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  1. If Newton won a SB in a Bronco's jersey...
  2. If you think that the OP is 'shitposting' than this entire forum must get you pretty worked up... yikes. But you know what, blame on me. I forgot this is the internet and that you cannot have football discussions on the internet. My bad.
  3. I get your point. If Allen remains a 10-20 ranked QB, its exciting to think of what you could do with the cap savings.
  4. I also agree with this... His comments about playing hurt and how he has set himself up outside of football means he doesnt 'need' to play. I think if Allen stays the starter the rest of the ear I would say this is a VERY real possibility.
  5. This. But once it is determined who that guy is (at the end of the season) I think it would be prudent to try to move the other. I think Newton is the better QB in a vacuum but his salary will mean we need to let some supporting guys go. Allen (without Newton) would allow us to resign our guys and bring in more talent. So can we win more with Cam and less support, or Allen and more support? This is why teams with rookie deal contracts view that as their window and go all in.
  6. Good analogy. I immediately think of Rosen given this example.
  7. Thats what this OP was all about. If Cam is good to go and Grier looks good running the 2nd team it would be dumb to not maximize Allen. If either of those 2 things are not true then yes, keep Allen.
  8. ummm this happens literally all the time. Matt Flynn, Jimmy J, Ramsey, etc..
  9. This league to too competitive to sit on your hands and just be happy with what you have, thats how 8-8 teams are formed. Turning a UDFA in to a high draft pick seems like a smart decision. OR rolling the dice with Allen and moving Cam for a bunch of picks also seems like a smart decision. I dont think there can be a option to sit idle.
  10. I dont disagree with this. The 'plan' was for Grier to be the #2. I still think given more time he can be as good as Allen. Which is why the panthers should really think about the value of trading Allen while he has good value.
  11. Remember Matt Flynn circa Green Bay Packers....
  12. The question is 'Which QB is better for the team moving forward' So to truly answer that we need to know which version of Cam we are getting. I think this should be Cam's job to lose.
  13. I think if Cam says he is good to go to HAVE to play him. If he plays well you keep rolling with him. If he doesnt then he is the one on a short leash. If Cam comes back and plays poorly, then the answer on the direction of the team is clear.
  14. The coaching staff seems to really like Grier and given a full year to learn who know what he could be. Im not saying he develops to the same as Allen but if he is 70% of Allen and trading Allen gives you a first round pick you need to seriously consider that. This all goes out the window however if Cam cannot get healthy or plays poorly.
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