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  1. This is realistic. And ultimately, promising. The truth is 2015 and the Cam/Luke/Rivera era is unequivocally over. Honestly, it was over last year. In retrospect, this year was just holding on to the past and hoping to revamp something that was not meant to be. We have to rebuild for hopefully another 5 year run. Which in many respects in what the modern NFL is about. We hired Rivera and drafted Cam/Luke, and we had a good window for 5 seasons from 2013-2017. We did make the playoffs 4 of those 5 seasons, and we got to a SB. It sucks we didn't win one. But it's over. The only way were going to get back is to strip this down and try to build it back up. Tepper gets it, and that's why he made a 7 year commitment to Rhule. He looked at his track record, and that's what he's done. 2020 is going to suck. Hopefully, we put the pieces in place in 2020 & 2021 to start competing consistently starting in 2022. We can all hope, but anything sooner than that is probably a pipe dream. Our roster was already pretty bare. Losing Luke and probably Cam makes it arguably the worst in the league. It's not getting back to a playoff or SB caliber team overnight
  2. I'm an eternal optimist, but Rhule is going to earn his money if he can turn this around Removing Kuechly (and probably Cam unfortunately) leaves us going into 2020 with objectively the worst roster on paper in the NFL. We have only one true "blue-chip stock" player going into 2020 in CMC. I take this to be a player who is arguably one of the 5 best at his position in the NFL. For reference, you could argue in 2015 we had 10 (Newton, Olsen, Stewart, Kalil, Norwell, Turner, Short, Kuechly, Davis, and Norman). All the good coaching in the world can't change that fact. It's going to take several great drafts to replenish that level of talent b/c teams very rarely let a "blue-chip stock" player go. Maybe guys like Burns, Shaq, DJ, and Bradberry can make a leap. Maybe Turner can return to form, and Little and Moton can be decent tackles. It's just depressing right now to think about how much needs to change for the Panthers to once again have a SB caliber roster.
  3. Lol- it's alternately hilarious, sad, and infuriating.
  4. Burrow is the real deal, and he has made the WR's every bit as much as they have made him. Burrow's accuracy and ball placement is elite... if Cincy can protect him at all, he's going to make plays in the NFL. And he's got decent mobility too. Even though I still think Lawrence is going to be a great QB, Burrow deserves all the accolades he has gotten this year. Burrow has put up an all-time great college football season. If the Panthers were picking #1 this year, I would be incredibly pumped to get Burrow. And I will feel the same way next year if we could get Lawrence. One game against a LSU defense that has made everyone look bad doesn't change that. Burrow is the unquestioned #1 pick, but Lawrence would be a top 5 pick and the 2nd QB behind Burrow if he was eligible.
  5. Burrow is going to be a star in the NFL. His accuracy and ball placement is unreal. I'm still pro Lawrence, but Burrow has been the best QB on the field tonight by a significant margin. Hell, Cincinnati should go ahead and name Burrow their opening day starter for next year.
  6. Titans remind me of 2003 Panthers. Weren't the best regular season team, but they are getting hot at the right time. If they play like this they can legitimately win the SB
  7. Sounds like Arians is pissed Rhule is making more than he is
  8. Rhule made a lot of improvement with existing players (i.e. coaching). That can't be understated. That's what excites me the most. Even with the draft and FA, the only way this team is going to be better in the short-term (and maybe not then if we completely strip it down) is through a lot of our existing guys playing better than they did this year.
  9. To quote our old buddy Foxy, it is what it is... Or to quote early Ron.... it is what it is is no more... Regardless, it is obvious a culture change was needed in the worst kind of way. I have zero expectations for next season. I am excited by the Rhule hire I love the Panthers, and as much as I hate the idea of another 2010, I'm also a realist who objectively sees a roster with major holes. I would love to be able to compete without a rebuild next year, but I'm mentally prepared for that possibility.
  10. This is true, but again, Tepper is making literally hundreds on millions annually off his existing money. In that context, the money is not meaningless but it is statistically insignificant. Tepper knows the one time (and practically only thing) he can't but is time. Tepper is going to give Rhule time to succeed, but I do not for a minute think money is going to stand in the way of him making a change if he thinks it's necessary. I don't think money had anything to do with keeping Ron 1 more year... I think Tepper respected Ron and truly wanted to give him another chance to prove he had the team moving in the right direction. When it became evident he didn't, Tepper moved on.
  11. Meh... it's obviously an incredible amount of money, but at the end of the day, I don't think Tepper is going to be beholden to keeping a guy simply b/c of money the way other owners might. Seriously, when you are worth $10B+, this is not anything significant. Tepper's investments alone are undoubtedly bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars every year (assuming a normal market return). It's awesome to have an owner with these funds. Rhule is not someone who would have considered the Panthers previously IMO. Of course, Tepper made him an offer he couldn't refuse. Let's bask in the glory of having a potentially franchise-changing head coach being hired. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out. No limit to what you can spend on coaches. In no way will this handicap us the way a deal like Matt Kalil's did...
  12. And the media has let guys like him and Rodgers skate for years but crucify someone like Cam. Total hypocrisy And despite all the money accolades, etc. Brees strikes me as someone who is going to be absolutely miserable once his career is over
  13. This... there is always ways to kick the salary cap down the road, especially with a cap that keeps going up (think of the analogy of the US deficit), but it requires drafting exceptionally well to make it work b/c you need a lot of cheap rookie deals. Which the Saints to their credit have done well the last few years. But even that has a shelf life b/c eventually you have to pay those guys which is where they are now with Kamara, Lattimore, etc. Time will tell but continuing to go "all-in" year after year has it's limits with a salary cap and limited draft picks.
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