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  1. I am excited !! We all were on the new hire!! Til reality kicked in!! Change brings change!! But I am still excited.. if there’s camp I will be in Spartanburg to see our new Coach and team!!
  2. Not feeling the QBs this year!! We have to get the best defensive player available!! Our defense is atrocious!!
  3. Mine is the one and only game I actually attended was Nov 2009 against the Arizona Cardinals... got the tickets super cheap first level at the end zone.. bout 10 rows up awesome seats!!! Knew By November the Cardinals were good that year..I just remember Carolina/Cards going back and forth!! I remember Steve Smith catching a pass for a TD and it was at our end zone and went crazy like he does!! Fried up the crowd !! It was so loud!! We scored again and won the game!! But unfortunately that’s we met them again in the playoffs and Delhomme had a meltdown and they went to the SuperBowl!!
  4. Apparently Cam doesn’t have much of a market either.. so.. Bridgewater is your QB!! This a defense rebuild!! Possibly draft a QBs next year!! Cuz they know it probably won’t be a great record!!
  5. Rosen sucked at UCLA!! He was Arizona’s Clausen should have never been drafted in the first round..I watched a few of his games during the Heisman hype for that year/top QBs I was not impressed!! And he’s not done well in the NFL.. stick with Grier if u want a prospect!! Hell no to Rosen!!
  6. I will have all the steaks and two gallons of ketchup for him!! If he’s enticed to come to my domicile to do the draft!! Might have to kick kids and wife off Netflix and gaming to open the bandwidth but it could be done !!!
  7. Cam!! Cam!! STFU!! So tired of it!! He was good not great!! Very inaccurate throwing!! His running made him good.. but as a whole for QB!! Not good.. his melt down after the SuperBowl disappointed me!! I lost respect for him.. thanks for your service!! Better luck with your new team
  8. Couldn’t have been said any better!! I liked Cam but time to move on! Great post!!
  9. Why is everyone so butt hurt when a mediocre former player gets paid!! He’s still not elite!! But good for him!!
  10. Waste of a pick!! We have better needs!! Brown should be the pick!! Offense being addressed.. D needs help!!!
  11. Welcome Teddy!!! Let’s get this ship upright!! Just stay healthy!!! I understand fans not being happy that Cam was released and how it was handled!! But it’s a new coaching staff maybe they looked at Cams games and felt he wasn’t fitting their style!! But I believe it’s more that they feel that Cam will not be able to stay healthy for a long period of time.. so they went to a younger QB who is familiar with Brady!! Bridgewater is good if he can stay healthy!! This is a new Panthers team!! U wanted change well here you go!!
  12. Uhh!!?? Who?? On a lot the FA signings!! Fill the roster with Marty picks cuz Rhule just getting his feet wet!! Whatever I am hear for the ride !! Luv my Panthers!! I wanted Rivera gone even though I respect him a lot!! He meant well just was time for change!! Here we go!! Go Panthers!! Plus Keep Pounding!!!
  13. Well he might not make the field if he can’t pass physical!!
  14. Can we see an actual season before u crap ur pants!!?? Tepper is stamping is name!!!! Getting rid of Richardson and Rivera as much as possible minus CMC!! So suck it up buttercups!!
  15. Haven’t seen this !! But would make sense give Tua an extra year to heal and lean the NFL.. They have similar playing skills.. but I saw rumors Pats and the Redskins are asking about him
  16. If We draft a QB it will be round 1, Herbert!! After that it’s a waste after signing Bridgewater!! But I think we are going defense on first pick..
  17. Need to go get Clay Matthews !! Just released by the Rams!!
  18. Well said!! I agree totally and definitely not mad either with the Bridgewater signing!! Just hope he stays healthy!! We knew this season was going to be ugly!!! New coaching staff.. molding it to what they think will fit their scheme!! Whatever that is and they will be learning too!!
  19. Welcome to the new franchise!! Statements are being made Tepper is building his team.. feelings are going to be hurt!! Expected this season to be garbage!! New coaching.. new system!! Takes time!! If u are a Panther fan just cuz of Cam!! Then go to his team!! I am a Panther fan for life.. no matter what!!!! I was a Dallas fan til we got a team!! It got hard to pull for both!! So I selected the Panthers!! No regrets!! So since I chose the Panthers we were in the SuperBowl twice compared to Dallas zero!! So quite your whining or go to a new team!!
  20. Cam needed to be let go!! Took too long to call plays and read defenses.. no I am not a racists!! So don’t say it!! I think he needed the OC on the sidelines with him like a Josh McDaniels!! So I see him going to the Patriots!! McDaniels will guide him in the game!! Never understood why we didn’t do that with Csm!! Pissed me off!!
  21. We finally keep someone!! Haha!! I like Boston he had some nice hits/plays last year that stood out for a crappy defense!! Not sure what everyone is expecting!!?? This happened from Fox/Rivera.. except Fox new he was canned!! Rivera was unexpected but wanted by the Huddle!! Well here u go buckle up!!
  22. So a few things stand out to me on this 1) Cam’s physical therapy isn’t going well and questioning is durability 2) they watched Cams film and his play style doesn’t match what they want 3) Brady wants a QB who he knows cuz they can’t trust Cam to adapt to their system..4) we are going QB in draft Hebert or Tua gives the cushion to groom them
  23. Heard to stop e-smoking or e-cap!! It targets the lungs., stop now if u do til it passes!! Eat spinach and blueberries!! Workout 30 minutes a day!! Just repeating what a local radio announcement said here in Virginia!! Just stay clean and safe Panther brothers and sisters!!
  24. Typical research!! Probably the most realistic QBs available if we go that route!! But I hope not.. hope we go Brown or Simmons!
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