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  1. Denver couldn't stop the run at all tonight. Awful.
  2. I just want the Browns to not give the Broncos another chance so I don't have to see death by a billion Teddy two yard passes.
  3. I would be utterly embarrased on those two Broncos defenders who couldn't take down Case Keenum.
  4. Teddy touchdown thanks to terrible tackling.
  5. Didn't even last a minute. Whoops.
  6. No point stating the obvious but I'm quite envious of both QBs getting competent protection.
  7. Wasn't the Denver defense also highly ranked early? Injuries, sounds like.
  8. Textbook third down Teddy throw.
  9. It's easy to be enthusiastic when they look at our O-line and realize they are only costumed as one.
  10. I also had an epiphany. We need better indicators on a thread so I don't go into one and step on a big pile of poo.
  11. Disappointed no one has said our receivers have a case of butterfingers.
  12. I can understand the reason for going for it but decision may prove costly down the road.
  13. Could be a "last team with the ball" wins type of game.
  14. They said they wanted to treat Darnold like a rookie. Our draft picks have predominantly been on the defense. Questions were raised about the O-line's ability to protect. I don't quite get hearing this now instead of the beginning of the season. As for the vastly different look, prove it on the field. Something different, even if it doesn't quite work, at least shows effort.
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