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  1. Zack, your post doesn't include the link, just a picture. Here it is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1794486527300464/ From last season: https://www.charlestoncitypaper.com/charleston/where-to-watch-your-favorite-nfl-teams-in-charleston-during-the-2018-19-season/Content?oid=21970413 redit mentions a "chuktown riot" but I can't find anything else on them.
  2. https://roaringriot.com/collections/roaring-riot-chapters Low Country Riot Southern Shakers Bar & Grill 1761 N Main St. Summerville, SC 29483 https://www.facebook.com/groups/625340710842881/ Carolina Panther Fans of Charleston
  3. Besides the fact that every other modern day presidential candidate has released their tax returns, here are some items they will be looking for that are potentially criminal because he is the persident. 1) Use of campaign finances could pass through his personal tax forms to hide misuse, i.e. money laundering. Paying off a porn star through Cohen's LLC? Payments to Manafort for foreign intelligence? etc. 2) Every other president has divested himself of personal connections to companies, stocks, investments, etc. Trump has not. Passing "control" to his sons is not the same. Has he gained from the Trump International Hotel in DC, or Mar-a-Logo, or any other Trump owned property? Possible Emoluments clause violations. 3) Who holds his debt? Bribery doesn't always mean getting more of something, it also can mean reducing obligations. Big national security questions here. You can't compare Trump's 'privacy' rights over his taxes to any other 1%er's rights. He is a public figure, the President of the United States, and he gave up those rights when he took the oath of office. Which is why the DOJ and Mnuchin are arguing in court that the reason for Congress' request is strictly partisan and not legislative. They will lose that argument. Congress doesn't need to give a reason.
  4. Believe it or not the US Constitution delegates how elections are held to the states which means that the purview for elections, primaries/caucuses especially, are under state jurisdiction. The federal government gets involved concerning civil/voting rights when state election law tramples on other parts of the Constitution such as the 14th amendment. Except. of course, for political gerrymandering which Roberts thinks can be easily fixed at the state level. :(
  5. Coaches will not like this. No fan base is going to go for this bs even if they exempt QB's. You pay full price, if not more, for tickets for a game 2 months from now. Your son gets all hyped, you buy a Kuechly jersey for him because Luke is his favorite player. You get to the stadium early to watch warm ups and -BAM- it's one of Luke's games off. How pissed are you going to be??
  6. He's currently a free agent.
  7. In 1996 or 1997 Walls penned a short article for the Charlotte Observer on how fans can help the Panthers win. In those early years in Ericsson Stadium, fans were acting as if watching a college football game: "alumni" sitting quietly, "students" going nuts at the wrong times. Unfortunately there were more "alumni" than "students". Good lord, I remember the ladies in fur coats and men in suits, nary a word from them. So he told them to boo loudly when the other team was introduced. (You'd be surprised how they didn't even do this.) To start yelling and screaming when the opposition first enters their huddle so it's difficult for them to hear the QB. And to keep yelling past the ball snap. Then he told them to be hear-pin-drop quiet when our offense was on the field. And to always show respect for anyone who is injured. I lol at huddlers who think our fans are bad. OMG! They were much, much worse in the beginning, loudly cheering while on offense, quiet while on defense (which gave the other team a quiet huddle). That's why other teams used to say it was like playing a home game. Raised as a Bills fan I knew better and cheered accordingly but it took Wesley saying it to make it cannon. I once mentioned this article to Scott Fowler for his book but he told me he never did find that article. Too bad. It's still relevant today.
  8. Yeah but it's that time of year when fluff is all you'll hear. At least this fluff has some humor to it.
  9. The constitution doesn't say that the president has to be sworn in in DC, or even that the Chief Justice of SCOTUS does it. Just that it is done on January 20th. Once the new president-elect is sworn in, he/she is the Commander-In-Chief and the military, Homeland Security and ICE/CBP will follow their orders and theirs only. Trump doesn't have to concede. Ordinary citizens won't have to take up arms. Secret service agents will be protecting the president-elect as they do the president. And the federal courts don't need to indict Trump. The state of New York can do that all on their own. I foresee a long vacation for the Trump family either to a country without an extradition treaty with the US or behind bars.
  10. This guy is full of snark. No team escapes it from him. He mentions Cam's new throwing motion as the reason for things looking up. Gotta appreciate the snark. But here is one of his best. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2842650-mike-freemans-10-point-stance-latest-buzz-on-most-impactful-nfl-stories?utm_source=cnn.com&utm_campaign=editorial&utm_medium=referral Pretty decent article before everyone's training camp. Skip the Saints and Patriots. He butt licks Brees and Brady.
  11. I don't think so either. It was a very bad throw from Brees.
  12. https://sports.yahoo.com/no-change-pass-interference-rule-competition-committee-205522169--nfl.html?src=rss [Emphasis mine.] There's the problem in a nutshell with any replay review and it will come up again and again with the PI review. Few games each week use enough cameras to show all the angles, MNF, SNF, TNF (sometimes), the "game of the week" (sometimes). And that is why the same reviewed play is called one way in one game and another way in a different game. Or one way in the playoffs and differently in the regular season. For all the money that is made from the broadcasts, you'd think spending a little more to give all games the same amount of cameras/angles should be a priority.
  13. So you're willing to spend $25,000 on 2 PSL's? Because that's the face value of mine. Give me your phone number!
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