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  1. The staff pretty much hashed out the Darnold trade at Fields pro day. That says a lot in itself.
  2. 3 tech is the last obvious need. I'd take geno atkins or kk on one year and try to add on in the mid to late.
  3. Read somewhere earlier, that the Broncos were kicking the tires. Probably makes the most sense right now.
  4. Prowlreport says so. So it has to be legit
  5. I'd take Parsons. But only if Sewell, Slater, Surtain and Farley are gone.
  6. Sounds like Burrow is making a push for Chase.
  7. Minshew would have had more wins if the jags didn't tank. There was 0% chance they were going to put him in a position to win.
  8. Has to be CB. There is no clear #1 at that position
  9. I'd rather have Garner Minshew.
  10. He was pretty good in the red zone for the cards. We could def use some of that.
  11. You don't think rub and tug parlors are licensed? Making the appearance of a legit biz and book keeping helps avoid tax evasion charges if anything were to go south.
  12. "IF" it really is a hit job, the idea would be to kill his trade value. When Watson has no other option (other than sitting out/retiring) he comes back to the fold. At that point the cases disappear as fast as they appeared.
  13. #1 cb > #3 wr. I really like Curt, but a starting corner is more of a necessity.
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