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  1. https://twitter.com/GregJennings/status/579701596025683968 Hmmm
  2. boney

    Hardy 911 call

    Bill Voth transcribed the calls for those interested: http://blackandbluereview.com/greg-hardy-911-call/
  3. boney

    Hardy 911 call

    Yeah, its weird that the woman talking on this call was there and saw this happening but didn't mention the bed of guns she was supposedly thrown onto? You'd think if you called to cops over to a violent situation you would warn them of copious amounts of guns laying around
  4. boney

    Hardy 911 call

    http://media.charlotteobserver.com/smedia/2014/05/14/17/29/d6dCY.So.138.mp3 aaaaaand here is the neighbors call.
  5. boney

    Hardy 911 call

    Lets not forget that there is another tape from a neighbor that called the police who said she saw and heard a woman being abused. Don't know where that one is... I guess it is possible that the neighbor saw Hardy's "manager" restraining her and thought that was abuse but who knows at this point.
  6. boney

    Greg Hardy Arrested

    Greg was in court today, Rosenhaus was there with him but left with no comment.
  7. boney

    Greg Hardy Arrested

    LOL is he insinuating that the locker room will fall to pieces without him? I'll take my chances with this guy.
  8. boney

    Greg Hardy Arrested

    I keep thinking back to Gettleman's response when the reporters asked why we decided to give Greg a workout bonus..."I wanted him to be near me." I certainly don't want to jump to conclusions but that quote takes on a whole different light if what you are saying is true. At the time I assumed it was for negotiation purposes, but I wonder if they were hoping to keep him focused and out of trouble.
  9. boney

    Greg Hardy Arrested

    From what I've been reading this incident involves both communicating threats AND assault.