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  1. FCS championship is on right now. Actually in weather delay atm.
  2. Not really false since he's not been 100% since 16'
  3. I highly doubt Fisher plays this year,considering how late in the season his injury was.
  4. Lol! Crowder would be #3 here at best. And I like crowder
  5. Sounds like lil dick energy and he's trying to flex his e-peen
  6. Brown will be a RG. If Christensen doesn't make it at LT , id assume he'd be LG.
  7. It's all the same level of quality at this point. Why not add more!? Now you used gained assets to trade forward to get the ones you really want. Doesn't take a genius to see it...
  8. Lost Armah and Manhertz this off season. Dan Arnold is basically a large WR. We needed a capable blocker. If he can improve his receiving skills we got a steal.
  9. First time in a long gd time, I have no clue whats about to happen.
  10. Some of y'all for real thinking this was serious...hilarious!
  11. Think I'd rather have the seventh and more cap space..
  12. When you get to mile high, try some of that premo weed. Maybe it will help your vision. Maybe you can throw two 4th quarter TDs this season. Good luck.
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