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  1. Fright

    Tepper interview

    I think he can play LT, too.
  2. Fright

    Saints place Ginn on IR

    Eh, wont matter. Brees makes the WR, not vice versa. Next man up will suffice for them.
  3. Cam self admittedly sucks at calling plays in the huddle and has to have other players help at times. Late play clock snaps will always occur as long as that’s an issue.
  4. Blahblahblahblahsavemecamblahblahblahblah that’s all I ever hear Ron say
  5. poo reminds me of Madden... when your players start randomly going in odd directions and falling over for no reason out of no where
  6. A gutless 4th down punt and two costly fumbles essentially lost us a game we still almost won. Cam is Cam and he’ll only mesh with Norv even more as the season goes. I’m not too worried about them, we’ll be alright and squeak in the playoffs and hopefully make some noise.
  7. Of course, our last two franchise QBs were/are mental midgets.... and I say that being a big fan of both Jake and Cam.
  8. Oh lord, don’t make me choke.
  9. Ron’s job will have to be threatened before we unleash Cam and the offense.
  10. Fright


    2nd half was worlds better, but they kinda got fuged by the offense in the 1st half.
  11. The bad sequences seem to be far too often with Cam tho. That’s what happens when your QB is jacked like a RB, through. Always inconsistent with accuracy.
  12. He’s not a game manager as Ron is trying to make him. We need to let him run fast pace, gun slinging plays and rack up points all game. fug this slow play, get a small lead, and play prevent bullshit.
  13. There was a reason other teams didn’t want Obada.. I’m over him.
  14. Time to draft another LB in the first.