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  1. Are you gonna tell me how much of a beast you were in HS football next?
  2. Horrible clock management. Should’ve called a TO on that pass to the goal line
  3. Hard to score when D run commits and no chance of a pass. We all knew it was gonna be a cam run.
  4. Not a coincidence that the lack of preseason and live contact during camp is creating more injuries. Can’t lift 300 pounds without warmup sets. Same concept. Feel bad for these injured players all across the NFL.
  5. You might be right. At least their designed runs and not getting destroyed in the pocket hits like they were in Carolina for so long
  6. I’m honestly glad. He would be getting destroyed here in Carolina. There comes a point in time to where you want Panthers legends to move on and try and win somewhere else when there’s no chance anytime soon here in Carolina.
  7. No. We just suck. Other NFL teams are paid to try and win too. We’re just the worst at it. But in all seriousness. We’re not purposefully tanking, but we’re also not making roster moves that we potentially could make if we were a team on the verge of a playoff push. Instead we’re content with who we have, even though we all know it will not be good enough for anything above 3-4 wins tops.
  8. Luckily it happened right when the game started for Greg. Still plenty of time for Third Leg and the Seahawks
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