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  1. From the Buffalo Bills on their website, posted June 30th. (Emphasis mine.) https://www.buffalobills.com/news/bills-provide-updated-information-to-season-ticket-members-for-2020-season
  2. Those PSL's brought the Panthers to Charlotte and built our stadium and for that I would buy them again in 1994. Also, you should read the PSL contract. It explicitly states that you agree that you are not buying the PSL as an investment.
  3. That's when mine finally sold but those seats are right next to that end zone, lower bowl, which helped. Got half the Panthers' advertised price. Had an email from the buyer that they wanted to enjoy Panthers football with their family so my guess is that they had 4 seats in the end zone, Panthers gave them the 2 seats next to mine (which belonged to the Panthers) and helped them buy mine so they had 4 seats together again. However, they were posted for sale for over a year. Right time, right place. And every day I thank the Lord I no longer own PSL's. It's going to be years before PSL owners get any decent money when selling if anything at all.
  4. Tyrone Poole is the most notable. Drafted by the Panthers first round in 1995. Now has 2 Super Bowl rings.
  5. Considering that the Patriots are now banned from filming during games as part of their punishment, Belichick might welcome it with open arms.
  6. No Cooter yet lol. Posts are running from WTF to believing in Belichick to Cam's camp competition to loving it. Only 1 "If you don't love this you're a racist" post. They're much more polite than this board but I could only get through 4 of 15 pages before my eyes hurt.
  7. Well, I figure if Belichick could put up with how Gronkowski acted, having Cam on the team will be like a cake walk for him. Maybe Cam can get him out of those damn hoodies lol. Nobody's gonna work harder for him than Cam. I wish him the best. Gonna miss him but glad he's playing. But I will not -- never ever --- root for the Patriots unless they're playing Atlanta, TB or NO.
  8. And they lost fan support because of the owner's actions and attitude, only reason. I highly doubt the same will happen with Tepper.
  9. Heard tonight on local news that Tepper had been told that there were murmurings about pulling the statue down so he decided to take it down himself. Ah yes, for public safety. So ............... who do you think on the Charlotte City Council (who would be of a like mind) worked with Tepper so he would 'hear' these rumors third or fourth hand and remove the statue?
  10. There's every possibility that the Panthers spoke with Stevens' agent before the draft including money. There's nothing wrong with that. Or it could be that the agent was throwing out figures to the Saints to get as much for his client as he could without having talked money with the Panthers. That's his job. Payton's the a-hole for publicly bragging and the Saints got caught. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/05/02/panthers-deny-in-draft-deal-with-tommy-stevens/
  11. I so totally agree with you. Sean Payton and his ego are exactly why I hate the Saints so much. I do feel sorry for Tommy Stevens. He'll lose the most from all of this in the end. But DAMN folks!! You're missing the whole point here. JOE BRADY HAS ALREADY GOTTEN UNDER PAYTON'S SKIN. So much so in fact that he had to publicly brag about it and get the team in trouble with the NFL by admitting that he negotiated and talked UDFA $$$ during the draft. Maybe the Panthers did too, they claim they didn't, but if you're the agent wouldn't you throw out there some figures as if the Panthers had (even if they hadn't) to get the most for your client? I would. You're not doing your job if you don't. And we haven't even played a game yet. Or stepped onto the turf. I'm loving it!! https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/05/02/panthers-deny-in-draft-deal-with-tommy-stevens/
  12. So sorry. If sportsurge acts up, try the website abc.com. That for sure will be free but no Trey Wingo lol.
  13. Use the ESPN app. The draft is free on it and their website.
  14. Her name, dipshit, is Kristen Balboni. She seemed to have history with Tillman in Chicago; he called her KB. You forgot to list Coach Ruhle.
  15. We'll field a team only if we have WR's and lineman willing to play both sides and special teams.
  16. https://thehill.com/policy/finance/493779-irs-says-social-security-recipients-with-children-must-take-action-to-ensure The IRS web tool. https://www.irs.gov/ Surprise! If you get Social Security or railroad retirement benefits and have children that qualify, you need to give the IRS that information to get all your stimulus money now.
  17. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001110044/article/12-teams-begin-virtual-offseason-programs-today This gets me almost as excited as the draft. Starting to put in the work.
  18. Sorry about counting Smith. The number we're left with from last year is 14. And I was simply counting bodies lol, not considering talent, although I agree with your assessment. We've added Weatherly (DE), Burris (S), Whitehead (LB), Kerr (DT) which brings the number of bodies to 18 and this includes any practice squad players we signed to a contract in January. So just counting bodies we're about 10 short with 8 draft picks in hand. The class of undrafted FA's this year is supposed to be deep but it's very rare to hit on a gem like Hoover or Norwell. I'm afraid this will lead to Hurney picking for position need and not BPA. And it will all leave our defense (and special teams) for years without the talent a good NFL defense needs to win.
  19. I shouted "Thank you!" and waved at the guys picking up my recycles this week. They waved back. Don't pie me. I hadn't said anything face to face with anybody since April 2nd and I needed that as much as they did.
  20. To make the list even longer, we've also lost Addison, Love, Elliot, Gaulden, Jones, Smith (Andre). That's a total of 15 players. We had 28 defensive players on the 2019 roster including the practice squad. Which leaves us with 13 players on our defense now. That is both scary and sad.
  21. Oh lordy. If you people can't learn from recent history, I just don't know what to tell ya. Because the NBA tried all that. Playing games without live audiences. Testing everyone. And guess what happened? One player tested positive and the season was shut down. Shut down! Because all the other players and coaches, etc. refused to take the chance to be exposed to COVID-19, for themselves and their families. All the money in the world and consistent testing did not save the NBA season. It won't save the NFL season either.
  22. Here's the way I look at it. It plays out to CMC being a Panther for 6 more years. Rhule has a 7 year contract. Now McCaffery is to Rhule as Newton was to Rivera. One of the top players in the NFL to help stabilize the team. We haven't seen the details yet so we can't tell how team friendly it is but it is definitely head coach friendly. And that's not a bad thing at all.
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