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  1. Even the fan on the field can run straight through that Chiefs O-line.
  2. Rotel cheese dip and ground beef. Easy to make and easy for it to be gone.
  3. I feel this is more indicative of the Packers unable to get it done in the playoffs. Incredible that they haven't even been back to the Super Bowl since 2011.
  4. Packers are done. They are choking away yet another NFC Championship game.
  5. At the least, Lions post-games are going to be very interesting.
  6. The amount of yards Teddy will throw on his first pass.
  7. The Washington Marty Riveras is actually going to be a thing?
  8. I honestly have to see this to believe it because this means Snyder inexplicably didn't put a "Hire anyone except Hurney" stipulation in there somewhere.
  9. Time to get those paper bags out of storage...
  10. Brees is so charitable giving away footballs for what could be his last football game.
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