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  1. Given where we are in the off-season and our short-term cap situation (we certainly shouldn't do anything to potentially hamstring us long-term in a season with this many unknowns), I think this is a tremendous signing. Eli Apple is at worst a capable starting CB. Prior to signing him, we only had 1 in Donte Jackson. I hope maybe Troy Pride can be this guy in time, but it's too much of a risk in putting him out there Week 1 no matter what. Besides potentially killing his confidence, it sends a bad message to the team. I certainly don't have high hopes for this season, and I see no way this defense is dominant, but I also don't know that it will be an abomination either. The 2019 Panthers defense was a trainwreck down the stretch. It wouldn't take too surpass them. And other than Kuechly (which is an incredible loss), this group may not be any worse. A secondary of Jackson-Boston-Burris-Chinn-Apple has at least as much potential as last year, and maybe a lot more (and I do think we will see a lot of 3 safety looks). Shaq and Whitehead can be decent at linebacker, and as a 3rd LB Jermaine Carter was ok. This group is nowhere close to what we've had in the past, but they can be as good as many LB groups in the league. The defensive line has a lot of question marks, but Burns-Brown-Short-Weatherly can be productive. I think Gross-Matos has worlds of potential, and I'm excited to see Obada back as a true 4-3 end where he belongs. So many things can happen in season. Obviously, an incredible amount would have to go right for this group to be playoff worthy. The offense is going to have to score a lot for us to compete. But I'm ok with it. For the first time in several years, regardless of the final record, I feel like we are building towards something. 2 years from now (provided we find a franchise QB), we can be in a great spot to be a contender with a defense that is hopefully hitting their stride together.
  2. Exactly. And for the people talking about creating competition, young guys shouldn't get put out there until they have proven to the coaching staff they are ready anymore than veterans getting the spot by default when a younger guy is looking better.
  3. I don't necessarily think you are wrong, but Fewell was put into a no-win situation last year where a significant percentage of guys on the team had flat-out quit. Regardless, I think Fewell was a stand-up guy, and this is a great job and I'm happy for him
  4. Most modern NFL teams value the safety position enough to try to have 4 legitimate safeties on the roster. Hopefully we finally have that now. In years past, we hit a couple of one-year wonders (Mike Mitchell in 2013 & Kurt Coleman in 2015) but for the most part over the last decade, we have had 2 starters who would not have started for many teams and Colin Jones backing them up. I think the plan is good for Boston and Burris to be the starters going into TC and see what we have with Chinn & Robinson. The rest of the safeties are camp fodder unless injuries.
  5. I hope so... we need 2 drafts like we have in 2001 & 2002 to get back to being a contender
  6. I'm not a Hurney hater like some, but the Paradis signing is looking really bad right now. I'm hoping he is fully healed and can bounce back from a rough season last year, but my expectations are surely tempered. In fairness, he was a stud before the injury, and he wasn't alone in sucking, but he certainly wasn't the anchor on the offensive line we thought we were getting and needed him to be. Signing Matt Kalil and Matt Paradis while the Saints astutely drafted Ryan Ramczky and Erik McCoy just adds insult to injury. That IMO is one of the biggest reasons they have continued to excel from 2017 on while we've fallen off a cliff. It's also directly related to Cam getting hurt. The Saints' drafting overall has just been superior overall as much as it hurts to say. That most disheartening thing is that, for a while when we were cash-strapped, Gettleman did nothing and showed criminal negligence by having Cam play behind the likes of Byron Bell, Nate Chandler, etc. Gettleman/Hurney then have spent money on the position, and we are no better off. That sucks. On paper DJ Fluker would certainly be an upgrade at RG and something Hurney should consider if he comes at a reasonable rate, but of course there is risk. My bigger concern is that I think Dennis Daley could be a really good LG but we are going to force him to RG to play Greg Little at LG to justify his draft spot. I think we would be better off putting Daley as hopefully our long term LG and letting Greg Little sit and learn and be ready to replace Okung should he get hurt again (which is a legit possibility) or to be ready to take over in 2021. We do need a RG IMO but I wouldn't want anything more than a modest 1-year deal. If Hurney can do that, I think the risk could be worth the potential reward. I also want Rhule to seriously consider someone else at Center, whether it's Tyler Larsen or someone else. Competent Center play makes the entire offensive line better. Trai Turner did not live up to his contract, but I firmly believe he can be a Pro Bowler again if he's playing beside a Center who is better at playing overall and the line calls. We will get Teddy killed if the offensive interior is as bad as last year. If the offensive interior is better, the Panthers will be at least above average on offense IMO. Otherwise, we are probably going to see PJ Walker running for his life at some point after Teddy gets injured.
  7. I hope so. I think him and Haynes both could be good rotational pieces in the right situation
  8. He's not even played one down as a professional yet. His college tape speaks for itself. If he helps turn Short back into a double digit sack guy and helps Burns get double digit sacks while anchoring the run with potentially a couple of sacks himself, he's worth it. He's nasty on the field. He reminds me of Kris Jenkins. If he can be that player for us, no one with any football sense will care if he's a "double digit sack" guy. Way too much is made out of that in some situations. Case in point last year. To look at the sacks totals alone, you would think we had a good to great defense. Nothing could be further from the truth. To me, a lot of this comes back to Clemson homers upset we took Brown over Simmons. If Simmons is the next Lawrence Taylor or Luke Kuechly, then maybe we made a mistake. Otherwise, I think Brown will be a much more impactful player over the long term.
  9. I agree with you about Weatherly surprising, but Obada could produce those kind of numbers too IMO. His game against the Bengals a couple of years ago that won him player of the week showed elite-level talent. Of course, he needs more consistency, but he hit his "rookie wall" in 2018, and he was miscast as a 3-4 DE last year (although he always had good effort and showed some flashes in spite of being out of position). You can never have enough pass rushers. Obada now has a leg up on guys like Christian Miller and Marquis Haynes who were better fits in the 3-4 last year (that never really came to fruition). Regardless, I think Obada is a roster lock. I hope we get a lot of of him and Weatherly while Burns and Gross-Matos develop. Those guys are locks IMO I think the 5th DE/EDGE spot will come down to Miller/Haynes/Chris Smith. Maybe we end up keeping 2 of those guys. We do have a mix of guys now to alternate fronts with several guys (Brown/Roy/Kerr) who could play the )-Tech NT in a 3-4. Anyway, we're going to have growing pains, but I don't think we can be any worse on defense than we were last year.
  10. Jourdan Rodrigue Non-draft tidbit - Rhule says he is REALLY really high on Efe Obada. Really glad to hear this. Obada hit the proverbial rookie wall in 2018, and then gained weight to keep a roster spot as a tweener OLB/DE last year. He has the measureables of a 1st Round 4-3 DE. Need to leave him there and coach him up. I'm hoping he can help be a part of a DE/Edge rushing group that can surprise some people this year.
  11. Who is better than Cockrell still out there for a modest contract? Serious question I want the younger guys to play, but if there not ready we need a backup plan. And forget the record, you don't want to destroy their confidence by putting them out there if they're not ready
  12. Let them grow together and take their lumps this year No idea how this year plays out (probably notl record wise) but at least I can stomach young guys going through growing pains vs our previous high price defense get worn out
  13. We can hope... Kyle Love was underrated as hell here... one of the best DT FA signings in franchise history
  14. I am happy with this pick too... our defense was soooo bad last year across the board, but the constantly getting gashed was soul-crushing... we all knew it was coming and yet it still did... over and over and over again.
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