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  1. What makes you think that a coach on the hot seat is a trade comity. All the rumors and articles about him being fired and you think someone is going to say wait! We will give you a 7th round pick for that! Any half way decent gm that is even remotely interested in this guy would just wait til he’s fired. Save draft capital.
  2. micnificent28

    Cam sucks

    I think it's time i take a long vacation from the huddle...atleast til draft season... these reactionary threads and hate filled messages really ruin this place/
  3. micnificent28

    Cam sucks

    Man isnt healthy at all its been said over and over again...but all this hes done and trade stuff...sigh..
  4. micnificent28

    Cam sucks

    go home your drunk...
  5. micnificent28

    Kelvin to Chiefs

    Ginn has had success as well. Torching us. But what you really asking doesn’t happen anywhere really unless ur team is just bad at evaluating talent. Good teams don’t let good players walk unless age and injuries or off the field issues catch up to them.
  6. micnificent28

    Kelvin to Chiefs

    Butker, aj Klein come to mind right now.. not to mention in those revenge games whoever we let go beats us into the ground. Smitty torched us, Norman picked us and kelvin had the go ahead td from peterman in the revenge preseason game.
  7. micnificent28

    Kelvin Benjamin released.

    Funchess also has done crap with cam as his quarterback vs kelvin with Nate peterman and the swing door that is buffalo.. My point wasn’t about teams caring about where they were drafted but a base look at there just straight up talent. And maybe Funchess is better than KB currently I don’t know how injuries have effected him. But I dout he can be much worse than Funchess. The touchdowns Funchess have have come doing what KB does better than him. Both on the same team here, I believe those looks would have went to KB.
  8. micnificent28

    Kelvin Benjamin released.

    That maybe true...But as a football player one was drafted in the first round. the other the second. Even coming out KB was looked at as the more talented and sure thing of the two. KB at the height of his career was one of the more feared Wrs in the league. When the ball was in the air I couldn't name 10 guys I would rather have over him at that point. Making catches over Sherman and Earl Thomas both draped over him comes to mind. Funchess has never shown that kind of promise and still doesn't use his frame as effectively as KB did. If Kb is lazy,I would just outright say Funchess is "soft".
  9. micnificent28

    Kelvin Benjamin released.

    Funchess will follow suit after this season.. his only advantage is still being on his rookie deal. He’s already practically 3-4th string.
  10. micnificent28

    Kelvin Benjamin released.

    Care to further explain? What has Funchess ever achieved that Benjamin hasn’t.. Both struggle desperately to separate only Benjamin is better at what they both do well and that’s high pointing the ball. Benjamin has 1k season or under his belt funchess 0. So yes.
  11. micnificent28

    [Voth] Cam Newton on shoulder surgery after the season.

    If he doesnt try there they will slam him like the not diving on the fumble superbowl thing. question his effort and love of the game.
  12. micnificent28

    Kelvin Benjamin released.

    he’s still better than funchess...unspoken truth.
  13. Anyone but Dallas...can hear the fans now...
  14. micnificent28

    Cam just has nothing on his throws

    Completing it wasn't the point. The point was having the arm to get it there. which he couldnt do when we have seem him toss balls 60-70 yards in the past. and yes this game probably was the nail in the coffin for ron and playoffs.
  15. micnificent28

    Ken Wisenhunt