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  1. Yeah they woulda,coulda,shoulda beat the bucs. They also woulda,coulda,shoulda lost to the chargers Dak has never seen a def like this one. Most QBs haven't. It's pretty weak to dismiss this team against anyone at this point.
  2. Just seems like a soft spoken dude to me
  3. In the words of Hank Hill, 'Dallas is full of crackheads and debutantes, and half of them play for the Cowboys'.
  4. Rasul Douglas played a week after we got him off waivers. Zero reason Henderson can't go.
  5. He behaved like the Jags suck and he didn't want to play for them.
  6. Lost me a Mtn. Dew... Best thing in the world for cotton mouth.
  7. You beat Tom Brady with pressures/hits/sacks. Seems to be the only way. Lucky for us, that's what we do best.
  8. We're missing a 2nd. And I'd bet my left nut, we we have 9+ picks when it's all said and done. Including a recouped 2nd rounder.
  9. Seen this last night. I didn't take it as a slight though. He said it's a hard Def to game plan againts. He also commented at half time that the Panthers Def basically pummeled the saints O. We have a lot of college concepts. Didn't look like shade to me...
  10. I mean if Herbstreit says so...
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