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  1. No excuses for the many Huddlers who need work. Go get 'em fellas!!
  2. It's part of the information you give them as a PSL owner so you can get updates, advance notice for ticket sales, PSL Privileges entries, team store sales, etc. If you're a PSL owner and they don't have your email you're missing out on a large portion of the privileges. It's also needed to mange your PSL account online.
  3. Waffle House? .......... no Circle K!
  4. From the survey wording, the minimum increase would be $3,000 annually per seat. Pretty damn expensive for 10 parties. You should be there for the football not the party.
  5. He said in an interview that he has special teams experience. He didn't say what or how much.
  6. Got the survey too. Nothing, I mean nothing, for people/families on a budget. Also no improvements for handicapped fans. Told them that at the end. I'm very disappointed if those are the only improvements they're considering.
  7. Congratulations!!!! You've been at it a long time. Entertaining fans, working towards your goal. I subscribed to all your youtube channels over the years. I'm sure Cam will miss you. Hell, the Huddle misses you! I loved the way you blended your video and audio, sometimes movie tracks, sometimes great music. And thank you to @Jeremy Igo for letting us know what you've been up to.
  8. Oh boy! You must live a very sheltered life. Because all fans talk sh!t. Yes, even those fans. lol
  9. lol Sorry! I thought you were saying you needed help cause it's not always easy. Juan is beyond help.
  10. Right click or continually press the time stamp. It may be a date; it may be a time reference. Click or press “Copy” or “Copy link” or “Copy link address”. Paste the link in the Huddle Reply. Give it a moment to embed the tweet. Click the Preview button to see it before posting. NOTE: Be sure you have the original of the tweet you want. Sometimes you have to drill down to get the original tweet’s time stamp. And replies don’t always embed with the tweet they’re replying to. Which is why I strongly suggest previewing before posting.
  11. https://247sports.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/Article/Panthers-Buccaneers-Twitter-fan-poll-dispute-130614500/
  12. Growing up as a Bills fan, I can't stress how much I hate this man. Truly despise him. That his son is a Panther just shows the irony of life. That this dirtbag was fired as an NFL coach for the Falcons is karma.
  13. Sam Mills was a better man in spite of his cancer. However, his legacy, his cancer, and his death are inseparable. How he dealt with his impending death is exactly how he dealt with every other stumbling block in his life, and there were a lot of them. Huddlers need to acquaint themselves with Sam Mills, how he handled life and death. Just go to youtube and search Sam Mills. Then search 1996 Carolina Panthers. The entire Dallas playoff game is there plus more. There is no one who better exemplified his "Keep Pounding" mantra his entire life than Sam Mills.
  14. If Sean Payton is unhappy ...... then I'm happy. Whatever the reason. I don't want to bring up old arguments, but what I saw was a bad throw by Brees.
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