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  1. Im not convinced that the Greg Roman offence is not a flash in the pan type offence... While what McDaniels is doing in NE works with sub-par talent (even when Brady is not playing)
  2. I think if you get into a hold out situation with your franchise QB the relationship is already dead. I think if that happens Cam gets traded right away for anything we can get. Can you imagine how this board would react if Cam held out....
  3. Could you see Cam actually sitting out a year if he doesn't get a new contract?
  4. Yes it ALWAYS is for every team. Seahawks struck gold. Wilson was not their plan at QB Flynn was. Its very rare that even a 1st round QB plays as well as Mahommes and Lamar are. Its definitely the plan but most QB's take more time to develop. Your right. The team should have invested more EARLIER in Cam... But how the team was built did get us to a super bowl..
  5. I cannot see a 100% incentive contract getting done but I could see something with a injury exit clause.
  6. Is this assuming that Cam is no longer on the roster? What would you see the draft being if Cam is back?
  7. Assuming Cam is coming back under a new contract, how would you like to see it written?
  8. if I may.... I have zero name recognition with these guys so I appreciate the breakdown you are providing with them. But could you, beside their name put their position. Would help me out 1st: Justin Herbert: QB - (insert analysis here)
  9. I was very impressed that he didnt immediately blow the team up when he first got here. That alone makes me think that we have an action/performance based but patient owner. I think we have a good one here.
  10. Truth be told I really liked Ron and thought he was a great coach. Im glad to move on but I think the combo of Rivera and Turner with a full season of a healthy Cam we could have been special.. but that didnt happen so time to turn the page. That being said where do you think he lands? Any chance we lands up in NYG or CLE?
  11. I still find it mind blowing that Richardson was shown the door and yet Kraft is still around.
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