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  1. I like the rivalry personally. Cam Jordan is a great player. And he obviously respects Cam Newton. It must have hurt Cowturd to hear how elite defensive guys actually view Newton. Funny how the people who actually understand football consistently rate Newton as underrated while the FF goobers who have never played contact sports in their lives rant about him being average
  2. DJ has a ways to go, especially in terms of pure route running, to come close to Smitty. But his ability to break and shed tackles is already extremely Smittyesque
  3. First 2 home games are both huge... if we can defeat the reigning NFC Champs in Week 1 and follow it up on a short week (at home) against TB (Gerald McCoy revenge Bowl) with 2 wins, we will be 2-0 with a mini bye. If we can start 2-0, my expectations for the season will be sky-high.
  4. https://clutchpoints.com/3-players-with-the-most-to-gain-in-training-camp-for-the-panthers/ Article lists 3 players: 1) Curtis Samuel- Opportunity to claim the WR2 spot (Although I would argue him and DJ Moore could be considered 1A & 1B in this offense). Personally I think he more than proved that over the last few games last year. 2) Shaq Thompson- Opportunity to finally prove he is a worthy successor to TD and become a good fit as an ILB in the new defense. Also has a big 2nd contract (either here or elsewhere) on his overall performance this year. 3) Rashaan Gaulden- Opportunity to prove the staff's belief in him by not drafting and/or signing a FA is justified, and that he can be an effective starter. Easy to argue he has the most of anyone on the roster to gain by a good TC and preseason. I would also add the following: 4) Greg Little- Opportunity to justify Hurney trading up for him and being able to competently start at LT in Week 1. I think Little being able to start at LT with Darryl Williams at LG would give the team potentially the best starting Oline during Cam's tenure. 5) Brian Burns- Obviously every 1st Rounder has to prove they were worthy of the draft pick, and Burns is no exception. I think a lot of Panthers fans (myself included) are concerned about how well he will hold up when big offensive tacklers get their hands on him. Burns has elite speed and burst, but this fanbase has seen quite a few "speed rushers" that could never be anything other than a situational player. Hopefully he will be able to maintain the weight he gained since last year and maintain his quickness. Teams draft players in the 1st round that they think can potentially play on every down. Burns won't have that pressure from Day 1, but the teams needs him to prove he can be an effective starter by the end of the year since Addison and Irvin will be FA's. Training camp and preseason will show where Burns is at against pro competition and how far he needs to improve. How would you guys add to this list?
  5. Your point is well taken, but I don't think many publications, especially the big-name national ones, are going to predict anything out of us, so I think overall, very little is going to be expected of the Panthers outside of our fanbase.
  6. https://lastwordonprofootball.com/2019/06/30/are-the-panthers-nfc-south-favorites/ TL;DR: The Panthers were on pace with the Saints last year, with Cam starting to get MVP mention, CMC breaking out, and D-Jax looking like a potential DROY, until Cam got hurt and the team lost a lot of close games over the 2nd Half. They believe the Panthers had the best off-season (free agency & draft) of the division and are a the biggest threat to dethrone the Saints and win the NFCS in 2019. On a side note, it's interesting (and refreshing) to see legitimate football sources (and I don't count the blowhards from the big-name national media anymore) believe the Panthers are much closer to contention than those who really don't follow the team. I believe as the season approaches, most "national" publications will push the same tired narrative about Cam and pick us to finish 3rd in the division. No one ultimately knows until the games are played, but I for one believe whole-heartedly this roster can compete for a SB this year.
  7. Wonder if we even offered anything in the supplemental draft for Jalen Thompson. Think he was worth a 5th which is what the Cardinals offered (it would have trumped any other offer since they were at the top of the draft). I have faith in Rivera for the most part, but even us non-doom and gloomers still wonder if we will really go into the season without adding another option at safety beyond the guys on the roster.
  8. This formation also helps compensate for the fact that we don't have a prototypical "big-body" receiver right now to go up and get it in the end zone while running traditional formations from the red zone.
  9. As good as he was, he probably missed out on another 7-10 TD's in his career by being tripped up/ pushed out of bounds near the goal line. I remember in 2008 alone he had at least 4-5 TD's where he was down near the goal line and Deangelo punched it in
  10. Forgot about this b/c of how the 2002 season faded after a good start, but I believe this was Smitty's first multiple TD game. He ended up with five receptions for 144 yards and a touchdown as well as a staggering 153 yards and two touchdowns on three punt returns. He truly took over this game as an offensive force in a preview of what was to come. Moose also had 106 yards on 8 receptions and a TD. Who knows what they could have accomplished had they been able to play together for more years? I hope Moore and Samuel can provide the closest thing we've had to those guys this year.
  11. I just read that the Panthers were 10th in total offensive yardage last year. I was surprised by that number, even though when I think about it I know the Panthers put up points last year, even with Cam not being 100% percent, until the last couple of games before they shut him down. My point being, with everything that went wrong last year in terms of offensive line injuries and Cam's shoulder, the offense still produced at a high level overall. Everything at the national level gets pointed back to Cam (and I get it), but in some respects, there wasn't that much difference between last year's team and 2017 except that we won a lot of close games in 2017 and lost those same type games last year. Anyone who's not blind can point to the last couple of games Cam played (especially the MNF game before a national audience) and make a sweeping judgement about last year, but the truth is that the offensive system was working last year, and Cam was the catalyst behind that. With a healthy Cam, the Panthers certainly have another run left in them. Cam has played well enough to lead another SB run the past 2 years (regardless of the national narrative). He was just stuck with no WR's in 2017 and no Oline last year. Despite that, he still for the most part played well enough to get both teams in the playoffs (before his late injury). Cam is not and has not been washed up. Someone who has really watched his play too knows that his level of play for 2017 and most of 2018 was a lot closer to 2015 than his critics want to admit. The only thing missing at all has been connecting on the deep ball, which I'm hoping a healthy shoulder, a decent offensive line, and adequate (if not special) weapons with correct.
  12. 4) 2007: Catch where he broke out of 4-5 Texans trying to tackle him and then ran for a ~80 yard TD. He also had another great TD catch in that game where tipped the ball to himself. 5) 2003: Cowboys playoff game where he had 2 incredible catches- the first was early on where he went 70 yards to the 1 yard line and then had another great 32 yard TD catch where he skied for the ball. 6) 2005: 3 TD catch game against the Dolphins. Had 11 catches for 170 yards on the day 7) 2006: Ravens game where Smitty humiliated Samari Rolle (who trashed talked him before the game) for 189 yards including a 72 yard catch and run where he stiff armed Rolle into the ground 8) 2013: Rams game where Smitty put Janoris Jenkins in his place after Jenkins' trash talking went personal. Smith punctuated a TD catch against him by humiliating him on the field and then after the game with this epic burn: " On your touchdown celebration, was that a little bit extra? "When you embarrass people you rub it in their face. When your dog (urinates) on the carpet, you rub it in his face." 9) 2011: Cardinals game- Smitty showed an instant connection with Cam, catching 2 long TD's, including an early 77 yarder 10) 2011: Saints game where Smitty caught a TD pass where he slammed the Saints DB down, and then took on the entire secondary post- TD, sparking a brawl. 11) 2008: Packers game where Smitty made an impossible 36 yard catch in the swirling winds of Lambeau to thwart an Aaron Rodgers comeback 12) 2013: 49ers playoff game where Smitty made an incredible TD catch to give the Panthers a 7-6 lead in his return from a knee injury in what would be his final game at BOA for the Panthers. 13) 2001: Smitty scored a kickoff return TD on his very first NFL touch, previewing what would be a HOF career to come but unfortunately one of the very few bright spots from the 1-15 2001 team 14) 2005: Giants wildcard game- Not as well known as his epic performance against Chicago the following week, but Smith scored 2 TD's (1 rush and 1 catch) in the 23-0 rout in the Meadowlands. 15) 2005: Seahawks NFC Championship- Smitty ultimately couldn't pull an injury-depleted Panthers squad back to the SB in a game where he was constantly double and triple-teamed, but he did prove how unstoppable he was that year by insisting on returning a punt and trying to provide a spark with a 59 yard PR TD. These are just the ones that come to mind... There is no doubt Smitty belongs in the Hall of Fame!!
  13. He certainly has the physical tools, confidence, and work ethic. He does not back down from any challenge. Got to credit Marty too for his conviction on Jackson b/c he is not the prototypical size of a corner Rivera envisions in his system.
  14. On paper this group does inspire a lot more optimism than we have had in quite a few years. Paradis, Turner, and Moton all have proven Pro-Bowl talent. Williams was showing that as well before his injury. Little is an unknown, but the team obviously seems very high on him. Van Roten and Larsen are quality backups. Dennis Daley (7th Rounder) is raw but also has upside. It feels good to have depth across the offensive line. Too many times under Rivera, we have had average to subpar starting offensive lineman and little-to-no depth.
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