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  1. Not like they'll actually draft well with the pick...
  2. At his age? The length of time it'll take to heal 100%? I'd say retirement is a safe bet.
  3. Bears fans have a legitimate right to bitch. Year three of Fields and it looks like the same ol Bears.
  4. Improved pass protection. Improved Run D. A touchdown.
  5. the Bills starters didn't play that game. Our starters were getting worked by second teamers. Not comparable.
  6. The opposing QB won't matter much, if the team can just run it down your throat. Our D was average last year. Look average at the moment as well. On top of that. Bryce may be an upgrade, BUT he is still rookie. His inexperience will show at times. Especially if he has no protection. Anybody who thought we were playoff contenders, with a rookie QB. A new coach. A new O scheme. A new D scheme. Wasn't thinking logically.
  7. It was honestly the most frustrating part.
  8. No one's calling for anyone's firing. Just looking reality in the face. This team has to make some serious strides if they want to compete. IDC how the leagues changed. If you can't stop the run or pass block you're going to lose.
  9. Our best passrusher wouldn't help our crap run D. Jets had 50 yards in the first quarter. On top of that the Oline couldn't do their most basic of jobs.
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