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  1. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/cam-newtons-status-reportedly-up-in-the-air-for-week-3-after-re-aggravating-foot-injury/?fbclid=IwAR3oJD78PZ4tLpsVOnAFFSxLBKN3IEBecvoYC2Sq4gR9MmPdZhSNf-mXtyI
  2. https://theriotreport.com/cam-newtons-misses-practice-status-unclear-for-sundays-game-vs-cardinals/?fbclid=IwAR2kZela7R8S_qLXeeo7YGytPsrtNS_DHwu8xpIeQFL3I2zfTMZ0CF5KYlQ
  3. Some are too young to know why he refused military service or even that he did.
  4. He was at LT all through training camp and preseason. He's not a rookie. Our rookie was in the protocol until the Tuesday before a Thursday game.
  5. Everyone is forgetting this. He came out of the protocol 2 days before the game. If he was a vet, maybe he could've handled the game plan. But you can't do that to a rookie.
  6. Ryan Kalil, yes. Matt, not so much. He and Norv have to trust Paradis and they're not there yet.
  7. Maybe because they didn't expect Williams to forget how to play LT? idk. You'll have to ask Norv Turner that question.
  8. I think once Paradis starts calling better protections and Cam and Norv start trusting him, you'll see more of the Cam of old. Greg Little instead of Daryl Williams would help too. Bottom line, Cam isn't having fun right now.
  9. Your comment was about Rivera misusing our top 2 offensive players for personal gain. And I totally disagree with that.
  10. If we get refs that will actually call offensive holding instead of thinking "53 is bum rushing so he had no time to let go" then our pass rush will have a chance. Peppers used to often get those type of non-calls when held the 1st time he was with us. Hochuli Senior actually explained it once during a Green Bay game. Unbelievable! Red zone, yes! Paradis needs to gain the trust of Norv and Cam so they'll call Cam's number with a half yard to go. Finally, Ray Ray needs to hand onto the ball. He was lucky twice the last game.
  11. I agree with switching out Williams' position. But why has he been the starter these 2 games? Because Greg Little had been in concussion protocol since early preseason. He was released from the protocol just 2 days before the last game. Little's not a vet; he couldn't just slip into the game plan and know what to do. Why does everyone forget that when discussing Williams and LT? As if concussion protocol is a coach's fault. I expect to see changes made on the left side given our mini bye week.
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