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  1. I honesty believe that Bersin is better than Cotchery. What we need to find out is can he offer more than Hill and Philly Brown. We already know Benjamin, Ginn and Funchess are locks so the final 2-3 spots will be Cotchery, Hill, Brown and Boykin. Hill and Brown offer speed but Brown and Boykin offer special teams exp. Boykin and Cotchery offer experience.
  2. JJ Watt is probably going to end up one of the best defensive linemen of all time. I don't know how much different his stats would be in a 4-3 but I would pick JJ over Cam. Defensive player of the year > Possibly top 10 QB.
  3. I never thought he was lazy, his problem has been that he plays physical and that causes injury to himself because he plays to hard. I believe it was Clay Mathews who said Stewart was the toughest RB to bring down. That should tell you what kind of player he is. One reason why people hate on him so much is because he has a big contract and has been hurt almost every year. He is expected to live up to expectations and be a top 10 RB every year like he is being paid.
  4. I was just curious what was cams numbers from games 11-16 (14 if you count the two games he missed.) The reason why I ask is because that is when we went on a winning streak and I believe it is when we had replaced Amini and Chandler with Norwell and Reamers. Also Stewart went on a tear.
  5. Lmao Santana Moss. It's 2015 not 2005, Moss is probably done.
  6. Don't the Bucs have a number of decent safeties? Maybe DJ Swearinger or Major Wright will be cut and we scoop him up?
  7. Patriots have won 4 Super Bowls and have been a top team almost year after year, so of course most people, especially on here would want the patriots to suffer. They did beat us for a super bowl by only a last second field goal so I'm guessing what people around here would want the punishment to be is Tom Brady and Bill Belichick suspended for ever, somehow take away their Super Bowl wins and take away all first round picks for the next twenty years. That seems about fair right?
  8. Wasn't Mike Mitchell garbage untill he signed here? He's young and lays the wood. He might not be starting material but could sub in for plays against the run. And who knows maybe with a change of scenery and with the right coaches and players he could improve his game and turn out to be a good player. It isn't unheard of.
  9. Hardy could of actually wanted to play here for free but our front office still wouldn't want him on our team.
  10. I like to judge how well our offseason was at the end of the season, after the playoffs. A player may not look like a smart signing now but come playoffs the player may be the steal of the offseason while big name players end up being bust or overpaid.
  11. I wonder how much speed he will loose if he adds about 10 pounds?
  12. We should of drafted him with a seventh round pick so at least he couldn't sign with anyone else.
  13. I think Ealy, Johnson and Alexander can get the job done, Ealy should be better and he improved near the end of the year which is a good indication of him improving. Addison had 6.5 sacks last season and if he can just come near that our defensive line should be pretty good. I hoped we drafted Preston Smith or Trey flowers but we didn't. I feel we need to find CJs replacement but maybe next year we could draft his replacement.
  14. Either it was just purely coincidental or the shooter was the father or was killing for the father.
  15. If found guilty Brady should be suspended for a while. Kraft and Belichick may not of known of the wrong doing according to one article I read. I still don't believe that it would have helped the Colts win and if you think about it we are all being outraged by a couple of PSI being deflated from a football.
  16. I wish we would have gave Rodgers the job just so I could see the Huddle implode
  17. I am glad we had dinner with him. If we didn't at least try to land him I would be pretty upset. Watching him play in the SEC I see no reason why he couldn't play LT. If we do sign Collins then we could end up with both tackle positions filled for the next 10 years.
  18. I think he would need to spend some time on the practice squad with Proehl then see what he can do.
  19. I am happy we got Williams. I don't know if he would have been available when we picked so trading up was a good idea in my opinion. I believe Williams could end up one of the best tackles in the draft.
  20. We drafted a RB in the sixth round the past two seasons, could we do it again? They say third times a charm so maybe we will hit a HR with our next RB.
  21. If Hill can prove himself then we would have three WRs that are 6'4+ and a good TE. I hope Hill can prove himself, chances are slim but possible.
  22. Gettleman wants our WRs to have a certain identity, tall, big possession type WRs that can help Cam who tends to overthrow the ball. I don't like giving up all the picks for him but I trust Gettleman and maybe we trade back into the third round.
  23. I wonder if he knew how many commercials there would be in between picks?
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