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  1. venom

    What Are You Listening To Right Now....

    Yup, Black Pope is no more
  2. venom

    What Are You Listening To Right Now....

  3. It's too bad the Anglo-American establishment WANTS ISIS to cause this kind of chaos around the world. There are no intentions of actually stopping them. All our military actions in the middle east are a dog and pony show. If we really wanted, we could send in Xe or whoever and end ISIS overnight before they even knew what hit them. But, that's not part of the agenda, so it'll never happen.
  4. Then the same should rightfully be said for alcohol then, right?
  5. I don't believe so... :D
  6. There are literally no good arguments against weed. If alcohol is legal, then weed sure as hell deserves to be legal too. End of story.
  7. venom

    "Big Bang is just a theory" say it aint so

    As far as this article goes, all I have to say is DUH. The idea that the universe always has been, with no beginning, and no end, just makes sense.
  8. venom

    "Big Bang is just a theory" say it aint so

    Sounds like there's some confusion in here on the definition of theory in the context of science. Under this usage, theory essentially means fact.
  9. Military campaign...terrorism...it's all semantics. Murder is murder, and we've committed it literally a million more times against muslims than they have against us. I mean c'mon, we're basically guilty of genocide over there.
  10. Technically we're the real terrorists.
  11. Plus we HAVE killed over a million of them in the last decade. Is it not surprising they'd try to get revenge any chance they get.
  12. It's all hype. Don't fall for the fear mongering propaganda guys.
  13. Haha right? Good thing the muslim's aren't like us otherwise they would've invaded the united states decades ago.
  14. Zbigniew Brzezinski's creation of the Mujahideen didn't help