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  1. O yeah, one a year for the Jersey number!!!
  2. I guess this was ok signings. Let's see if they can really make a name for themselves. Definitely could use the extra stocky blocking tight ends.
  3. Yeah, he's getting buff. I just hope it doesn't effect his speed.
  4. Thanks Igo, looking forward to the pictures etc...
  5. He's always wrong, just like the weather man. These guys are wrong alot and still get to Keep their jobs......
  6. You should of just posted this on one of the Patriots forums dude. I'm sure 99% percent doesn't care around here!
  7. It was a excellent draft. We will see. Only time will tell!
  8. I like this guy already. It's very easy to say your going to protect Cam and keep him safe. He has to prove he it!
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