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  1. Cowboys are really having that new coach energy too
  2. The giants have very little talent but they play hard
  3. Name me a kicker that doesn’t miss an occasional extra point ever since extra points were moved back? I’ll wait... Exactly. Stop bitching
  4. 1-2? We just watch different defenses. 5-6 is more accurate
  5. Yea he let a DB stop him in his tracks. We need to sign a FA TE next year. Ian Thomas ain’t it Chief
  6. I agree man. Like I said earlier this week. The Huddle will turn its back on this team after one bad game. It’s a week to week thing. That’s why I never drank the potential playoff team/Teddy is our future threads. I’m sure the negative threads/tank/draft a qb threads will start again any second
  7. PhillyB pooing my posts about David fumbling. Haha if it was up to him, we’d release CMC
  8. https://youtu.be/gqPltMpWIwo Nanci Pelosi in mid season form
  9. The Bucs are a SB contender and the Raiders just beat the defending champs. The Bears and their revolving door QB dysfunction is not our toughest test. Solid team. Will be a tough game though since we’re not world beaters this year
  10. Ehh It happens vs a polar bear like Derrick Henry. Josh Norman had an awesome “peanut punch” forced fumble and recovery last week. I didn't see people post that.
  11. He’s washed. What goes around comes around too. Thought the grass was greener away from Pittsburgh.. Idiot.
  12. Instead of asking is he better than Tedd Ginn Jr. is Roby better than DJ Moore? I think so
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