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  1. I mean if Grier isn’t leaps and bounds better than Allen or Hen then what was the point? I hope he does well but I hope this wasn’t a(he’s a local kid and we are unsure of our backups)move because wow.. think of what was still there in the 3rd. I know it’s early.. day one basically, but after many questioned the pick, the first thing you don’t want to hear about is picks...
  2. Nah l looked at his highlight tape there and that isn't 4.25 speed. To many CBs running stride for stride with him at the 1aa level no less. Notice how all his big play catches they tackle him as he makes the deep catch,even when he breaks free he isn't a catch and gone,he has to reverse field and shake and all kind of stuff. 4.25(see hollywood brown) one catch and its enough...gone..
  3. Between this guy and hood, (Scarlett forgone conclusion) I’m betting this is the end of huddle favorite artis-Payne, yes I’m predicting an undrafted free agent beats out Payne.
  4. Isn’t that normally what is to be expected? For the most part didn’t we have that this season?
  5. I don’t think that a professional organization can be successful if they are worried about “feelings”. What if Taco Bell was telling it’s mangers not to make Tracy clean the bathroom because she hates poop smells.. whatever draft tendencies viewing an old board would give up I feel teams already know..every team knows how the Seahawks draft big corners, Gettleman affection for big guys, and our love of long armed corners. Not really buying the “if they knew we had a first round grade on them” argument either. Once you drive a car off the lot value decreases as seen with Rosen. That said some teams have been shown recording videos with their draftboards clearly visible, Cowboys the last to come to mind. I guess the reason that makes the most sense is you don’t want to give them anything they don’t have to work for already..
  6. I think anyone other than Burns is already the other chick that you didn’t want. If we passed on you say 5 times and then we pick you.. aren’t you already kind of plan F or so?
  7. Everyone is left overs tho.. you think all the teams behind bosa wanted another pass rusher other than him?
  8. I imagine it would do nothing but provide transparency between fans and the front office.. to prove they had a plan, also just sheer fan fair.. more chatter back and forth between your community can’t do anything but be good for the team right?
  9. I was watching the video by the Bills where they are all in the war room and their board is digitally behind them. I start thinking to myself we never see anything like this Panther related.. I have seen Cowboys post draft board but Never anything close to that here. Many hardcore draft nuts like myself would love to know what the teams train of thought was post draft. Panthers said they had Grier as their number one qb the entire draft, bs prove it... you had a first round grade on Greg little? Show us. I and many others would just like to know how you felt about some of our favorite players Rashan Gary was he considered? Sweat? What about Alderly in the second round? Did you guys even consider a Safety? I don’t see the harm in showing the fans after it’s all said and done. What day you...
  10. I’m not a little fan nor was I excited about trading a high extra 3rd to jump up for him. But he does offer tremendous upside and hope at a position where we haven’t use a high pick on a left tackle since ummm...Gross? Just having a body in camp that is you and was a 5 Star guy who had the tools but hasn’t put them all together gives me hope which is something I havent felt at left tackle in a long time.
  11. I was gonna keep flaming you but I see good humor is wasted on those who can’t understand sarcasm and when to play along...even tho we already discussed this earlier in this thread..
  12. Your avatar represents your mental makeup of self. It’s who you are.. your opinions are that of trash people, such as your posts. I and many others are sick of you begging and lying down on the forum walls shaking people down for attention. You literally are the worst poster on this board because you add nothing but your opinions on other people’s ideas. ”I think your illiterate on a literal forum where one has to able to do both to post and respond” My goodness your dumb. Maybe the soup kitchen should start offering you book tittles instead brunch hand me downs.. I’m stomped dude you need to figure this poo out.. take my 5 dollars, and your piss smelling blanket your wrapped in and just go.. you gotta make better life choices..
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