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  1. I think the run on pass rushers will come fast and furious.. if we dont get one before 16 this guy is probably gone.
  2. Didnt u see the previous post which said they would wave their rule and allow them to pay him more money. More money=baseball. and its less stressful on the body.
  3. Looks to me the league wants Kyler and are willing to bend the rules to pay him more than the NFL wage scale would allow. If it all about money baseball allows for more to blow. Kyler makes a business move and its baseball.
  4. I don’t think he is seriously considering football just leveraging.
  5. Good for the nfl and less so for us. Probably will be out of our range and picking a qb in the first would assure us we would be picking 16 again next year.
  6. micnificent28

    Note to fans of Antonio Brown

    Whoa... are we really boycotting and turning our nose up at Antonio Brown now? Are we so much better off without the best wr in the game that we can say no? Brown would instantly have a career second and rivaling panther all time great Steve Smith. We just lost the last what 7-8 games of the seaso. And are picking at 16 and can say Antoine brown is a diva do not want? I don’t care if he was a A hole most great WRs(Smith was 2) are. He missed very few games due to injury and was borderline unstoppable reguardless of who was covering him. Again I think this whole he isn’t a nice guy approach is why we are a lower tier team consistently. Anyone that looks or has a stitch of stink on them we hard pass on. Any jenoris Jenkins, honey badger, larmey tunsil(turned out to be false) we stay far away from. Playing it safe. i say you don’t win a violent game like football with Choir boys. Everyone has crazy people on their team and you need and would glad to have a few on your side. I give a hard yes to brown who is mildly problematic no real trouble with the law.
  7. We didnt just win we knocked it out of the park...
  8. You rank draft tek and draft network ahead of espn, which scouts inc. and mel kiper are there own separate entities. If u going drafttek and draft network, Walter football has Gary ahead of them as well.
  9. Allen is 230 pounds from what I have seen him listed. Should not be something the panthers are discussing unless we switching to a 3-4. Even then he is on the light side.
  10. Every scout I look at has Gary rated higher than Ferrell Allen Thomson and Oliver. So realistically it’s probably the other way around. Gary being the best case scenario.
  11. Ed Oliviers production looks like Gary’s production from what I saw. Plus Gary played out of position. Gary has consistently been the best prospect in his class. Ed is elite. But if end is the biggest need we have why take a defensive tackle. If they have similar grades(Gary has a higher grade by most scouts) why say u know what I want a tackle. thats how we got butler and Shaq. No thanks.
  12. Yes hes still playing football in college but all indications have shown and been stated he isnt planning on working for team. that isn't a oh wait til the season is over. It has been said he is pursuing a baseball career. Which is why he's not rated on any boards,no scouts are talking about him because it's basically not something he's even thinking about doing. Could this change later? Sure but he won't be on a football field next year.
  13. shows him battling a triple team an still nearly making the play. it was awesome.
  14. Being a stud since highschool shows consistency you have more to go off of in my opinion. Gary being the best of the best on espn and rivals coming out. Still being top 5 mixed in with other kids in this class says alot to me