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  1. YoungPanthers89

    Hornets Gameday Thread

    Try harder
  2. YoungPanthers89

    Hornets Gameday Thread

    I'd love nothing more than to win the next 7 games in a row and win the division but we all know thats not gonna happen, which makes things like these last 2 games even more bobcats-like.
  3. So many good safeties in the draft
  4. YoungPanthers89

    Lets talk Nickel

    Some really good mid round guys in this years draft that can play outside so we can move Donte to nickel
  5. YoungPanthers89

    So, is Moton LT now?

    Its not a strength quite yet lol still no depth and Paradis and Daryl are coming off major injuries and who knows which Trai Turner shows up next year
  6. Thats a nice surprise
  7. YoungPanthers89


    Gettleman HATES good wide receivers
  8. Who in the blue hell is Sheena Quick?
  9. YoungPanthers89

    Ravens cut Eric Weddle

    fuging Joe Person tweeted that the Panthers were in Weddle's top 5 teams list then deletes it and posts this
  10. All Charlotte pro teams are anti NC State so its not likely
  11. YoungPanthers89

    28 games left

    This franchise signed Shelvin Mack off the street and immediately gave him minutes instead of attempting to develop the young PG that they drafted.
  12. YoungPanthers89

    NFL Combine Thread

    Bradbury is gonna be a really good pro for a long time
  13. YoungPanthers89

    2019 Playoff race.

    Ah fug, hope Ferland didn't hurt his arm in a 6-0 game.
  14. YoungPanthers89

    2019 Playoff race.

    These boys are legit