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  1. Bumping this thread. I actually really think that this could be a good signing for us. Guy is still young and has ability. We have totally revamped the defense of this team, so we might not even need him to have a major role so I think the risk is worth it.
  2. Yeah. I dont think that he needs to have more special treatment than other players that are let go.
  3. probably because its not true and there are a multitude of factors far beyond coaching.
  4. Easier for star players to opt out as they might have roster security in the future or have enough money in the bank. Most players, this is their one big chance and have to take the risk despite how they feel.
  5. But why? Why is it important that the owner is there? I guess the crux of the question is, should Tepper be expected to do this for EVERY player? Obviously the answer is no as its not reasonable. I also dont know why we as fans care how one individual is let go when we dont care about the 99% of others.
  6. I dont understand why Tepper needed to make the call. If anyone it should be the GM. We all help poo on the teams where the owner is overly involved but then we get pissed when we dont think Tepper is involved enough..
  7. So how much is a 1st rounder 'actually' worth if there in no NCAA this year? My guess is that it makes the entire draft outside of the top 10 an entire crap shoot.... which means that trading for a known commodity a lot safer of a decision.
  8. I am very excited about what Shaq's upcoming season. This dude is a freak athletically and I cannot wait to see his expanded role within the team. Shaq is still young and now no longer playing under anyone's shadow. Its his season to really step up and I have confidence he will.
  9. Ok great. I really appreciate the content you put out so Im happy to see there is a pod cast for this.
  10. are there topics OTHER than Cam on the pod... asking for a friend...
  11. TBH if there still is a draft (I cannot imagine they would cancel it) then our team is probably best positioned to evaluate the players as the majority of our staff is freshly from the college ranks.
  12. Assuming the pick is #6 I think the easy answer is DE or CB. However I would love to see us to heavy on the OL next year. I would love to see 2 OL drafted as well as TE. I think this past draft has set the D up well so I think throwing resources at the OL would be a smart investment for TB as well as the next QB. If Rhule is building this team for the long haul then throwing multiple picks at the line early in the rebuilding process I think would be a smart move.
  13. Thought I might post these here as the main page is a flaming pile right now... I could easily see the Panthers winning more games that we anticipate (or might want) and end up drafting just outside of the top 5 next year. Assuming that the top 2-3 QB's get drafted before us and assuming TB looks promising, how do you see the draft going? I dont really care for this to be a discussion on specific prospects as we don't know who will be there more on what positions need to be priority? So in this scenario, lets discuss how the Panthers should build the roster assuming we are not able to get a QB in the 1st round next year.
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