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  1. Chud was always a better coach than Ronald. I think he was made the scapegoat in Cleveland and wasnt really give time to implement his system. He should have a job here. I would hire him as head coach.
  2. Yes I have but normally it doesnt apply to injuries does it? You can hit the rookie wall where maybe u can't progress further as a player beyond that point. Writers and poets have a similar thing where they just draw blanks, but injuries?
  3. I'm trying to understand what this wall is... because you break your foot does your back become more malleable? I have never heard of random other body parts breaking because another spot got injured. I dont think cam has become more fragile all of a sudden. This game is one of the most violent on earth. 300 pound missiles flying at you and one could connect in the right place at anytime. What we do know is Cam never got these injuries running the football or not protecting himself. They came from this coaching staff's inability to scheme or put pieces around him to protect him. The should the foot all came in the pocket free rushers or all out blitizes we failed to pick up. If you keep allowing those things bad things are gonna happen. Cam isn't any less fragile than any other qb at this point. No one can survive very long back there like this. Small sample size but look what happen to Henicke. One game and done.. no one can hold up to those hits unprotected.. the foot is just a byproduct of that..
  4. Brees has made it his life long journey to cultivate and get the most out of his ability with what he was given. Cam has never had to get by with what brees has to work with. Basically you give someone the answers to the test their whole career and then at the end u take away those answers you can't expect them to be on the same level as say brees who has had to do the the natural way study and cultivate their own answers. Asking him to win like brees would be completely new to him and you better off asking one of us to come in and win like brees.. when your a supreme talent like cam was u weren't forced to rely on regular methods like brees or brady whoever else. I don't blame him. It just is what it is. Those super powers are gone now tho. You say he has lost 10% I see him skidding passes in the dirt. The arm is gone bro.
  5. Your missing the point entirely.... poster is saying cam arm strength which has always been what makes him go is gone. You keep point out oh his mechanics are why he isn't throwing well no.. he had never been accurate like that but he got by with zip and velocity on his throws. That is completely gone. No amount of footwork and or stepping into throw will change the fact that it's gone. This isn't an accuracy issue as much as it is a shoulder issue.
  6. Again you clearly do care what he wears because you keep bringing up what he wears and use it to justify why he isn't performing well. "Oh if he focused more on football than what he wearing" which clearly isn't the problem here. The man is physically hurt. No about of focus or whatever is gonna make his shoulder back the way it was. 50 yard passes aren't going to pop out of thin air because he willed it to and studied more film and stopped wearing the clothes you dont approve of.
  7. Where in anything did he say anything racist... if u follow the rest of their debate rico clearly said that dude enjoyed nascar as he himself has said before. Now that guy saying some black lives matter rally stuff is a different story. Yes that would be racist.
  8. Rodman, diddy,Roddy piper Irish people all wear dresses.. non identify as gay
  9. Ok bro you dont seem to get it so I'm gonna try to illustrate this as well as possible... This is cams first game.. so at this point hes probably at his rawest.. not nearly as refined as he is now. But compare this to what u saw last night and you can't possibly come to the conclusion that cam is fine and this is just he can't throw the ball never has been able to crap. Notice the zip and zoom.. effortless deep ball and zip even throwing off his back foot. That's what made him an effect pass even if he isn't the most accurate. Hes a power thrower.. always has been always will be. No change ups or take some off just heaters.. and u can win with that. But that husk u see out there now isn't the same throwing ability.
  10. This nonsense needs to stop. You can't possibly say oh that's just cam not being able to run... the arm is more of a problem than his legs. His arm is shot.
  11. No one loves cam more than me but come on.. he ran for negative 3 yards for the first time in history.. cam over his career had a 89% conversion rate on 3 and 1, 4th and 1 situations and Ron and norv said nah cam we going with cmc in this one he gives us the better chance to convert. Cam Newton who at one time holstered one of the strongest arms in the NFL could fling it 60 yards falling backwards... this version looks fine? Go back and watch some 2012 Cam and tell me this is the same guy.
  12. I dont see how anyone can say he doesnt look injuried. Cam use to fling the ball 60 yards almost effortlessly.. it was really his super power more so than the running. Now.. every throw looks like he has to reach down inside of him and summon the courage of Zeus's mother to throw the ball 30 yards. This is a travesty.. it's like watching one of the rarest most endangered species on the planet get caught in a fishing net struggling and dying at the same time..
  13. Running for -3 yard for the first time in his career looks like healthy cam to you?
  14. You mean like this guy above... your not a man or right in the head if u dont walk like talk like pull up your pants like me.
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