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  1. I just like the idea of a waiver to begin with as Im not a huge fan of letting governing bodies force me to do things. Advise and consult yes, force no.
  2. Thats criminal law which is different than this in that example. This is different here because unless if the manufacturer actually recalls the helmet its would be deemed safe by the certification agency (i dont live in the states but in canada we have different certification groups that certify different products based on their intent). This helmet is only on the 'do not use' list because of his union (Players association) and the NFL. So technically he could absolve both those parties and wear it - unless of course it was never a certified helmet to begin with or has a recall order, which it doesnt sound like that's the issue.
  3. I'll have to check up on my contract law about that. ...... but by that time the CTE's have set in and Brown wont remember what he signed..
  4. coaches might be trying new plays, formations, motions, etc.. Im not worried about this in the preseason...
  5. That being said, I was pretty excited about the throwing options we had back then. We had HUGE receivers (TE's included) while the rest of the league was going with small DB's. It seemed like a good strategy. Might have even worked.... Carolina has gone against the grain a few times. Back when 'double trouble' was a thing we invested in BIG OL and a power back, while the rest of the league was going for smaller faster defensive players. That worked pretty good for a while.
  6. I think my 'what if' player is Funches. I still like him and think he could be productive (as do the Colts obviously). He would have had a monster year last year if he didnt drop all those balls. I would have liked the idea of him as our (huge) slot guy. I think they would have kept him too if his cap was not so high.
  7. I can understand him being upset with this and if Richardson was already known as a racist then I can see how you can read more into this, but seriously though life is not all equal. Also (not trying to be harsh) but in one situation your trying to save a life, in the other the person already passed. Not everyone gets to use billionaires private jets... Not everyone gets to win the genetic lottery and play in the NFL and get life altering money either.. Lifes not fair, but I guess when you grow up an elite athlete you dont learn that lesson until your older and your no longer relevant.
  8. for a guy that said he played football because it was a well paying job, he sure seems to take it personal when the 'business of football' doesnt go his way. I really liked the dude when he was in Carolina but now I find him annoying as hell.
  9. 'potential' The 2011 draft for the buck's made their D-line look like it was going to the the best in the league when they picked up Adrian Clayborn and Da'Quan Bowers with their 1st and second pick. They year before they drafted McCoy and Pierce so they went into the season with a heck of potential.. All that being said, I really like the potential of our pass rush this year. IF Butler plays to his potential guys will be fighting for playing time. Could be very exciting.
  10. ... WTF is wrong with you Amercians... Just came here to talk football not stir up some bloodly race war.
  11. Bobby Wagner.. https://twitter.com/espn/status/1149731175151349760 Bull poo.
  12. There have been several sports reporters that have asked Luke to show them what he looks for when he watches film and he has always said no.. So Im assuming this is just the super high level things he looks for.
  13. On youtube the browns media team does a good job of this kind of thing. They have a series called 'building the browns' which is interesting.
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