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  1. Yaboychris28

    saints are gonna win a super bowl in the falcons stadium

    I want the Saints to win to just to add another FU to our coaching staff and management
  2. Cutting CJ Anderson is just a microcosm of our dysfunction
  3. Cutting CJ Anderson is just a microcosm of our dysfunction
  4. Going for Chiefs and Cowboys for me. I’ve never been a Cowboys hater like most. Maybe because I’m an older melenial and they’ve more than often sucked during my fandom. Fug the Pats though
  5. I like to think David Tepper has a plan but who the fug knows
  6. That’s a racist statement. If you happen to be black, what if I start calling you a blackie? Check yourself
  7. Reid is a drama Queen. We’re not winning jack next year, might as well cut ties and play a young guy
  8. Yaboychris28

    National Championship Game

    0% of that happening, unfortunately
  9. Yaboychris28

    Panthers sign CB

  10. Yaboychris28

    Antonio brown

    OP, it’s gonna take you a while to build back your reputation on here after your dreadful predictions about Ron. Best of luck though. You can do it
  11. Yaboychris28

    The Interview Circuit

    Kliff Kingsberry getting interviews boggles my mind. Wasn’t he fired from Texas Tech? A middle of the road Big 12 team
  12. Yaboychris28

    Bowl Games thread.

    Congrats to LSU on beating the national champions
  13. Yaboychris28

    Wilks officially out in Arizona

    Wish Wilks nothing but the best. Not right how they gave up on him after 1 year. At least were not as dysfunctional as AZ
  14. Yaboychris28

    Tepper won't speak

    Tepper didn’t even seem to even want to buy the team and doubt he’s fully invested as others would have been. Wish Ben Navarro was our owner.
  15. Yaboychris28

    Cryptic Eric Reid Post

    Lol. Eric Ried the Al Sharpton of the NFL