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  1. Cool I guess. He was never a Hornet. Never should have came here. Should’ve retired a Spurs
  2. I think he will be a stud for us. Hopefully he bulks up his lower body before week 1. Might take a full offseason though
  3. Now we can laugh at the report yesterday saying the Panthers were eliminated from the McCoy discussion
  4. I'd say It took them that long because hes a combine warrior with medicocre college stats. Abs and biceps wont help him run the route tree as much as it helped him get drafted
  5. Hopefully either Holyfield or Hood turns into a player
  6. As long as he’s better than signing a LT off the couch like Clark, it’s a great pick
  7. There were a handful of mid round rb’s I wanted before him, but glad we drafted a RB. Let’s see what the kid has No excuse to steal someone’s credit card money. Hate those mofos who have made me cancel my card in the past.
  8. My favorite pick so far. He’s a great leader along with his talents. If you watched the Bama camp show he was the team leader. Was very impressed with this kids character. His injury history concerns me though. Especially Hamstring, those can linger and come back at any time
  9. Lets draft David Montgomery. He’d be the perfect backup RB
  10. You’re the only one who is bringing up the racist element.
  11. Mcshay and Kiper can go kick rocks. They talked about Little like he was a 7th round pick
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