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  1. Hes a solid lineman... I'm with it if we can get him it stops us from forcing a tackle early. We can play him somewhere with all the scrapes peices we already have do.
  2. The ones you been ignoring and will continue 2 because this isnt what you want. This quote is one of them.
  3. More and more it looks like Cam will be here next year. But those that dont want to believe that keep throwing these"well what else was he suppose to say" jabs in there. Look man... the writing is on the wall. All signs that I have seen point to Cam being here next year. The signs that dont say he's here? "oh I heard" sources in the back alley way said" "Igo an riot said" I mean everything that says he's not a Panther next season is speculation. The reasonable mind says you wont find a better qb next season. You wont be able to get a Burrow or Tua without trading assets, No free agent qb you bring in is better than cam and if he plays for 19 million.... well the writing is on the wall its a bargin. use your heads and not what you want to happen.
  4. If what you need was a quarterback and that is the most important position in the game then yes yes he was. And even in hinesight the team would probably do it again.
  5. This is a poor analysis. If your gonna say only 3 of those guys have won the super bowl over the last 30 years you have to also somehow how many number 1 picks made it to the super bowl and lost, made the playoffs. Then to give context show the same numbers for the number 2 pick, and on down. So are you saying a quarterback picked 17th has better odds at winning a super bowl thannumebr 1? The situation your trying to present holds no weight on if a player wins the super bowl or not seeing as a million different other factors go into super bowls,teams around them Injuries and your odds every year are what 1 out of 32. Stop this.
  6. He did. And made all rookie team to boot. I dout they look at another tackle.
  7. We not gonna win next year either. We are not plugging a single hole but multiple. This team needs a long term fix. I am the biggest bpa hater on this board but this season that's exactly what we need to do in a rebuild. Find the next 10 year starter somewhere, just dont blow it.
  8. You could be right. I have done my homework on Juedy but haven't really gotten into lamb yet. So I'm gonna hold my opinion on which over the other till I look at more of him.
  9. Derwin james is a safety for the chargers who lines up all over the field for them but plays box safety by default yes.but Simmons is bigger than him.
  10. Shaq wasnt 6'4 230.. closer to Derwin James than shaq, plus shaq was projected late first early second not top 5.
  11. I agree... if Jerry Juedy is that good then I'm all for it.
  12. Summary - Isaiah Simmons is a blue chip prospect with unparalleled versatility. His unbelievable length and athletic gifts make him a sensible fit for a number of positions, including MIKE, SAM, SS and a nickel LB in coverage. Simmons has explosive qualities and will be an asset vs. the run and pass alike. He's a game changing player who should be coveted as a true 3-down linebacker/hybrid defender who can be the pivotal chess piece in a weekly defensive game plan yeah sign me up for some of that. 6'4 230... can do it all.
  13. I feel were closer to being a good 3-4 defense than a 4-3. In a 4-3 your back ro a year ago where the pass rush ranked near the bottom plus your without peppers and put burns in the worst possible position. Asking him to bulk up would likely make him lose that trademark speed and bend. Also ur saying f u to Irving, miller and hayes. You have more blocks for the 3-4 unless your playing to lose.
  14. IS this a tread speculating on a players speculation that a certain player wont be on the team and thats why he retired? well if this isnt a new low as of luke's retirement.
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