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  1. https://governor.nc.gov/news/governor-cooper-announces-first-covid-19-unemployment-benefits-will-be-paid-week?fbclid=IwAR2q60yrTRy6fcfAyqQTfQdHRF1QjGrmkKSSGQYPSmnLVKinQgczfOnzeLY Hope this helps. The article is short. Read it!
  2. Thank you, Jeremy. As a retired person with diabetes and an irregular heartbeat from open heart surgery, both under control as far as they can be, I fully appreciate your kind words. I have been sheltering in place since the end of February and I have too often felt a part of the forgotten people in all of this. Except for my son and daughter and their families. It's too easy to feel ghosted and that my life isn't worth considering, along with millions of others.
  3. That's wonderful work. Have fun! Just remember, 6 feet. If you get the virus you won't be able to help your employees, look for projects, or BBQ for charity.
  4. @Teddy Time Tip: when you make a snarky post, no matter how obvious you think it is, you'd better end it with "/snark". Some are taking the huddle way too serious these days. @Call Me James ::
  5. I feel sorry for Buffalo but I'm glad he didn't re-sign here.
  6. I'm not at all sure that any big name good FA's are going to want to sign here, are you?
  7. Z-packs are antibiotics not anti-viral meds. Stop spreading disinformation. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/323770 China supposedly has no more local cases. Currently, cases are being imported so travel and population movement remains restricted. China's national economy still has not recovered from their health lock down. Factories have not ramped up to full capacity. Not everyone is back to work. Can discussions about the coronavirus please be kept to that thread? The OP's question was what happens to the NFL season. Period. Not what did Trump last say or rumors of what may work as treatment. Thanks!
  8. There's so much that is unknown right now that the season can't be predicted. Even if they suspend off season camps until Fall and have a shortened season, the big question remains what are fans going to do? Will crowds continue to be frowned upon and will they listen? You have to consider, too, that the economy is going to tank, unemployment will rise probably to double digits. Money spent on football games is discretionary money and there may not be a lot of that around. Your average fan may be asking, do I pay the mortgage, pay bills, get my prescriptions, put food on the table or go to Sunday's football game? The NFL may enforce the blackout rule again. There's also questions about next year's draft. Will there even be college football in 2020?
  9. What they have on their side for scheduled breaks is time. Time to set up how to handle this in the infrastructure that has been created for it. Time to save the funds that are needed to pay for it. Time to plan and think ahead. Abruptly closing schools and day cares, although needed, has allowed no one any time.
  10. No. Australia hasn't seen rate drop offs so counting on warm weather is misleading. The reason those countries contained it well is that they tested almost everyone so they saw the trends and enacted containment protocols before it exploded. The US is sitting here without adequate testing so we have no data and can't see the trends early. It's gonna' be like shooting fish in a barrel.
  11. He had stage 4 pancreatic cancer and had been given just a few months to live. He was on opioids or other strong pain killing meds.
  12. If OP's could post the links from their posts, hey, that would be great. Just sayin'. Yeah, it pisses me off no end. https://www.radio.com/media/audio-channel/panthers-head-coach-matt-rhule-plus-inside-the-tony-romo-contract-with-andrew Rhule talks about Cam, Tepper, Joe Brady, what he looks for in players, what he'd like the team to be in 2020
  13. Gentleman and ladies, the American Arena League: Current members https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Arena_League
  14. Also, it's more crucial than ever to obey all the traffic laws. Running stop lights because you don't want to stop is foolish and dangerous. Put your car in a lower gear if you don't feel any grip on the road. Never let go of the steering wheel. GO SLOW. Leave lots of room between you and the car in front of you.
  15. That's my attitude about Seattle every year. Olsen is a great guy but he's not a Panther now so, meh.
  16. "Trust The Process" has shown positive results in Buffalo. They've made the playoffs in 2 of 3 seasons using the slogan. I suggest you get your myopic viewpoint under control.
  17. @Pantherzack179812 I see your reasoning. But I just want to point out that, of the Charlotte sales tax, 4.75% is the state's, 2% is the county+city and .5% is for public transportation. 7.25% is not all NC state revenue. https://www.avalara.com/taxrates/en/state-rates/north-carolina/cities/charlotte.html And of "property" taxes, the largest and what you are talking to are real property taxes They are levied, collected and used by the localities not the state. "There is no state property tax in North Carolina, which means tax rates are determined entirely by local governments." https://smartasset.com/taxes/north-carolina-property-tax-calculator Unless you're using the term "state" to cover all government entities which is just weird and therefore doesn't cover how a city or county alone will recoup their money.
  18. That money is Luke's. It's his guaranteed money from Hurney restructuring his contract. It's not ours to take back.
  19. In a 5 year plan one does not simply wait till the 5th year for improvement. And I agree CMC & Moore are part of that plan. But we have to realize that, in that 5th year, CMC will be in his 7th season and Moore will be in his 6th. Without catastrophic changes such as injuries and CBA changes we will be having this same Cam-type discussion over those two in 4 years.
  20. Come on man. Every single QB in existence has admitted that they covered up how bad injuries were that could be detrimental to winning. Brett Favre, Jim Kelly, Marino pressers come to mind. It's not anything new. They are competitive men with egos and superman complexes. But they didn't get away with it a 2nd time. And if Cam being Cam offends Tepper (or you obviously), that's on Tepper and you, not Cam. Certainly not semantics which is what most threads this offseason have turned into. Pages and pages of arguments over the English language. Give you points for turning this one, almost, into an argument over local colleges but it still comes down to semantics.
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