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  1. nosuchthingasapanther

    Silver Lining: The Saints almost drafted Patrick Mahomes

    can't verify wether the story is valid or not, but why is it so hard to believe? everyone is in contact with everyone on draft day, and 10 minutes a long damn time. the only reason a person isn't prepared to answer a phone call within the first half ring on draft day is if they're a fan and have zilch to do with the nfl other than watch it all unfold.
  2. i try to avoid the huddle on game day...but came here to ask this very same thing. there was nothing but open field on the left side.
  3. nosuchthingasapanther

    Just think on this a moment...

    i know how to solve this problem. once a QB starts to slide...just touch him.
  4. nosuchthingasapanther

    Antonio Brown cited for driving 100mph

    i could have sworn it used to be anything 20+ over the speed limit automatically put you in handcuffs.
  5. he may not burn a defense with a 20 yard run, but he sure as hell can frustrate defenders by keeping plays alive long enough for his receivers to get open.
  6. nosuchthingasapanther

    2015 Panthers vs 2018 Panthers

    2015 > 2018 the current team has the potential to be better than 2015’s...but it ain’t there yet.
  7. nosuchthingasapanther

    Donte the best corner ever drafted by the Panthers ?

    jackson's got a loooong way to go before he should be mentioned in the same sentence as gamble.
  8. nosuchthingasapanther

    David Newton trying to start some controversy

    the whole military/flag angle is just a distraction to divert from the actual cause for the whole movement.
  9. nosuchthingasapanther

    REPORT: Patrick Peterson might be traded to New Orleans

    brees is on the decline, but it's hard to see because he and payton are intelligent enough to constantly tweak the offense and personnel to adjust to what he can and can't do.
  10. watched it till the end. sure the panthers have played like straight poo, but the last 3 weeks have been the most exciting football games i've seen a long time.
  11. nosuchthingasapanther

    Official Panthers at Eagles Gameday Thread!

    they're playing the panthers....that's why they look like a superbowl team.
  12. nosuchthingasapanther

    NFC South Coaches you LOVED beating....

    sean payton is the only nfc south coach I enjoy seeing the panthers beat.
  13. nosuchthingasapanther

    Official Luke Kuechly sucks thread

    luke doesn't look the same...but that's because the front four is pretty much nonexistent. it's easy to gameplan a mlb out of a play when you can get your offensive line to the second level...even if that mlb is the best in the game.
  14. nosuchthingasapanther

    Question for people blaming Cam

    he was in the redzone with the game on the line playing for the win? no.
  15. nosuchthingasapanther

    Question for people blaming Cam

    let's light this thread on fire. alex smith would have won the game if he was in the same position.