takes a big hit in the fourth quarter Hands linger and lack suddenness Struggles to gather weight and veer off path to tail pocket-climbers Limited lateral quickness and change of direction in space Could use better knee bend Suspect anchor against angle blocks Slow to unglue once tackles capture his frame Marginal open-field tackling ability Everything about his says below average athlete and his strengths were he got sack with 4th quarter leads lol.
  2. micnificent28

    who is ur top choice @ sixteen?

    http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-combine/0ap3000001020744/Clelin-Ferrell-s-2019-NFL-Scouting-Combine-workout I see him doing all this why not the rest of the testing? what is he hiding? a 4.9? 5.0? No 40 at pro day either.
  3. micnificent28

    who is ur top choice @ sixteen?

    All we really got on his athletic stuff is his cones because for whatever reason he hasnt done the rest. They werent very good. And sure why not Lawrence and Wilkins were there last year 2 right?
  4. micnificent28

    who is ur top choice @ sixteen?

    yep Farrell seems to come up and have a new thread everyday.
  5. micnificent28

    who is ur top choice @ sixteen?

    Some of these "talking heads" know there stuff. One of those so called heads is now a raiders gm.
  6. micnificent28

    who is ur top choice @ sixteen?

    He doesn't have much upside... As good as he will probably ever be was playing along side Lawrence and wilkins with a offense putting up 40-50 on everybody. Marginal athlete,hes a college stat stuffer. Have you heard any buzz on him? No because no team is really high on him.
  7. micnificent28

    Brian Burns visiting Panthers

    This.... the huddle never stops amazing me...
  8. micnificent28

    who is ur top choice @ sixteen?

    anyone but farrell for me.
  9. Wow...thats a bit much to say....
  10. And people like colt Brennan exist on the opposite end of the spectrum. All time stat leaders who are fine in the college game but aren’t able to compete at the next level because hey simply aren’t good enough. First off,Clemson regularly blew out teams so that gave them nothing to do but pen there ears back and chase sacks. You don’t really judge a guy off just numbers but a combination of the 2 and look for traits. Just cause you got a A in high school doesn’t mean you go to college and get straight As there as well.
  11. Stop judging guys based off what they did in a different league against inferior competition on a line featuring 3 other nfl players. Two of them better than him and garnered more attention than him. He is overrated. A below average athlete, he’s fools gold. Nobody said Barnett was bad.
  12. No way that happens with Arizona taking Murray and the Giants with a need at qb along with a few others. Hell I am hearing lock is even getting top ten looks.
  13. What... I think tight end is legit. Hock is a complete tight similar to ertz. Fant is the 4.5 running Olsen of this years class. Irv Smith is also very good.
  14. no man.... nobody wants farrell right now hes hiding his terrible athleticism most have dropped him to the bottom of the first. 16 to high for him
  15. micnificent28

    Most impressive rookie season?

    Kb was a phenomenal talent...People are salty now, but he showed plenty of promise and wasnt a terrible pick it just didnt workout right after the injuries.