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  1. GRWatcher

    Who hasnt given up?

    No giving up here but I make absolutely sure that a bad game doesn't ruin the rest of my day or week. What I am totally 100% rooting for is that Peppers gets at least 2 more sacks to get to #3 on the all time sack list. So the d-line had better start playing better for that to happen.
  2. Thank you! Despite how pretty that Thursday game was, however, I'm not even thinking Aints. Next game up. But I do appreciate the comments about missing the playoffs and the home team. Someone will be saying, if they haven't already, we don't deserve to win, don't deserve the playoffs.That makes me so angry. WTF
  3. Good questions. And I do believe that there is something else Rivera is hiding. I'm leaning towards a precautionary health issue. Specifically a heart issue. Samuel's heart is no longer normal. They made it seem like a minor thing but he had heart surgery. Just 7 weeks ago. They may not yet know if it fully fixed his heartbeat and an irregular heartbeat can kill and is nothing to fool around with. Because it is a personal medical issue, Ron can't talk about it either. So we get, "He'll get more opportunities" ..... [unspoken: as we make sure his heart can handle it.]
  4. That play would've been designed for Torrey Smith if he was active. Funchess would've been a decoy.
  5. I've been thinking the same thing. Besides the rules now favoring the offense, offensive holding isn't getting called at all it seems. Let alone O lineman blocking downfield when they shouldn't. Payton and McVay have figured out how to stop defenses and have QBs that can score often. Some one needs to figure out the other side. I'm hoping some defensive genius figures it out and then the rest of the NFL has got the formula. When the points are high for both teams, it's not necessarily a boring game. MNF's game was actually an ugly game as @Moorgan said, pretty exciting. It's when it's a blowout game like 48-7 that it becomes hard to watch. I do prefer low scoring defensive battles.
  6. Geez. I hate repeating myself. Your anger over practices is totally off the mark.
  7. GRWatcher

    I'm going to need this

    You could, you know, log out of here and log onto their sites to check. Then stay there for awhile.
  8. So much to chose from.... A win. Peppers passing Kevin Greene on all time sack list. He needs 3. No injuries.
  9. No practice was cancelled. They simply flip flopped a normal Thursday full practice with a normal Friday short practice when they install the game plan. In other words, they installed the game plan on Thursday instead of Friday and had a full practice on Friday instead of on Thursday. The CBA stipulates that players are given 4 consecutive days off on bye weeks. The NFL & NFLPA must be looking at the 'mini bye' the same way. https://nflpaweb.blob.core.windows.net/media/Default/PDFs/2011 CBA Updated with Side Letters thru 1-5-15.pdf
  10. GRWatcher

    If anyone needs a job

    You're welcome! I worked there 1 day as an office temp in HR so it was easy to get the information. Helping others to obtain good paying jobs with benefits is a joy.
  11. GRWatcher

    If anyone needs a job

    Carolina Beverage Group, Mooresville is hiring. Machine Operators, Fork Lift Driver, Lab Technician, Blending Technician Apply on their website only. https://carolinabeveragegroup.com/career-opportunities/