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  1. i can say no most qbs arent that lucky if im betting... but we cant write him off while hes still active.
  2. Yes when on pace.. which isnt that far off. If cam continues his career and retires at 41 like farve did it would be almost the exact same. Stop being a hater.
  3. and cam's stats when healthy were right along the lines of brett farve and some of the other goats....
  4. And? Trai Turner made a bunch of pro bowls.... we know how bad he looked after his rookie and second season... luke made a ton of pro bowls if thats what were judging this on? MVP is a better indication of level of play than pro bowls.
  5. How this seems to apply for luke but not cam I dont know. Cam was not only a rushing qb it was part of the equation. People love to seperate the 2. What if we said luke was only a tackling linebacker and he wasn't good in coverage or getting sacks? No you don't seperate a players gifts because if Tom Brady could run a 4.3 he wouldn't be just a pocket qb.
  6. how the frump can the ONLY caronlina panther to win an NFL mvp be barely in the conversation? People love to say quarterback is the most important position until it comes to Cam.. guy carried the offense single handedly most of his career and IS the alltime leading rushing touchdown leader at position. Barely in the conversation?
  7. Not really... athletically I think they were pretty close.
  8. So we go to the superbowl without the nfl mvp... get out of here with that nonsense.
  9. Personally I'm worried about how they are going to handle burns... this has flame out written all over it. He is a borderline stud in the 3-4, but I have a feeling they are going to try to make him a traditional 4-3 end which means losing a lot of what made him special. He wasn't very good in the run game and a 4-3 everydown end has to be sufficient.
  10. I dont think many would agree with you... slant and go.. for the most part.
  11. I wouldnt say that.. would you say randy moss mastered the entire route tree?
  12. Historically accurate? What slaves were happily enslaved.. who would enjoy that?
  13. Plenty of big name college guys who aren't cut out to be nfl stars the league could get people to pay to see. Players like" The Golden Calf of Bristol" "Johnny football" come to mind. College superstars who have built a brand by name in college but,their talent doesn't translate to the nfl. Seems like at least worth a shot to me. Without development leagues we wouldn't even have our own Jake Del.
  14. Wtf kind of logic is this lol. Baseball has double and triple A. The NBA has development leagues like the hornets and the Greensboro swarm. ALL have college leagues as well. And this is the best answer you could come up with?
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