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  1. Isn’t it ironic that someone with the username ‘sniffany’, has a problem with Coker.
  2. Route running is his biggest strength… literally the first thing brought up about his game.
  3. Most def should’ve made that trade. But at this point, ‘woulda coulda shoulda’. Morgan turned chicken sh!t, into chicken salad.
  4. Great trade. Basically turned Burns into an extra 2nd AND got the guy we wanted.
  5. Should we?? Idk. Will we? From the looks of things. Probably! but I too would like to see a trade up for another 4th.
  6. ALL the RBs are still on board! We’ll have options likely into the 4th.
  7. And by that same logic, AT would have put up 1,400 yards with another QB. also. Where’s the “shitty Oline effect” or “shitty WRs effect “???
  8. I had a ton of hope for him, entering every season. He had a shot last year to separate himself. He didn’t. He actually lost playing time. I doubt he makes it through camp at this point.
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