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  1. smith is a ticking time bomb and he knows it. the people on this list are the people who he knows can help him on and off the field when he gets out of hand. every one of them is a mentor in one way or another.
  2. nothing surprising about that list. keep in mind, these are his top 5. i'm sure his top 10-15 would include some other names that people think should be there. ...and I seriously doubt newton would make his list at all. two different personalities from two different worlds. i just can't see the two of them being anything other than cordial to each other.
  3. i wouldn't say all the doctors who wouldn't do the surgery were wrong. it's more like he finally found someone who agreed to do it. i just recently had shoulder surgery after two years of physical therapy. several doctors told me surgery would help with the discomfort and pain, but my shoulder would never be back to normal. i had the surgery, and sure enough the doctors who opted for everything except surgery were right.
  4. i thought newton was always against surgery, and any delays were a result of him exhausting every option before going under the knife? and since when does an athlete, or anyone for that matter, have to beg for surgery? don't they have the final say so as to what happens when they get injured?
  5. not a single person in the media, and even the huddle has said this.
  6. interesting? that should be eye opening for a lot of people/fans.
  7. personally, i think it's just fan/press created excuse since not a single team in the league has made mention of this concerning cam or any other free agent this offseason. even the most intense physical exams are mostly non contact, and there's nothing restrictive about travel for free agents. if exposure is the concern, take a private plane or at worst a bus/rv decked out like a 5 star hotel to where ever you need to go.
  8. i don't see where he (or tepper) lied about anything. ultimately, fans on both sides heard what they wanted to hear.
  9. that's because neither have seen much of it consistently for quite some time.
  10. balanced, disciplined, steve smith, and a nasty defensive line. 2003 team by at least 2 scores.
  11. why? their old design was simple, yet one of the best in the league.
  12. whitfield's claim to fame is from *ahem*... "training"... *ahem* andrew luck.
  13. it's best for both parties if he just plays out his contract.
  14. if they really want burrow, that's what it's going to take. newton would have to be on the table to beat out anyone else who wants the spot.
  15. as wild as this scenario is, tepper has already warned everyone not to expect the team to be a contender any time soon. even if they went all out to get burrow, they can still build a contending team by the end of his rookie deal.
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