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  1. Seltzer

    There's dumb, then there's Le'veon Bell....

    I'm not so sure he gets a mega money deal, either. Of course it only takes one team with a lot of cap space to burn for Bell to cash in, but I think teams have consider 3 things: 1) How much of Bell's success was due to the Pittsburgh offensive line and offensive system. James Connor has come in and put up comparable numbers 2) Running backs capable of putting up big numbers right out of the gate come out of the draft every year, and they are much less expensive on a rookie deal. 3) Very, very few teams sign RB's to a mega 2nd contact that don't live to regret it. Hell, the Panthers are as good of an example as anyone of that regret. 2 years ago Devonta Freeman looked like a top 3 RB, but now he can't stay healthy and the Falcons have discovered Tevin Coleman/ Ito Smith is just as effective. High-end money is hard to justify even for a generational-type RB like Adrian Peterson. Just many young and inexpensive options available, and with the wide-open, pass-happy league the NFL has become (and correspondingly defenses being built to stop the pass), most decent RB's are getting ~4+ yards per carry. Economics just do not favor RB's in today's NFL
  2. Exactly... I understand the desire and appeal to develop your own guys (both for the head coach and the coaches trying to climb the ladder), but you can't be blind to the fact this defense ought to be a lot better than they have been giving the investment in personnel. There are guys that could be brought in even now that could help the team, and if Rivera has to take over the defensive playcalling in the interim, so be it
  3. Hard to argue that point... a defense giving up 52 points (and let's be honest, it could have been more had they not called off the dogs) is a complete failure, and it starts with coaching. I'll second that this individual defensive performance is the worst I've ever seen by the Panthers, and that play where we rushed 2 was the individual worst defensive call I've ever seen by the Panthers. The Panthers defensive personnel may be getting older in spots and not dominant like they once were, but they looked like the worst defensive unit to ever take a NFL field on Thursday. The defensive personnel didn't just forget how to play football. It is truly them not buying in to the gameplan
  4. Seltzer

    Anyone remember 2003?

    Fair statement, and you very well might be right... but we still had a chance to beat the Saints last year on the road with a much worse cast of characters on defense. And as for the Saints, they have certainly looked bad on defense some this year as well... as have the Rams We will have to get hot on offense and play a hell of a lot better on defense to have a chance against the Saints or Rams in the playoffs, but we will still have a chance I know you've been around here a lot time as well as I have... no one objectively could look at this team tonight and say they are a SB team right now... But crazy things can and do happen in the playoffs... I thought the 2008 Arizona Cardinals looked like one of the worst teams going into the playoffs that year (they got absolutely destroyed in Week 17 and had won a weak division) and then they got hot and almost won it all
  5. Seltzer


    It was a good team at the end of the year, but pull up YouTube and watch some of the old games... I did just recently... and you'll be surprised... I certainly was... maybe b/c I was younger and with the hindsight of nostalgia and remembering how the season ended, but that team was not nearly the machine I has previously remembered them being. Jake was hot & cold, the offense was not good for long stretches, and the defense was not super dominant but only in spurts. What that team did great was play complementary football, and they were clutch. Down 17 at halftime Week 1, went 3-1 in OT games, hit a lot of clutch FG's to win... they certainly weren't dominant like the 2015 team was for the most part Also, I can objectively say the talent level on that 2003 team was no better or worse than this year. Better on defense, not as good on offense. Still accomplished a lot. Anyway, the point being, I haven't given up on this team still being good during the playoffs, and neither should you... This team certainly needs defensive improvement to make it deep in the playoffs.
  6. Yes. Then got the ball back before Jake got the ball stripped deep in our territory which started an implosion.
  7. Seltzer

    To those claiming the NFL is rigged...

    Admitting we got it handed to us tonight and taking the L like a man doesn't mean you can't state the obvious that there were some incredibly bad calls (the bobbled TD, crazy spots, Reid ejection). The officiating did not cause the loss by any stretch, but had the game been closer it could have... the refs should be held accountable in spite of the fact it certainly did not change the outcome of the game
  8. Seltzer

    Anyone remember 2003?

    I don't think this defense is any less talented across the back 7, especially considering the rule changes and how it affects DB play... But yeah, the Front 4 is light years less... crazy that 15 years later and Peppers still was our best D lineman tonight...
  9. Seltzer

    Anyone remember 2003?

    Not than the Arizona loss... not even in the same stratosphere... maybe the '03 loss
  10. Seltzer


    As far as defenses, totally different eras in terms of the way games were officiated. The 2003 defense was better, but the secondary could and did mug receivers all the way down the field. That has been officiated out now- not apples to apples comparison. That defense had some stinkers too... not 52 points but they still weren't great every week... that team get romanticized (including by me), but they weren't dominant at all during the regular season. And the 2003 offense didn't come alive until the playoffs, including Smitty for the most part. This team, while playing in an era more conducive to scoring points, objectively has more skill position talent.
  11. Seltzer

    Anyone remember 2003?

    That 2003 game and the 2008 Arizona playoff debacle are the 2 that some to mind for me... Not that we haven't had other bad losses, just the 2 easiest examples of bad losses when we were expecting something different. At least like 2003, we still get a chance to get back off the mat next week... we didn't have that chance for 9 months in 2008
  12. Seltzer

    It’s time for Tepper

    Tepper inserting himself into the team during his first season during Week 10 would be a bad precedent... Rivera is a smart man, regardless of what anyone here says... he knows without saying how embarrassing this loss was to the entire franchise, starting with the man up top.
  13. I agree with you we were beat tonight on coaching, especially on the defensive side, but I think it was coaching as much in 2008 as well. We had a very talented squad in 2008, but the decision not to make defensive adjustments on Fitzgerald killed us. Anyway, that level of getting our ass kicked when we expected something completely different is a lot the same... Crazy how those games seemed to mirror each other (marching down the field and scoring on the opening drive and then complete implosion)
  14. What is he supposed to say on camera though??... he knows, the coaches know, and the players know how awful that performance was. Making a memorable sound byte might make the fans feel better and give the media something to talk about, but the only thing that is going to matter is what happens behind closed doors over the next 10 days and the product they put on the field in Detroit. I remember John Fox's similar attitude after the Arizona playoff debacle, and it pissed me off to no end... but this is not the same thing at this point in the season... If he is like that at this point behind closed doors, then yeah it's a problem... but he's still got to coach these guys, and blowing them up on camera at Week 10 for the benefit of the fans isn't the best course of action in my opinion
  15. Best analogy of Twitter I've ever heard