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  1. It's easy to be cynical as a sports fan, and certainly I'm frustrated by this year and the overall lack of any semblance of sustained success over the last 25 years, but over half (and maybe closer to 20) of the other teams in the league would trade our success for their own over that time period. I will never be satisfied until we finally win a Lombardi (and then in true sports-fan form, I will probably not be satisfied w/o a second), but this team and franchise has never been the dumpster fire than some "fans" want to make us out to be anytime there is a bad season. Just as we haven't had sustained success, we really haven't had prolonged periods of being awful either. Certainly we;ve bottomed out twice (2001 & 2010), but in both cases we went to a SB afterwards within 5 years.
  2. Hot Take Twitter & Media has no time for rational stances like this
  3. Granted, I'm not privy to insider knowledge, and it's certainly not a ringing endorsement, but it does seem like a truly honest answer and not one that insinuates that Cam being gone is a done deal like a like of other media.
  4. Joe Person @josephperson David Tepper said he didn't sleep well after the loss to Atlanta. "Every time we have a loss, my mood is shitty."
  5. I think in the past, Jerry Richardson would have looked at those graphs and been content to carry-on like the status quo wasn't going to change. I hope and I believe David Tepper realizes the actual long-term trajectory that belies these presently good-looking numbers and will proactively make changes.
  6. You're right about the system working for the owner, at least in the short-term. In the long-term, it's an issue for Tepper and every other owner. Tepper has made a living being ahead of trends, even when sometimes that's not what the prevailing wisdom was. Every NFL team that I know of (except maybe the Cowboys) that has built a new stadium over the last 10 years has missed initial PSL projections, many times significantly. The Chargers PSL situation is abysmal right now. As for your point about supply & demand, I'm extremely skeptical of "waiting list" numbers put out by a team. That is nothing more than a marketing ploy... The Redskins kept up the facade for years that they had "over 200,000" on the season ticket waiting list. After years of ridicule as it became increasingly evident that was an incredible lie (and the number slowly went down), until the team officially came out last year and admitted no such list existed. Case in point, the Panthers have touted that they have a sell-out streak that dates back to 2002. While technically true, those who actually watch and go to the game know that doesn't fully account for the current issue of having butts in the seats during the actual game. These charts paint the Panthers attendance in a very positive light (7th in the league last year in attendance). But as a fan who has attended the majority of the home games over the last 14 years, I can attest to there being a very real issue. Tepper and every other owner can bury their heads in the short-term, but it's not going away. I personally don't think these "official attendance" numbers correlate with the true fan ethuisiasm and participation with the game on the field. NFL REGULAR-SEASON ATTENDANCE TREND SEASON AVERAGE '18 67,100 '17 67,404 '16 69,487 '15 68,400 '14 68,776 '13 68,401 '12 67,591 '11 67,394 '10 66,960 '09 67,509 NFL REGULAR-SEASON ATTENDANCE FOR '18 HOME TEAM GAMES TOTAL AVG. % CAP. PREV. % +/- Cowboys 8 732,958 91,620 114.5% 92,722 -1.2% Jets 8 623,856 77,982 100.0% 77,562 0.5% Packers 8 622,677 77,835 95.6% 78,093 -0.3% Giants 8 615,525 76,941 93.3% 77,179 -0.3% Broncos 8 611,571 76,446 100.4% 76,356 0.1% Chiefs 8 607,780 75,973 99.4% 74,106 2.5% Panthers 8 590,182 73,773 97.7% 73,618 0.2% Saints 8 584,411 73,051 100.1% 73,139 -0.1% Falcons 8 583,184 72,898 97.2% 71,960 1.3% Rams 8 579,439 72,430 94.5% 63,392 14.3% Texans 8 574,439 71,805 99.7% 71,775 0.0% Ravens 8 563,451 70,431 99.2% 70,589 -0.2% Eagles 8 557,568 69,696 100.0% 69,596 0.1% 49ers 8 553,190 69,149 98.6% 70,144 -1.4% Jaguars 8 552,589 69,074 98.6% 64,303 7.4% Seahawks 8 552,009 69,001 100.4% 68,976 0.0% Vikings 8 534,491 66,811 100.5% 66,721 0.1% Patriots 8 527,024 65,878 100.0% 65,878 0.0% Browns 8 526,122 65,765 97.5% 63,883 2.9% Dolphins 8 524,480 65,560 101.2% 67,628 -3.1% Bills 8 519,695 64,962 90.4% 66,775 -2.7% Titans 8 516,161 64,520 93.3% 65,652 -1.7% Steelers 8 507,651 63,456 92.8% 62,471 1.6% Lions 8 502,061 62,758 97.3% 64,138 -2.2% Cardinals 8 496,111 62,014 95.4% 64,218 -3.4% Bears 8 490,750 61,344 99.7% 61,142 0.3% Redskins 8 488,227 61,028 74.4% 75,176 -18.8% Colts 8 473,598 59,200 94.0% 63,441 -6.7% Raiders 8 463,353 57,919 97.1% 57,775 0.2% Buccaneers 8 434,855 54,357 82.8% 59,952 -9.3% Bengals 8 406,028 50,754 77.5% 53,242 -4.7% Chargers 8 262,145 32,768 95.9% 25,336 29.3% TOTALS 256 17,177,581 67,100 96.2% 67,404 -0.5%
  7. That is a good analogy. And like time shares, IMO the whole model has become outdated, and they have generally lost value. This is not unique to the Panthers, or the NFL at large. There are a litany of reasons for this is my opinion: 1) First and foremost, the home viewing experience is dramatically better than it was 10 and especially 15 years ago before HDTV. 2) There are so many other forms of entertainment than there were even 10 years ago. 3) Society has changed in that people in general prefer being home captive to their technology more. 4) The cost to attend a NFL game has reached an almost untenable level relative to these other factors. The Panthers and the NFL at large are trying to change some of these things. The WiFi is solid at BOA now. There are a lot more updates on other games and fantasy stats. I also think the pregame and in-game entertainment is better. The game was horrible yesterday, but I got to listen to a 96 year-old WWII vet play an amazing rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner that almost brought me to tears. I got to share that moment with my 8-year history buff and impress upon him how unique this was and how in a few short years all WWII veterans will be gone. That is worth something to me, and it's something my son and I both will remember far after this season. But I digress. The PSL concept is the primary reason the Carolinas and Charlotte were awarded a team in 1993 even when we were a much smaller market relative to some of the other competition at that time. For all his flaws, Richardson deserves credit for capitalizing on the innovation that was the PSL in the early 1990's. For younger fans, it's important they understand this. Charlotte would have never been awarded a team at that time had Richardson not been able to prove he had a system to finance a large part of the stadium on his own. Teams selling PSL's now in every market are struggling in ways hard to envision 10 years ago. The Falcons tried to build an incredible entertainment complex and even sell food at a reasonable price. They still can't put butts in the seats b/c people can simply roam the vast recesses of their stadium and watch the game on endless TV's. I've seen this at Panthers games, too. There is always way more people roaming the concourse than I can remember 10 years ago. There's not the urgency to be in the seats the way there once was. And while Cam being out, the team being mediocre, etc. may have some to do with it, I honestly don't think it's the whole reason. I don't have an answer to this, but I know it's an issue. I've never looked at my PSL's as in investment, so the thought of losing money doesn't bother me the way it might others. David Tepper is a smart business man. Hopefully, he can roll out a better system in the future. There certainly are a lot of issues to address. The NFL isn't going anywhere. It is as popular as ever, even as that definition has changed dramatically over the last 5-10 years. We see it with the Panthers because that's the fandom we live. It's arguably one of the biggest issues all the owners are facing right now. They have an incredibly popular product but can't get people to attend it live, or more accurately, they can't the people paying to attend it live to actually stay in their seats and be interactive with the game on the field.
  8. When are you comparing that to the Panthers game yesterday? I was there, and there was a big crowd through the first half and into the 3rd Quarter. This was a pivotal game and perfect weather- the fans showed up. The Panthers gave us absolutely nothing to cheer about when the crowd was there, nor after people started leaving in the 2nd Half. That is the story there... the fans did their part, the team did not. We didn't score at all until the 4th Quarter. How much of a beautiful afternoon do you think fans should be required to waste when we were playing like that? I stayed until the end but I don't blame anyone who left.
  9. I'm glad Rivera is developing the younger guys, regardless of whether he is back or not. It is the right thing to do for the long-term interests of the team. People can hate on Ron, but he is a good person, a good representative of the organization, and a good coach. He didn't win Coach of the Year twice by accident. Having said that, I do believe the time is right to go in a different direction at the end of the season. Seeing the graphic that no coach/QB combo had ever won their first SB together after their 5th year was eye-opening. Rivera/Newton came very close in their 5th year together. Unfortunately, the overall trajectory has been down since then. 9 years is a long tenure in the NFL for your message not to get old. It doesn't mean either won't have any success in the NFL again somewhere else, but I don't think it will be here. I appreciate both of them. We have been in a really tough division with 1 first-ballot HOF in Brees and another potential one in Ryan and have still had some good success. Things could have been much worse, and there is certainly no guarantee the next coach will be better. But the time is probably right to at least give it a shot.
  10. It's some straight-up bull$hit for people on this board to call out anyone who actually goes to the game. PSL owners have to pay for these tickets before the season starts. There are plenty of dedicated fans who go to the games, rain or shine. Of course there are some non-hardcore fans there. It was a beautiful afternoon punctuated by an awful football game. At some point, as a fan who paid to go the game, you're allowed to have fun whether the team is winning or not. Some people just leave the stands- others make the best of it while staying. What they do after they've spent their money to be there is nobody else's business. Nobody's calling some of the these posters out who probably went to rub one out in the putrid 2nd half. And I wouldn't blame them, either. The game sucked- you make the best of it. It doesn't mean you're happy with what happened or don't want changes to come- I for one am not at all happy. At some point in life, though, it's absurd to think someone else should be forced to wallow in misery b/c you're unhappy with the way a ballgame is going. It really is some first-rate entitlement by some on this board to question people who actually support the team by going to the games. You want to start with the issues of the fanbase, start there. If you retort by saying the tickets are too expensive, etc., then that's an acceptable stance. But it doesn't give you any right to judge people who are willing to spend their hard-earned money. Also, after 14 seasons of having PSL's, I don't begrudge anyone for what they do with their seats. It's a big investment, and it's easy for someone on a message board to have an opinion when they have no skin in the game. I don't sell my seats, but I did boo yesterday at that performance, and I don't blame anyone who left early. There was a good crowd there yesterday to help support the team in a pivotal game, and the Panthers didn't show up. That has absolutely nothing to do with the fans. What's the most embarrassing to me is that people make these groundless accusations. You want the fanbase to be better, start with thinking twice before posting an awful thread like this.
  11. When Sean Payton wears a visor, you can barely make out the circumcision scar. Nicest thing I can say about that guy
  12. Sometimes Drew Brees's "birthmark" looks more like a festering scab than a full-on skid mark down his face.
  13. I don't disagree with you, I could just see both being issues. Garrapolo got a massive extension after a handful of games, and Cam potentially not getting an extension here is probably going to be the biggest reason he would potentially have to demand a trade. I would support your position above (which I think will be the team's stance), but I think both could be problematic. Anyway, appreciate your input and have a good night. That was definitely a game worth staying up for.
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