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  1. Although Hurney was probably like 'hell no he's not coming here!'
  2. Never heard anything on this but looks like Carolina was looking to improve their coaching staff but were outbid. https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/06/10/houston-texans-brian-gaine-nick-caserio-cam-newton-panthers-joe-douglas-jets Is there someone in this role right now, or was this just to be an added resource. Either way I like the fact that ownership is looking to help better the team - to bad we swung and missed on this one.
  3. Agree. I keep feeling like Chudd tried to get too cute. I hated it when he left however (and Im sure he regrets it too...lol)
  4. I started watching NFL in 2004 (missed the SB run) but man this franchise has been good at finding LB's. Going from Morgan to Beason to Luke. Cannot get any better than that. Beason IMO was a real special player but injuries caught up to him.
  5. ok so maybe I was too biased in my assessment!
  6. I cannot speak to guys pre 2000 but yeah Urlacher and Lewis were amazing to watch. 2 different type of players but both phenomenal. I only have an issue with Willis on your list. He was really good but had a really short career. IMO him and Beason were very similar, with the edge going to Willis but they played too short of a career to get into the HOF discussion.
  7. For all you long time NFL fans... where you you place him in that all time list? The greatest LB I have ever watched would probably be Ray Lewis but I wouldn't be objective enough to compare the 2 of them. Thoughts?
  8. Not sure how many of you guys list to the MMQB NFL Podcast but they are doing their position ranking series. Luke Kuechly was their #1 again this year, as he was in the last several years. Shaq was listed in the top 20's somewhere. Interestingly they talked about him already being a guaranteed HOF candidate. The next national discussion with him will be where does he stack up in the all time list.
  9. I was going to post this... Every WR should watch this when they wake up "Ice up son" (Chills)
  10. this has been a funny read.... Anytime Cam posts something that doesnt show himself training will be met with skepticism.
  11. Yeah the years leading up to 'double trouble' and until he left the team I really liked how he presented himself. Then something changed and it seemed like he got very bitter...
  12. 1. To say a guy would be there at a later pick is just speculation at best. I have no issue with trading to make sure you get the guy you want. 3. You could also assume just as easily that he was not allowed to trade next years picks. If you get the guys that you are targeting all along that seems like a pure win IMO...
  13. Round 1 - B Round 2 - B+ Round 3 - D I think we picked up a position of need in rounds 1 and 2 so Im very happy about that. Round 3.... I never wanted to draft a back up QB. I would rather have picked up a FA and if Cam's arm dies this year draft a guy high next year.
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