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  1. deangelo williams's career minus his mvp-like 2008 season.... 658 yards and 4 tds per season. see how that works.
  2. the last thing you want to do when recovering from shoulder surgery is not be active enough.
  3. i came here expecting to see a video. all i see are some pictures and a bunch of frickin words.
  4. it wasn't his decision to lose 15lbs. mike tomlin told him to be at 220 or less before he reported to his first steelers' camp.
  5. this. proehl is the man who you never think about until he wins the frickin game for you. he's quietly one of my favorite nfl players of all time.
  6. they may have lost the big game, but imo this one picture sums up the entire season...
  7. that's what has them down by 14. the problem is the saints' new defensive coordinator.
  8. it's time the panthers settled down and start playing smash mouth. to hell with airing it out. there's three quarters off football left.
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