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  1. Actions speak louder than words. It’s no sure thing that Cam will ball out. Too many fans here I’m this huddle in their feelings
  2. Typical woman. They like you more when you put them in their place or insult them just like Cam did to her lol
  3. Glad Cam finally gets to play for a legit organization. Well overdue
  4. This site has become so dang liberal. Impossible to have any conservative viewpoint in any thread without getting ridiculed and called a racist
  5. He’s a bust. Damaged goods. Offer a 6th. Throw in Will Greir for the hell of it
  6. Cool. I usually play MUT but here’s my online record when I play regs. Been playing Call of Duty 90% of the time but I’ll hop back on Madden and play you
  7. Play me then. yaboychris28. Put your money where your mouth is. Add me if you have Xbox one
  8. It’s because you play on Rookie skill level
  9. We’re a below average organization. Just the facts. All that talent and no hardware. Dang, shame..
  10. I’ll take the Hardy comparison with 1/4th of his crazy lol. I feel like Hardy being a damn psychopath on the field helped his and the teams swag haha
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