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  1. And by that same logic, AT would have put up 1,400 yards with another QB. also. Where’s the “shitty Oline effect” or “shitty WRs effect “???
  2. I had a ton of hope for him, entering every season. He had a shot last year to separate himself. He didn’t. He actually lost playing time. I doubt he makes it through camp at this point.
  3. Just run the ball off end on his side. Burns will make a B-line to the QB and just watch the RB run past him.
  4. Anyone ever been drafted #1 overall, coming off a 5/6 win season??
  5. May be the first time in years, that our run D won’t be total sh!t.
  6. Hell yeah!The way Morgan and co have structured these contracts, we could sign two players for 3 mill.
  7. Gotcha! His bio was still showing him on the team.
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