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  1. nosuchthingasapanther

    Where do you NOT want to see Thomas Davis go?

    he's only got another season or two left to get a ring. he's not going to waste time with the falcons or bucs.
  2. nosuchthingasapanther

    Why do you love the Huddle?

    i don't necessarily love it., but i don't hate it either. i come here because even at it's absolute worst, it's more tolerable than any other panther related fansite on the internet.
  3. nosuchthingasapanther

    XFL fires a shot across the NFL's bow

    i seriously doubt the nfl is worried. the xfl won't attract high profile college players. it's the american equivalent of the cfl.
  4. nosuchthingasapanther

    Is Kuechly the Panthers GOAT?

    steve smith offensive goat. julius peppers defensive goat.
  5. antonio brown will be 31 when the new season starts. it's not about age, it's about performing. and the truth is, even the younger players on the panther's current roster are only questionably good.
  6. half the league is going to throw everything along with the kitchen sink to the steelers to get him. he's out of pittsburgh for sure.
  7. nosuchthingasapanther

    Do you believe we can compete next year?

    i don't see what some of you are seeing. from a roster standpoint, mccaffrey is the only one that doesn't need to be seriously evaluated. there are vets that need to be let go and young players that show flashes of potential, but really haven't shown they can be relied on.
  8. nosuchthingasapanther

    Kyle Allen should be our backup going forward

    he looked just as good last week against starters.
  9. nosuchthingasapanther

    Anybody notice the Rams Cards game?

    i'm of the belief that the panthers' system sucks.
  10. nosuchthingasapanther

    Anybody notice the Rams Cards game?

    yeah, because the cards give up 150+ yards @ 8+ ypc to a running back every week.
  11. nosuchthingasapanther

    Anyone have any doubts Rivera needs fired now?

    rivera should be fired for this lack of a defensive showing.
  12. nosuchthingasapanther

    Why does Heineken have a team captain patch?

    it's the equivalent of a participation trophy.
  13. nosuchthingasapanther

    The big "if"

    playoffs or no playoffs, newton doesn't play another snap this season. there 's been zero downfield threat with newton under center from day one...why the fug would he be an option in the playoffs?
  14. nosuchthingasapanther

    The best lineman in Panthers history

    it's a really tough argument to put kalil over gross...and vice versa.