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  1. I call this tale: The stoner car salesman vs. the hipster archaeologist
  2. Now it's into online dick joke territory from doing the I don't care what anyone thinks mantra. The end is nigh. Zeaaa gooaliiiee!!
  3. I was even a better sport than this and I lost in the end.
  4. Has anyone ever been to one of those orgies where everyone is in animal outfits? Furries right?
  5. Word from the local Akrane, Iceland Bevnokarane J. Dick Gazette assures that Nelly may also be the father. It's a mystery to us all.
  6. And the head of Gordon Bombay on a spike!
  7. When Bwood comes back for like a 12th time, can the board vote on his new name instead of him picking random Alt-J or Miami references?
  8. uve graduated from idiot to moron?