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  1. two words. christian. mccaffrey. on and off the field, mccaffrey gets all the attention.
  2. i would be shocked if brees doesn't retire after this season. the look on his face on the sideline last sunday wasn't one of dealing with discomfort and pain, it was the look of dealing with reality. he knows he's done.
  3. this might be why he's on his 4th team.
  4. the defense looks better. i have no idea who 3/4 of the defensive players are, and it's obvious those same players have no idea what they're doing 3/4 of the time...but they always seem to keep the team within reach of winning. they could be scary good if the light bulb ever comes on. it may just be me, but i'm just not impressed with the offense...even with mccaffrey in the lineup.
  5. ouch. i hadn't been following them. this is the first game i've had the chance to watch. not good.
  6. benched, or they come out with a completely run heavy gameplan using cam. there's no way in hell belichick let's this play out the way it is thru the second half.
  7. i drool at the possibility of double trouble v.2.0
  8. i have made at least three attempts to respond to this. i now realize i'm just speechless.
  9. chinn and brown are future stars. mccaffery is already a star. moore has the potential to be a star, but i think we're seeing his ceiling. he'll be reliable, but not the game changing offensive threat that the team desperately needs at the position.
  10. i thought bradberry wanted out of carolina. if so, there wasn't much of a choice.
  11. first moore, now zylstra...i'm really getting sick and tired of seeing jackson not playing the ball. a db's back to the qb going to the endzone? a qb's going to throw at you every single time.
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