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  1. This. Would be highly unlikely if not unprecedented for a guy to play on a Sunday after entering the protocol on Wednesday. Having symptoms 3 days after the fact would indicate a significant head trauma. I'm certainly no doctor but i think it is more likely he misses 2 weeks than comes back this week Over the past few years, I believe the majority of concussed Panthers have missed multiple games (meaning at least 2)
  2. We can beat the Bucs. The offense needs to finish drives, and they are going to have to do the heavy lifting and get us into the 30's again points wise, but the Bucs absolutely did not look like world beaters. I know the Saints are good, but the Bucs offensive line was horrible, probably worse than ours. The Bucs front seven is better than ours, but their secondary is still garbage. We can't abandon the run altogether, but the path to victory is letting Teddy throw it. Anyway, we all know we aren't going to the SB or playoffs this year. Sending the Bucs & Brady to 0-2 would be a great accomplishment and a way to at least get a little recognition
  3. Couldn't have said it better. Offense should have been enough to win, but the coaches knew going into the season with how the team is structured the offense was going to have to carry the defense. Would have been nice to have seen the defense stop the Raiders once we went up 30-27 or at least held them to a FG, but the offense still had a chance to be the heroes and they couldn't do it. I was disappointed in the final series, but not the team overall. Very reminiscent of the season opener in 2011 with Cam & Rivera. Hopefully Rhule can learn faster than Rivera. He is already putting the blame on himself which is a step up. The game was exciting yesterday. That all I am hoping for this season.
  4. I wish we could have seen Luke with a dynamic safety/LB like Chinn
  5. He was a bright side. Was mostly referencing the missed XP, ST penalties, and lackluster coverage on a couple returns. I expect the ST to get better with more reps. No preseason definitely hurt there. I'm more wary of the defense without injecting more talent.
  6. There were definitely some plays and even patches throughout the game (moreso during the middle of the game) where the protection was bad, but decent overall. Teddy missed a few throws, and nobody will mistake his arm for prime Cam, but his control of the offense and ability to navigate the pocket even under some durress was good. Offense left some points on the field, but nothint will matter if the defense can't improve.
  7. Offense: Good Special Teams: Bad Defense: Ugly Coaching was solid overall. Staff is definitely not in over their heads. I was impressed with Brady's offense until that final series. Now let's see if the team can grow from their mistakes. Tampa does not seem in any way unbeatable
  8. Chinn and Brown looked good. Pretty much everyone else sucked
  9. Good 1st Half overall. The team is prepared. Just got to execute better
  10. Exactly. Sometimes the other guys just make a play. Pride had an awful blown coverage earlier but that was just great execution. Let's go Teddy. Catch the damn ball Curtis
  11. Would be great to have drive take almost the rest of the half and then we got ball back in 2nd Half
  12. My oldest son just got into the Panthers towards the end of last year (great timing huh) so watching with him will be the most important thing win or lose. I just want the offense to be exciting. My son went with me to the Jaguars game last year (it was great- the CMC flip TD) but then to the Falcons and Saints games which were painful to watch. Nothing is more of a letdown than to go to a game live and have the offense lay a complete egg while losing in miserable fashion. It's demoralizing and a total waste of a good Sunday. I have little expectations record-wise, but I will be disappointed and concerned if the offense can not produce given the talent at the skill positions and hopefully a wunderkid at OC in Joe Brady. I won't react too much if we are completely out of sync on Sunday given all the changes with no preseason and the coaching and roster changes, but I will be upset if the offense isn't looking good by Week 3. I just want to see the defense play with discipline and intensity. We are going to be completely overmatched, especially in the secondary, for most games unless something miraculous happens. On a team with talent and depth at CB, Donte Jackson should be primarily the slot guy. And we are expecting him to be our #1 CB. It happens during rebuilds, but it's not good at all. And on top of all that, we are going to face two 1st ballot Hall of Famers and another potential one for 6 games this year. On top of having to face Mahomes and Rodgers. They will brutalize this secondary. And that's still not counting guys like Stafford and Murray who can light us up with their weapons. But enough negativity. I am looking forward to actually watching real football. Anyway, we need at least one more solid draft and FA after we dump all this dead money to be competitive. At least that's my hope.
  13. Is this really what this board has become?
  14. And I don't feel the need to think your opinion is anything but misguided, presumptive nonsense. You obviously don't live in the real world. Move to Mexico for a few months and then come back and tell me how great society is without police.
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