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  1. That obviously plays a role. But if a team REALLY saw him as a franchise QB RIGHT NOW then they would sign him on condition of the physical passing. We can all speculate all we want but the fact is that Flacco and Dalton and Foles all signed before him. The NFL is telling us what they think of Cam right now. The NFL either doesnt think he can play anymore OR that they dont see him as back up material. Has to be either one.
  2. Honestly Cam's best decision would likely to take this year off. Spend the year training with someone like Jordan Palmer who is widely respected in the NFL QB circles. Then he can have the time his body needs to fully recover, has a witness to to his abilities and be a head of next years FA market. Getting a back up spot or waiting for a started to get hurt will probably hurt him more long term then if he would just wait this year out.
  3. I got no issue with it. Also this really helps us..... We are a LONG way away from a 2nd contract for our Franchise QB. Competitive advantage!??!?!?!?!
  4. I always though Eldeman and Wes Welker looked like average Joe's also. The D line and O line boys are something else though...
  5. oh haha you were serious. I actually thought when you said 'boys' you meant like your 'hommies' haha yeah I had heard that hes really into Fifa. Probably a pretty cool experience for your kids.
  6. CanadianCat

    Rooney Rule

    yeah man! Come on down!
  7. CanadianCat

    Rooney Rule

    yup.. I think you were right.
  8. CanadianCat

    Rooney Rule

    wow.. I tend not to venture into the tinderbox for basically the exact reason of what this thread has become. Man a bunch of you guys feel like internet warriors.
  9. CanadianCat

    Rooney Rule

    Maybe Im being naive here but TBH I didnt read it with a sarcastic undertone. I read that as him applying it to business in general rather than football specifically.
  10. CanadianCat

    Rooney Rule

    Im not on the Trudeau band wagon but I'm also not his harshest critic either. Canada has its pro's and cons obviously - but yeah its a pretty good place
  11. CanadianCat

    Rooney Rule

    Unfortunately I think a civil debate online is impossible (for the most part). Too easy to 'mic drop' or have your comments misinterpreted. Back to the actual topic though, I cannot understand how they actually think this would help minorities. I get turning over more stones, but a good organization should be doing that anyway...
  12. Cam looks like a monster compared to Teddy. .. but if Teddy can hit a guy in motion I dont care how big he looks.
  13. CanadianCat

    Rooney Rule

    Not sure how you are reading that, but that was not my view(or my point). My point was that companies should always just hire the best and most qualified person. Period.
  14. CanadianCat

    Rooney Rule

    I'll go out on a limb here.. Im also Canadian and dont fully understand the social politics down where you guys are at.. I don't understand this... This is private enterprise with the goal to make money. You make money by winning games. Is it not every organizations goal to hire the best candidate? Is it not the ultimate goal to have the best and most talented people at every position within your business? I would assume the answer it 'yes'. So that being the case why would do you need to incentives this? Just hire the best person. Period. In Canada our Prime Minister is a self professed feminist and when he came into power he prided themselves on having a 'balanced' cabinet. Equal men to women. This pisses me off as this leads me to believe that more qualified people were passed over (to run a friggen country) to show equality. I wouldnt care if the entire cabinet was 100% women. I just honestly want the best person to get the job and not have any job handed to someone lesser...
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