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  1. 2 hours ago I was saying he’d cover Julio Jones.. 2 hours later I’m saying he is covering his couch...
  2. Lmaooo I was just coming here to laugh
  3. This thread is hilarious. I didn’t know Eli Apple looks to be out again. Next man up...
  4. Probably Eli Apple... Who covers Julio that makes me comfortable... Nobody.
  5. Burns be out there finessin. If he ever develops a true power game/bull rush along with what he already has.. I’ve got no words for what his potential could be..
  6. Derrick was hauling ass. I was like..alright I see you big fella.
  7. Nobody thought we were winning the Super Bowl... so a hard fought team, that doesn’t lose easily, that shows improvement each week, and also likely learned a lesson, I’ll take.
  8. Preach. I’ve been here for awhile but didn’t post so much so I’m a bit in tune.
  9. The dropped TD was lack of experience together.. Teddy had to get the ball out in a situation he didn’t expect, and DJ adjusted to it less than ideal but still had a chance. It’s ridiculous how much criticism Moore gets when this fan base has been begging for a receiver that’s at least more than capable. We have a few WR’s more than capable now and it’s pretty funny how some talk poo at their earliest convenience.
  10. I was going to say the same... this thread was insufferable towards DJ this game as if he wasn’t a reason we were competitive.
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