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  1. A cheap player that expectations are low for should never cost a gm a job. this is a low end high upside signing. not like we breaking the bank for bradberry or a 1st round draft pick. It would be like hurney getting fired for how poe played.
  2. Verrett is Uber talented.. because of the injuries you can get him at a low price. Similar to Cam right now.. buy while stock is low hope for the best.
  3. I didnt make this song or video but stumbled across it... truer words could'nt be said...
  4. This... was a panthers fan from day 1 before cam but this one doesnt sit right with me. Similar or worse than the smitty situation.
  5. It changes a lot. The devilish in the detail. Just saying something to make it sound good is one of the reasons America is in it's current conundrum.
  6. Who is ecstatic about Bridgewater? Most are ok with it.. I haven't seen anyone ecstatic lol
  7. Being unemployed which is a fact and hungry which doesn't necessarily mean food doesnt sit well with certain people who look to misunderstand him. Hungry Verb 1. to need or to want 2. to need or to want an excess of Hungry When your finding out how to make a lot of money.
  8. Huddle is a waste pool right now with the opinions and justified I was right f-150 crowd taking over.. time for a break
  9. ##notmypresident....still not hit home cam is out and teddy is in... tho I dont hate teddy hate the situation.
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