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  1. I'm down for trading Burns for two 1sts. But not that far in the future. Need at least one in 23' for QB ammo. And the Rams don't hold one...
  2. Burns is a very good IMO. But he's yet to reach double digit sacks in a single season. I don't think he's worth top DE money. And that's exactly what he'll demand.
  3. Burns is VERY good at getting QB pressures. But he's average at actually sacking QBs. He's also average at setting and edge. You take the two 1st founders and run IMO.
  4. What history, with Mayfield?? And yes he should get more PT.
  5. Rookie LT. A natural LT playing LG. Elf boy at C... So
  6. We look the same as we have for 3 seasons. Same struggles, with new players and coaches. IMO Panthers are a reflection of the head coach. And that is the biggest reason Rhule needs to go.
  7. If you're starting your Practice Squad QB. You're already burnt.
  8. LB depth has to be the thinnest position group.
  9. Nothing about that tweet, suggests that the team is attempting to trade. TMJ or Robbie. Only that teams have called about them. Both make the squad IMO.
  10. Not that he is as talented as Deebo. Just similar in skill set. Also like a bigger bodied Curtis S.
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