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  1. That's my point, lol. "We could've had this All-Pro undrafted free agent in the 7th round, but instead we picked *insert whoever here,* terrible pick!" These types of hindsight-based threads are pointless and we shouldn't be judging our team's drafts based on who went after them. That's just stupid, we picked who we picked because we thought they were the best player to pick right there and right then. Period.
  2. How is this a good post? We could've had Tom Brady in the 5th round too, but we didn't cause that's not how it works. Also, how the fk is it "too early to tell" for Moore, Gaulden, Elder, etc. but it's an "epic win" for a guy who has played exactly 3 games of professional regular season football? Edit: Damn, I just saw who posted the thread too. No offense to Bronn, he's one of my top 10 or so Huddlers lol.
  3. Seal (SmittyIsOurSavior)

    What NFCS boards are saying

    One said it, two confirmed it, another alluded to it. Point stands. And there's no need to point out the shortfalls of the Huddle's very own resident dumbasses. There are virtually hundreds of them, to the point where I rarely bother coming on here anymore because of how much peoples' ridiculous hot takes annoy the fk outta me. Julius Peppers leaves, he's suddenly a mediocre DE and the most overrated player in the league. Julius Peppers comes back, and now he's a top 5 all-time defensive lineman again and the most underrated player in the league. Our most talented CB ever leaves, "oh he sucked all along, just a product of the system." Sherrod Martin leaves, and it's "oh he was worse than Haruki Nakamura, and that's saying a lot." Charles Godfrey leaves, "oh he was worse than Sherrod Martin, and that's saying a lot." Tre Boston next, "oh he was worse than Charles Godfrey, and that's saying a lot." Suddenly Nakamura is both the best & worst DB we've ever had in some roundabout way, lol. People here are fkin ridiculous. But I digress.
  4. Seal (SmittyIsOurSavior)

    What NFCS boards are saying

    Lol at Falcons fans convinced we only signed Reid to keep him away from them. We had 3 safeties on our roster. One raw rookie, one ageless grandpa, and one Colin Jones. But nah, we only signed him so Atlanta couldn't have him. Some people are fkin stupid, man.
  5. Seal (SmittyIsOurSavior)


    I survived. The aftermath had Wilmington looking like a warzone though.
  6. Seal (SmittyIsOurSavior)


    Anyone else riding it out in Wilmington? On a scale of 9 to 10, how terrible of a decision am I making?
  7. Seal (SmittyIsOurSavior)

    Post a pic, any pic.

  8. Seal (SmittyIsOurSavior)

    Huddle Contest: Tickets and Pregame Field Passes

    Lol I love the Panthers. Am I doing this right?
  9. Seal (SmittyIsOurSavior)

    Fun Fact: Panthers Receivers in the Playoffs

    No joke? I believe it because he was lights out in every game except against Seattle's defense in 2005, but I had never heard that before.
  10. Seal (SmittyIsOurSavior)

    Fun Fact: Panthers Receivers in the Playoffs

    Remember the GB game in '08 (I think it was '08?) when he got tackled at the one yard line twice in the same game?
  11. Fun Fact: Of the top 10 best receiving yardage performances in playoff history, three of them belong to Carolina Panthers. Steve Smith had 404 yards in the 2003 playoffs (4th all-time) and 335 yards in 2005 (10th all-time; 3rd all-time for those who didn't play in the Super Bowl). Additionally, Muhsin Muhammad had 352 yards in 2003, good for 9th on the all-time list. No other team has more than two entries in the top 25. Steve Smith is also the only player to appear twice in the top 12. And if you add every player's two best playoff yardage performances together, he finishes just ahead of 2nd place Jerry Rice by 13 yards and 3rd place Larry Fitzgerald by 34 yards. Despite his limited number of playoff appearances, Steve Smith still sits pretty at 13th all-time on the playoff receiving list, behind only Reggie Wayne and Anquan Boldin for active players. ---------- http://www.pro-football-reference.com/leaders/rec_yds_single_season_playoffs.htm PFR link if anyone's interested.
  12. How the hell are you getting decent internet in rural Laos? I had trouble finding it even in places like Bangkok, let alone the rural areas of SE Asia.
  13. Seal (SmittyIsOurSavior)

    Ranking the Receiver Performances

    The way the Huddle treats them, you'd expect Greg and Kelvin to break 1,000, Brown and Funchess to break 800, Ginn to break 600, Hill to break 500, and Armanti Edwards and David Gettis to combine for 2,500. What do you mean yall are giving up on Gary Barnidge already?
  14. I dunno what happened to my post, but it's not letting me edit it either. This new mobile app is dicks right now lol.
  15. My general top 10 rankings... Rodgers Brady Manning Brees Rivers Romo Wilson Roethlisberger Luck Ryan/Cam I think this year Cam makes himself a near consensus top 10.