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  1. I would be playing DJ in fantasy... Glad he’s having a day though. The “should we trade DJ thread” is turning into a cold take
  2. Wish we would have lost this game tbh. Oh well. Nothings is more Panthers’esque than to win games we shouldn’t
  3. You knew TB would come ready to play after last weeks performance. We are what we are. Hard nosed team that lacks talent. Teddy is not the future. His ball velocity is the worst I’ve seen from a starting qb since Broncos Peyton Manning. Great kid. I would like to see us draft a QB.
  4. It felt like the ball was in the air for eternity though
  5. I think he’s been great. Excited to see YGM this last half of these season as well.
  6. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise as long as it’s an injury that won’t have long term scar tissue damage. He’s getting way less tred on the tires in a year to where half the fan base is wanting us to lose every game anyways. If he can bounce back next year and play great, he’ll still be worth the money
  7. Dude, you’re just being soft. Nothing I’ve said is anything more crazy than what others have said on this site before. Chill out. Just the fact you brought up doxing someone says a lot about you. Everyone else is being cool, but you. Let it go.
  8. When you spell Roby, Robbie when you’re trying to make the argument that he’s our best player. Yeah. “fuging lol”
  9. No, I actually don’t. Typical deflection though.
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