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  1. Realists don't make threads like this halfway through a season.
  2. Because kneeling during the anthem is getting more people talking. And people won't let it go so there's no need to change tactics. Stop making a big deal out of it and he'll have to fine a different way to peaceful protest to keep people talking.
  3. Varking

    OBJ for Ingram/Baldwin?

    Hope you didn't pull the trigger on this with AJ Green hurt.
  4. Varking

    Tell me if you think this trade is even

    Maybe it depends on scoring format but in my league Cam is the #4 QB and only 4 points behind Luck for #3 and Luck is on a Bye so Cam Newton will pass him. Zeke is RB#9 in my league. McCaffrey is RB#10, only .5 points behind Zeke. Kerryon Johnson is RB#27. Mike Evans is WR#10. Brown is WR#16. So one way to view the trade is: Player A is giving up QB3, RB9 and WR10 Player B is giving up RB10, RB27 and WR16. A second way" Player A is losing 17.5 points for Evans to Brown. Player A is losing .5 points for Zeke to McCaffery Player A is losing 89.5 points for Cam to Johnson. Not sure what the format is in your league but unless player A has Mahomes or Ryan it seems like a stupid trade just to get rid of Cam in this. Zeke and CMC are a wash. Evans to brown is a massive downgrade as well. At no point is this dude winning and I would start to suspect collusion if this is a pay league.
  5. Cool to see him finding success off the football field. Dude wasted so much potential for us.
  6. Not to mention that kneeling has now proven to be a more powerful tactic to get people to talk than say a riot in Baltimore.
  7. He needs to do the good guy veteran move and take the decision out of the coaches hands and tell Rivera that Moore and Samuel need to play more and that he is ok with coming off the bench when they need a rest.
  8. Some of those people encourage him to kneel. When somebody does anything in life, you have the choice if how you react. You can find offense to anything. You can also brush things off and go who cares what an athlete does since they aren't actually good role models. Do you stand with your hand over your heart whenever the anthem is played on television? Probably not. Are we mad at the camera men and women who walk around during the anthem so you can get your good shots of the players on the sideline? Probably not. On my fathers side of the family every single one of us has served or is still serving. We fought and continue to fight for his rights. And it is his right 100% to peacefully protest. This isn't burning a city, this isn't blocking a highway in baltimore and flipping cars, he is taking a knee for less than five minutes and life goes on. I'm happy he is on our team because our other options at Safety are garbage.
  9. “Very respectfully, he doesn't have a choice,” Reid told reporters about Rivera, according to ESPN. “He's entitled to his opinion, but I know what my rights are. His family was a military family much like many of my people were in the military. My cousin just got back from Afghanistan. My mom was in the armed services. My uncle was enlisted. The list goes on." He continued: "But when they get home they're still black in America. They're going to fight the same wars when they get home and still face the same things I'm talking about. So I get encouragement from my family that served in the armed forces because they agree with what I'm saying.” Dude was as respectful as one can be. You make it sound like he was all "eff Rivera, he don't have a choice in wtf I do".
  10. Again, I repeat, again, Ridley has played exceptionally well. That's a fact. Having ultra talented players to make it so you don't see double or triple teams like Julio also helps make it easier on you. That's a fact as well.
  11. The Falcons have all that talent and they don't even have a playoff window this year.
  12. I never said he wasn't balling. But do you think Juju is as great as he has been through two years without teams having to double Antonio Brown? It's not an excuse. It's like when a stud player leaves his current team because he wants to be the man somewhere else and his stats aren't close to the same. There's a lot more than just talent shining though that makes a player. Situations matter.
  13. In five years Matt Ryan will be 38 and a rebuild might be on the way. In five years Julio will be turning 35 and a rebuild night be on the way. Cam has won with minimal talent at WR and an inconsistent run game through his career. Why would we need a rebuild more than a Tampa, Saints or Falcons in five years?
  14. There's no promise that we let Moore walk for one. For two, we can't call Ridley a complete player over what... Four games lined up next to Sanu and Julio Jones? The goal of drafting somebody in the first is to have a player you can have on your team a long time. Receiver tend to fall off after 31 almost universally. Ridley will be two years away from that going into his first non rookie contract. Moore will be 5 years away. You can say what you want but that's a big difference. Was Ridley better than DJ Moore three years ago compared to Ridley now? I doubt it considering he got held back in school twice in an era where lots of kids get grades simply for playing sports.