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  1. When I see him building low-income affordable housing then I'll be impressed. Until then, not so much.
  2. @1of10Charnatives We have our own history of a GM making a change everyone hated for "his guy" that didn't work out. Seifert, who was combo HC/GM, cut Steve Beuerlien in 2000 after signing Jeff Lewis. If you were on the Observer board, you surely remember the fan uproar.
  3. I know no one is guaranteed a job in the NFL. And the Huddle tells me to not feel sorry for the millionaire NFL players. But I really do feel sorry for Dortch. Signed off a practice squad where he was at least getting a paycheck and involved in football then 2 weeks later he's waived, has no job, and he's not in football any more. And I thought he did well. btw DJ Moore is our return guy on the Pro Bowl ballot.
  4. Holyfield remains on the practice squad .........
  5. Your reading comprehension is severely lacking. Read my answer again.
  6. It seemed to me, after the helmet to helmet no call and the RTP call on McCoy, that the refs were using last year's rule book instead of this year's. There was also a low hit on Allen that should've been called, when he rolled to his right once. Terrible, terrible reffing. Too bad Deadspin is basically gone (entire staff left, I mean everybody) ... they'd rip the NFL and the refs to shreds.
  7. I already did. GB: 32 CP: 28. 4 min difference. That one drive that I used as an example. But that's not the point. If our defense had been able to get their asses off the field more, we would've had more time on offense to score more. And GB would've had less. And if we win with 16 points then it's okay. If we lose, no, it's not okay. Duh.
  8. Our defense couldn't get off the field to give our offense more time to score more. How does that work for you? GB's drive before the half as an example. Despite the bad call against McCoy and defense then stopping them from scoring, that whole series used up 5 minutes when our offense was on the sideline.
  9. I just looked up the weather forecast. It's gonna be like a spring day in Green Bay!! High of 35 degrees!! 10% chance of precipitation!!!!!!! Which should be read as a 90% chance of no rain or snow!!!!!!!!!!! Mario gets to show us his new sack celebration. Panthers win 27-17. Besides, we will win because ............
  10. If he passes waivers can he be re-signed to the practice squad?
  11. https://247sports.com/Article/Chase-Young-suspension-update-Ohio-State-NCAA-Bruce-Feldman-138241152/
  12. If it makes anyone feel better, things are just as insane on reddit right now. Don't feel better? Well, sorry.
  13. His tweet before that one. Here's Irvin's tweet later after Turner's. Seems to be all about the money.
  14. Let me tell you a story about a big name QB and his effect on a fan base. Our younger fans need to hear this. He was the first college player ever drafted by the Panthers. He came with very high expectations leading us to the NFC Championship game in only our 2nd year, an unexpected, never-before event. His play declined in 1997 and in 1998 he left the team. The fan base was in shock. Sh!t happens. My path to the stadium is straight south down I-77. Kerry Collins is a native Pennsylvanian and attended Penn State. The amount of Pennsylvania license plates on that highway was unbelievable for home games. I don’t remember that any of those cars had only 2 people in them. There were also a couple of buses. I’m sure it went on all morning too. The next game after he quit, they were gone. Attendance suffered for a game or two. But the Panthers didn’t quit and Panther fans appreciated Steve Beurerlein more than we may ever be able to show him. Were they fair weather fans? No. They were Kerry Collins fans. There will always be fans of certain athletes especially QB’s. They may be gone once the athlete is gone, they may not. Whining that your current favorite player is no longer a Panther or that the Panthers are going to forever suck changes nothing. The Panthers didn’t quit in 1998 or 2001 or 2010 and they haven’t quit now. Do you think the child that got a TD football from McCaffrey last game is going to refuse it because it’s not from Cam?
  15. You can't replace Luke Kuechly. There will never be another like him. And now that we have a defense that fully listens to him and is capable of performing, especially the safeties, his legend will only grow. Someone needs to do an extended interview with McCoy or Boston or any veteran that's been on another team and ask what the difference is with Luke.
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