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  1. I’m the exact opposite. It was our fault letting go of McDermott and Beane. They seem to be building something good up there and I wish any ex Panthers player the best if they decide to go play somewhere and get payed. Can’t blame a player for leaving a poorly ran, rebuilding franchise.
  2. That Will Grier pick is looking extra nice right now
  3. Good riddance. Take away his big name, I would have thought he was jag we picked up
  4. Have a flight out on Tuesday. Just hope Ill be able to get back home in Albuquerque
  5. Only players I want signed are xfl players. If we’re gonna suck, let’s be good at sucking
  6. CMC about to destroy his own record with all of the check down passes he’s gonna catch.
  7. I live in New Mexico. Kind of hard to attend games. But yeah, we should lose on purpose to get a top end qb in next years draft. What’s the better option. Go 5-11? Draft another DT or CB Next yr? If you don’t see the logic In that theory, than you sir must have a huge brain as well.. But have fun attending these future dumpster fire games. Such a loyal fan you are!
  8. I’d rather spend my hard earned money a little more wisely. Maybe you should take note
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