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  1. Yaboychris28

    CJ Anderson says...

    Remember the days when we’d give Tolbert all of those unneeded carries? Now we’re doing the exact opposite lol
  2. Yaboychris28

    Eric Reid

    Lol he hasn’t helped this team one bit. If anything, he has been a distraction. Let’s all praise our liberal new owner though. He can do no wrong. Lol chode.
  3. Yaboychris28

    Kelvin keeps doing Kelvin like things.

    Sucks for Allen as a rookie QB having to deal with KB’s unprofessional ass.
  4. Lol Will Hernandez. So much of you guys wanted him in the draft
  5. So is he officially done here barring any injury to CMC or CJ? CAP has yet to get a carry this season with CJ Anderson taking over as the backup. Hopefully he gets a chance elsewhere and proves Ron Rivera wrong. I always liked him as a runner
  6. I hope we don’t resign him
  7. Yaboychris28

    MNF: Skins vs Saints

    This is the worst ive ever seen Alex Smith play
  8. Yaboychris28

    Ron on the Hot Seat

    Fire him. Chase Blackburn interem HC lol
  9. He sucks. Curtis Samuel, Moore, Byrd could have their snaps raised if his bum ass gets cut. Only one can dream.. RR smh
  10. Yaboychris28

    Gano and Panther win Pie

    Remember all of the times RR wouldn’t let Gano kick long fg’s? Dumbass
  11. Yaboychris28

    Are you "nervous" about the Giants?

    Nope. Easy win. Not worried at all. If we lose we should move the team to red headed step child state, SC.
  12. Yaboychris28

    Curtis back at practice!

    Hopefully he’s active on gameday
  13. Jason Witten has improved. Def his best commentary game so far
  14. CMC to keep ballin Cam to throw accurate passes Us to piss of Beckham again (Donte Jackson hopefully) DJ Moore to be on the field just as much as any other WR Ian Thomas to help us not miss Olsen so much Oh yeah, and Eric Reid to make plays. Also, for him to stand for the pledge
  15. Give the man some time. Sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better