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  1. He has 5 scores. DJ has 1. He probably has more than olsen as well. If your talking about scores he isn't the problem because of the frequency at what he is scoring that should tell you who's getting open in the redzone. As far as cluth 3rd downs... again if you have the issues at qb we have it's hard to tell who the problem is. It's like trying to find out if your bullets are bad trying to shot them with broken gun. Like how can you tell at this point? Edited: He does have more touchdowns and around the same yards dispite less looks. I think you guys are barking up the wrong tree.If he sucks then so does the whole damn receiving core because he is out pacing all of them on less targets and receptions.
  2. I dont disagree with this.. Despite having a adequate deep ball or qb play samuel on pace for about 9 tds and 800 yards. DJ likely 1000. I dont know what you want.
  3. Wait you guys seriously think lamar is a better thrower of the football than cam has been? Now the running I can definitely see that he's sensational. But I didn't think we would ever say he's a better passer already. You guys have short term memories or really hate cam.
  4. Infact I was just reading this 5 days ago some people think his play is underrated. https://www.espn.com/video/clip/_/id/28072347
  5. Ah yes the good ole " reverse racism card" I didn't know you guys had a word trump has coined for it. But I guess me and almost everyone in the world who isn't white(tho some white people hate him 2) have it. Because 93% of his supporters are just that. The whole he's good for me and my interest so why should I care if he steps on you.
  6. Kid has 5 touchdowns this far.. there is another rushing one that isn't showing. If he keeps up that pace can you really complain about a guy that comes up 10+ touchdowns on the year. He isn't seeing a ton of targets and when he does the deep balls haven't been on target as of note. But I dont think he is playing nearly as bad as you make him out to be. He's playing as a number 2 should.
  7. You haven't said anything about him in weeks because he has proven everyone with half a brain right in recent weeks. Now you sitting here with poo pie on your face wondering how it got there. He is who he has always been. All that baby goat nonsense looks laughable now. And no everything isn't political but people who share political ideas generally come to the same conclusion as others. If your a conservative you got that way for a reason. I never seen a conservative say hey that Kapernick and Eric Reid are upstanding citizens doing their civic duty lol. No because your ideals on what made you that way keep you from seeing anything but that way. So yes everything in a sense is political.
  8. He isn't a great tackler but be he is not one of the worst starters in the league. Sure he was torched today but he's come up big and shut guys down as well. Bradberry was arguably worse sunday but nobody made a thread about him. Deion couldnt tackle either... that's kinda a secondary concern as far as corners go. First and foremost can you cover.
  9. You gotta stop with these reactionary posts. First curtis Samuel now this. These are young guys playing under a floundering inept coaching staff. Jackson has flashed as have Samuel. Both have there good and bad moments but you expecting superstar from second round picks which doesn't happen that often. They are both just starters.. if they were perfect they probably would have been first round picks. I think Jackson is the least of our secondary problems right now. He got cooked for sure.. happens.
  10. Doesn't bode well for this season... but at this point should we be focused on this season? It would help getting our feelers out early and letting coaches to be already know were hiring and accessing if they would like the job or not which should be the teams priority,the future not this lost season.
  11. I'm still baffled that Hurney was rehired in the first place... has that ever happened in the NFL where a team fires a gm for incompetence and then turns around and brings him back a few years later? Like you didn't get enough of that the first go around.
  12. I think it's much to early to say samuel is trash. If you acknowledge Allen sucks and Cam hasn't been healthy how can we say Samuel issues aren't tied to each of those two? If both are struggling to throw the deep ball which is Samuel's bread and butter how can we make a accurate assessment of his skill. That said even with those issues he has more touchdowns than moore an get open in the red zone more frequently than all of our receivers. What's a noticable missing element of samuel this season is those reverses he was housing all last season. Clearly run after the catch is his thing and I haven't seen much of a effort to get the ball in his hands as much as moore who is being forcr feed screens and so on. Samuel could ultimately disappoint as Wr but, he scores at a frequency that tells me he can make big plays. He deserves to be in the league. If that's at Wr or Rb, scat back or gaget player is debatable. I just think it's hard to see if the bullet Is bad if the rifle is broken as well if you know what I'm saying.
  13. ^^^ but you be gobbling down all the kyle allen love you can find. You are the kind of poster that refuses to acknowledge the truth. Biaes clearly a issue with everything ickmule utters. You seem to pie and thumbs up everything that troll Steven and local outspoken "mah trooops"bull utters, yet show up only to poo any mention of Kap and Reid, I dont know if your a panthers fan or just a right wing retationation attack dog.
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