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  1. DE is still a need. Safety is a need. Nickel Corner is a Need. OL is still a need. Backup RB is a need.
  2. Wouldn’t doubt if Elway is telling the truth. I don’t have any faith in Hurney
  3. Yaboychris28

    Dave Gettleman is the dumbest GM ever

    G-MAN sticks to his guns, despite the NY media and all the haters. I love it. He’ll get it turned around in NY if they give him time
  4. Yaboychris28

    Damiere Byrd

    Byrd is not the word
  5. Yaboychris28

    Bortles cut. Backup?

    A qb who has started many games and made it to a championship game as our backup. Sign me up
  6. Yaboychris28

    Everson Griffen

    Id sign him in a heartbeat. Been following since HS where he played in our HS conference. Was a monster fullback back in the day in AZ. Remember seeing Pete Carroll on the sideline
  7. Yaboychris28

    Hurn 2.0

    Meant two serous injuries. You get the point
  8. Yaboychris28

    Hurn 2.0

    We’ve signed two starting lineman coming off torn acl’s.. I’ll wait to praise him.
  9. Yaboychris28

    Eric Berry Released

    If we keep signing guys with injury histories. We won’t have a team
  10. Yaboychris28


    Gettleman doesn’t let the pressure of being in the New York media change who he is, and I respect that. I’m sure Gettleman will get the Giants back as a contender if they’ll give him time to work out his plan, similar to what Gruden is trying to do
  11. Underrated need.. Good job Hurney
  12. Yaboychris28

    Rodrigue's Offseason Primer

    Same. Wish we actually had decent beat writers
  13. Yaboychris28

    Funchess to Colts 1 Year 13 Million

    That’s a lot of money. Good for you Funchess
  14. Looks like he’s going to be a Jet smh