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  1. GRWatcher

    Season ticket renewal letter

    We used e-tix this year. My son would have both of them on his iPhone because it was easier and his mom is a clutz lol. Then he would send me a screen shot of the ticket to use with stadium staff checking tickets at the top of the section. BTW my invoice is the same for the 2019 season as it was for 2018, lower bowl. Must've realized they had been ripping us off.
  2. There was a lot more that you said. Don't try to get away from the conspiracies.
  3. Ah, @Mr. Scot, that you would care about someone being abused is true kindness. But, no, I left because I had the optimism to know that I and my children would be alright and better off without him. But I digress. I have no argument. I'm simply pointing out the overabundance of your conspiracy theories which you have insisted on posting all over this forum. And that's all they are,
  4. You're going to extremes now @Mr. Scot Which is letting the conspiracy theorist in you run wild. You should have more control than that. smh
  5. But in your conversations, it does. You're adamant about experience. How can you advocate for a lack of experience in one aspect such as head coach but not in another aspect such as running backs coach? "Experience" doesn't necessarily mean "running backs coaching experience".
  6. I'm a "cheerleader" for the Carolina Panthers team not any one coach or player although I have my favorites. I'm also an optimist by nature. And that entire sentence is your opinion and nothing more.
  7. https://www.panthers.com/news/jake-peetz-named-running-backs-coach
  8. Frank Reich had never been a head coach before he took the job with the Colts. Pifff with your experience.
  9. Ah @Mr. Scot, you are a conspiracy theorist and rumor monger extraordinaire. From nothing you have created theories little old women would be proud of.
  10. Or, you know, they wanted to promote Skipper but Skipper told them he was retiring. And they gave Skipper the room and opportunity to announce his retirement on his own schedule so Rivera said "things would essentially continue as is". Come on over from the dark side.
  11. I've enjoyed watching the AAF especially with the good pace of the games. The idea of a ref in a booth with video giving instant feedback to the officials on field is such a good idea watch the NFL start doing it. I've pulled for Orlando from the start if only that I love Spurrier but Gilbert is by far the best QB in the league. What a long ball! Too, Orlando is the only team with good WR's. Most of the AAF's WR's are butterfingered. They aren't catching the ball even when their QB does get it to them. I'm impressed. There's quite a few good things going for the AAF not the least is the partnership with the NFL and its network.
  12. GRWatcher

    Cam Newton All Star Weekend Interview

    http://www.nba.com/video/2019/02/16/20190216-inside-cam-newton-interview/ It's over 5 minutes long. lol when I googled "Cam Newton interview NBC All Star Weekend" this thread was the first thing on the list. WTG Jeremy!!
  13. GRWatcher

    My Valentine's day present.

    Congratulations!! A new Panther fan!!
  14. https://247sports.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/Article/Steve-Smith-comments-Eric-Reid-Panthers-re-signing-129101007/?fbclid=IwAR3U_ZjBqG8-RDHQ8HWon7P77v3Em3afu_7I2p5Vrrh8lLyKEohrN-E0H9k